Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

I folded up the tiny pink outfit and put it into a silver gift bag. Erin introduced me to a pack member who’s baby had outgrown all her baby outfits.

She was very generous and was excited to help out, there were bags full on baby clothing but I had chosen a small pink outfit that had “Daddy’s World” on the front.

I arranged a picnic dinner for us at the private pergola Daisy had shown me earlier today, hoping it would give us a moment to ourselves...but also as an apology for not inviting him to the appointment I had with Erin.

The sun had just started to go down, and the moon was coming up in the twilight stages. Luckily Daisy had a few fairies lights strung up. It was absolutely beautiful and it created a romantic vibe...something I was not comfortable yet.

“Wow...all this for me?” Tony was wearing tailored fitted pants and a causal black T-shirt that made is pecs stand out.

Damn...he walked over and swopped me into arms and hugged me tight. “No one has ever done anything remotely like this for me...thank you. It’s really beautiful and I have the best view” he was staring openly at me.

My throat tightened and my palms were now sweating. Strapping my lady balls on I handed him the gift bag.

“This is for you”. My anxiety was now dangerously high and I really wanted to jump into the lake and swim away..

He raised his eyebrows at me and took out the tissue paper, putting his hand into the bag. Time seemed to slow at this point, it was like he was moving in slow-motion and I just wanted to know what he thought..

Tony POV:

I can’t believe she went through all this trouble to make this a special moment for us. The sunset, fairy lights, dinner, a view and a gift? here I was thinking that Aiyana wouldn’t be the openly romantic person and here she was putting more effort in then I was, I clearly needed to up my game.

“This is for you” her voice was a little shaky and she looked uncomfortable. I pulled out the tissue paper, sitting in on the table, reaching my head in..

It felt like material like a T-shirt? maybe. I pulled it out and it was bright pink...small.

“Daddy’s World” ... ... .. ... ...

“ITS A GIRL, THE BABY IS GIRL!” His howls echoed in my mind and I couldn’t think over the party he was having.

I looked over at Aiya, her face was unreadable but she looked anxious while she waited for my reaction.

A little girl? we were having a daughter? I am having a daughter. She was about to become the worlds most protected baby in the world...she would be like her mother, beautiful, strong, caring and smart....but like Aiyana she would be in danger.

“I’m sorry I didn’t invite you to the appointment yesterday...I wasn’t thinking straight. I was only thinking of all the things that could be wrong with the baby...there isn’t by the way. She’s perfect” she was stumbling over her words and she reached for my hands. I did one better and pulled her into a hug, she buried her face in my chest.

She mumbled “I’m sorry she isn’t a boy...if that was what you were hoping for” I pulled back so she could see my face.

“Aiya, I don’t care what sex the baby is. I only care that she is healthy...I love that we’re having a girl, and if we have only her or more girls. I would be happy either way” she smiled softly before pulling away.

“Me too, but we can talk about that later, you hungry?” she sat at the table and uncovered the food.

It was the strangest mix of foods: Rare burgers, watermelon, fried fish, pizza, marshmallows and apple pie. “Sorry...I know it looks weird” I shook my head “No, it looks...appetizing” she laughed at me and started eating.

2 Hours Later

Tony was telling me a story about him sneaking out past the border with my brother Raffa to watch a Watch Moons-giving ceremony held by local coven of witch’s when they were younger

That coven no longer lived around here, that or maybe they just hid their living quarters better. No one has talked or mentioned them yet.

I left a mental note to ask my brothers about them...maybe they could help me out with my powers and with Tekoha.

“We got caught by your mum sneaking back in, she dragged me all the way to my house by my ear to tell my mother. I wasn’t allowed to leave my mother’s side for 2 weeks, even when I Dax wanted to go for a run...it was humiliating but I learnt never to listen to Raff after that, we didn’t get caught once after I was in charge our sneak outs.” He was casually eating watermelon in-between his words.

“I don’t think that was the lesson they were trying to teach” I laughed, I missed Raphael’s carefree and rebel nature.

He was so stiff now...but I guess he has to be. Being protector of our family and a whole pack carried a lot of weight...

I might see if he would be interest in a casual fun barbeque with the whole pack, maybe he could chillout if we were all together and the Gamma’s took care of the border security.

Tony Cleared his throat and shuffled in his seat “I want to tell you before...but the reason we were able to have a child is because I was romantic with Sylvia for while actually, we were never in a relationship of the mind just body but...that is how she collected my semen for seth”.

I didn’t know how to react to that...he literally slept with the enemy...

“Unaware he was sleeping with enemy...” Cleo said softly... I would have thought she would have blown up hearing that but she was uncharastically calm.

It shouldn’t matter... right? he didn’t know who she was or who I was.

We hadn’t met yet...but knowing he was intimate with her made me feel disgusting.

“I know this is a lot to take in and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you early. I’ve just had more important things on my mind and I was still progressing you as my pregnant mate, your safetly and everything else in-between but they are excuses, and you deserve more than that. I am very sorry Aiya” he stuttered, he drop to his knee and was eye level with mine as I sat on the chair.

"I know...it makes me feel weird that you were intimate with her but if I let her stand in my way of being with my fated mate then that's another thing they get to take from me and I refuse that" I breathed heavy. I do forgive him.

"I forgive you but can we ignore it even happened..to keep my mind sane at least, please?" I grabbed his arm and he nodded.

I took a moment to myself to keep calm, to let the anxiety and the feelings to pass.

Sylvia and Seth don't get to take ANYTHING else from me. I get my fated mate. I get the happy ending...I pray I get the happy ending.

Tony put a hand on my knee pulling me out of thoughts.

My breath caught in my throat...he was holding my mothers gold chain with a pendent of a opal wolf intertwined with an onyx wolf.

It represented my mother and father a gift he gave her on the day they were binded...I thought it was lost.

I didn’t think to ask my brother for it and here Tony was holding.

“Aiyana Florentina Santiago, will you accept me as your mate and to be bound with me forever in love, spirit and mind?”

“YES! please say yes Aiya. For us, for the baby and for me” Cleo was prancing around, howling.

“Yes...” He secured my mother necklace around my neck and kissed me...

I felt the world fade away and all I could feel were his soft lips, he scent of cinnamon and cedar trees.

"Raphael has set up a ceremony tonight with our familes only, it's in a few hours...I thought that if we do this now, it will stop any doubts and minimize some danger but...If its too quick just say the word and I'll postpone it" He pulled back and looked me in the eyes, he meant it.

I know it was for the best that we do that now, for our daughter's safely and for mine...but a part of me just wanted this to be the one normal thing...

"No, I have no doubts about us. Let's do this. For us and for our daughter" I laid my head to his, looking in his eyes.

Our daughter...Selene has blessed me enough to last for eternity.

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