Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

Daisy was still drawing when I excused myself to go find Erin. I was hoping she had some results from the blood test she took a few days ago. I wasn’t 100% sure how long it took.

I took the scenic route to her office that was just passed the training center. The soft sounds from the forest and the lake was soothing my anxiety.

Needing to know the baby was okay was sitting on my chest since I found out she/he was growing inside me...when I first entertained the thought of a child growing inside me, it had repulsed me but now...I felt this overwhelming feeling of love and need to protect her, or him.

As I was passing the training center and I could hear the grunts and the huffs from the people inside sparring and working-out.

From the distance I could see Reese sitting on the step of the dojo with a small women, chatting freely. I was guessing that was his mate judging by the adoring look he was giving her.

It made me feel warm inside. Reese was a rare soul, although I haven’t gotten to know him well from our small training sessions, I could tell he was a genuinely caring person.

Erin was coming out of the office before I could knock on the door, she looked like she was in a rush “Hi” she jumped back, knocking her foot and falling on her ass, dropping the files she had been clutching to her chest. “Crap, I’m sorry”. I started picking up the files to give back her when I noticed they all had my name on them with the word “EMBRYO” in capitals.

My stomach sank...I had a bad feeling.

She tried to push my hand away “No its fine, I should have been more vigilant” she looked guilty and she was jittery

“She’s hiding something from us!” Cleo almost screeched in my head.

Cleo stating the obvious just pissed me off more.

I grabbed all of the files and was holding them tightly before Erin could stand up. She looked stunned by my action. “We should speak inside my office” she turned around opening the clinic door.

Erin was deadly quiet as she locked the door to the clinic, walking down the hall into her office without uttering a single to word to me. I could feel Cleo settle herself underneath my skin as a precaution.

We didn’t knew this girl and I felt uneasy being in a locked clinic with her, especially because the windows were glass block meaning you couldn’t see outside or inside...

Erin was sitting calmly at her desk “Lock the door door when you come in” was all she said when I approached the doorway. “Your late for your appointment, come in. I’m not going to hurt you Aiya...” she said softly “The clinic is wired...my office isn’t and its soundproof. I promise you I am no danger to you but I need you to act and speak like this is normal...please” she mind-linked me.

I wanted to tuck tail and run but I did as she said. “Sorry I’m late I got caught up...” I closed the door to her office and turned the lock. I could hear the automatic mechanisms in the door. Erin sighed behind me.

“I’m sorry for acting weird! I was on my way to Raphael’s office, I tried to mind-link you but it wasn’t working and I was acting jittery, I am not good at secrets!” she rushed out, slumping in her chair. "I know you don't want to everyone knowing your pregnant" she wiped her forehead with a small white cloth from her pocket.

Now that I’m actually looking at her properly she looked really pale “You okay? you look like you saw a ghost” she shook her head and nodded to the files in my hand and so I put them on the desk.

“You want to open them? or would you like me to tell you what’s in them? she asked softly...

The anxiety crept up into my throat and I could only imagine that there was something wrong with my baby...I couldn't form the words with my mouth so I shook my head.

I sent a silent prayer to Selene that my baby would be okay, and that she or he would come into the world healthy.

“Okay, so I did some testing and calculated everything from our short meeting the other day...Nothing major is wrong with the baby, well yet. At this stage in the development the baby most likely won’t show any deformities or defects yet but I did find one anomaly” she took w few calming breathes.

“Which is?” I asked softly. I’m not sure I want to hear what she was about to say.

“A low hCG level can mean your pregnancy was miscalculated and you’re not as far along as I thought...or I could be wrong and slow-rising hCG levels may be a sign of trouble in early pregnancy. Further testing would be needed to determine the cause, which may or may not include a miscarriage, a blighted ovum, or an ectopic pregnancy" she tried her best to stay calm but I could see something else was troubling her

For someone in the medical field I thought she would be more comfortable giving bad news...

"Since she already knows about that we're pregnant...tell her? we need help finding out why the baby is growing so quickly...why not ask her? or maybe we should get Tekoha to pop in now"

"Cleo I don't know how to summon Tekoha and now that she can enter this realm I don't know where she is.." my voice was high and I didn't mean to yell at Cleo, my anxiety was high and I just need to know for sure the baby was okay.

Thats all that matter right? It's life depended on me and I needed to be strong.

"You called little Luna?" I gasp and jumped out of my chair. Erin squealed behind me "Who the hell are you lady! and how did you get in here!" She yelled, picking up a pen from her desk to defend herself...why didn't she just shift? Or show her teeth like a normal wolf? Huh interesting.

"Erin put the pen down, please. This is my friend Tekoha, she and my mum were close." Erin's looked shocked "I didn't know Luna Lilliana knew witches...nice to meet you Tekoha. I'm Erin" She came around the desk and held out her hand to shake.

"You too sweetheart, now why did you summon me here? not that I mind but I was in the middle of an interesting conversation with Lila" Tekoha said softly plopping herself down in the chair beside mine. I took her lead and sat back down, as did Erin.

"Right...I didn't purposely summon you here but its nice to know I can. I was just about to tell Erica here that her calculation of my pregnancy is wrong because...well it is." I took took a deep breathe, there was no going back after I reveal this...

"I was only inseminated on the day of my escape/rescue. So, I should technically only be a few days pregnant and not a few weeks and I've been wondering why the baby seems to be developing so quickly." They both looked really stunned with me revelation but who wouldn't....

At this point you can just stamp the word DEFECTED on my forehead because everything that concerns me is never fucking normal and I'm tired of trying to act like I am.

I felt ungrateful just thinking the words, but I wish I were born to a normal human family...the weight of the world wouldn't be on my shoulders. I wouldn't have an abnormal child growing in my stomach, my past wouldn't be riddle with horror stories and sadness.

"I don't mean to pile on the pity-hole you're sinking into Aiya but don't you think Tony should have been here? since it concerns his baby too.." Cleo tried to say it softly but she was mad so it came out clipped and stern.

She was right...I should of invited Tony to come. I wasn't thinking of him and his concerns about the baby I was only thinking of myself and my concerns. I am such an asshole.

"Wait, wait wait...I'm so confused! that can't be possible" Erica started looking in the files for answers while Tekoha stayed quite...too quite.

I grabbed her hand "Takoha any ideas?" she looked towards me but I jumped back in my seat. Her eyes were bright white, she was using sould-magic. She put her hand over my stomach then smiled.

"Nothing is wrong with the child but little Luna the reason your pregnancy's is moving rapidly is because you will give birth next generation of Spirit-wolf and not only that but she will be the greatest of your kind" She clapped her hands excitedly.

Her face turned solemn for a moment then she half smiled " If your mother were here she would tell you her experience when she was carrying you but you have me, the next best thing" she grabbed my hand.

"The magic in the spirit wolf starts early, from the moment of conception really. That much magic circulating the baby's system is dangerous like anyone starting to come into their powers so they move through the Utero stage really quickly to accommodate the magic and the wolf, she still won't shift until the age of 6 like normal werewolf children but when you have a boy who will only have the power to shift like a normal werewolf, it would be a like normal pregnancy" she let go of my hand and stood up.

"Now little Luna I must get back to my fascinating conversation with the lovely Lila, I am learning so much from being able to finally communicate with the occupants of this realm its amazing, again Thank you" she nodded her head and proofed out of the room.

It would take some time to get used that. Hopefully she wasn't going to make that a habit.

Tekoha proofed back in "I forgot! Congratulations little Luna!" She quickly hugged me and was gone out of the room again.

"That was uh, educational..." I briefly forgotten that Erin had been present during that, hopefully she wasn't too freaked out.

"You okay?" I asked softly, she nodded walking over to a small bar fridge pulling out two waters and handing one to me.

"Her eyes... they were uh white, like no pupils just stark white. I've never seen that before" Shit I forgot the Soul-witch's were rare and Tekoha was the first of her line.

I wasn't going to explain that she had been born thousands of years ago and had died while childbirth.

Not many supernatural's believed that soul-witch were real, they were always held as folk-lore because they were rare in the witch community.

"Tekoha's kind of a soul-witch, I'm not 100% sure why their eyes turn that color, I suppose it has something to do with the magic being tethered to their souls and not the earth like normal witch's but you would have to ask her personally, she's quite nice and open...sort of but hey at least we know why the baby is growing fast or why she's growing fast" I smiled, I felt a weight come off my chest and I breathe fully.

I was having a little girl, a daughter! I didn't have a preference but now that I know she's a she. I was more excited to meet her.

I can't wait to see the look on Tony's face and my family's face when I tell them I'm having a girl. I just hope Tony doesn't have his heart set on a boy... I didn't really know him that well.

Also, hoping he wouldn't be mad that I had forgotten to invite him.

Time will tell.

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