Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-Nine

This is it...Cleo if you have anything to add now would be the time.

“No objections here....but could you wear the white flower crown when we shift? I would love to wear it” I laughed to myself, Cleo in a flower crown? so much has changed.

“You got it Cleo, its our day” I mentally hugged Cleo, thanking her for being with me through everything. I wouldn’t be me without her.

I tuned back into the crazy scene that was unfolding in my room. Daisy, Tekoa and Erin were rushing around my room, getting ready. They were all wearing an assortment of dark blue dresses to symbolize the moon in its apex.

“Almost finished” Lila grabbed the last violet that was sitting on the desk and weaved into the half flower braid in my hair.

That afternoon she had surprised me with a bouquet of Violets from the meadow, she heard the mating ceremony was taking place tonight and she wanted to help me get ready...I immediately said yes. I had no idea what to wear or how to dress up appropriately for this occasion.

What I didn’t expect was my room to be turned into a dressing room for all of us...it was hectic.

Dresses were scattered, makeup was everywhere, shoes were in a pile on the floor, drinks were being passed around and the room was filled with girly voices laughing and chatting.

“Thank you for the violets” I said turning around the hug her.

Knock Knock

“Ladies it’s just me Raphael...can I come in?” I got up to open the door. I was wearing a long bohemian white dress with no shoes of course. The mating with being held in the forest so shoes weren’t required.

Lila was explaining that no one would be wearing shoes tonight, a tradition when someone was being mated. She said it was a way to connect to the pack you were joining or they were joining.

There was a special spot deep in woods, near a small pond where the moon shined brightly on, at the right time of the night. It was where everyone held their mating rituals.

I took a deep breath and opened the door for my brother “Wow...you look amazing. Mum and Dad would lose their minds seeing you now. You look so grown up” Raphael was wearing a casual dark blue suit with no shoes. I silently laughed to myself, seeing him the big, scary alpha wearing no shoes was hilarious.

“Thanks Raffa, you look handsome and a little goofy wearing no shoes” the girls behind erupted into giggles, even Tekoha joined in...it was still weird that she was in this realm.

“Yeah, Yeah laugh it up princess...you’re about to get real fat then I’ll have my fun” I smacked his arm. He had no idea that I was going to get big real fast.

No one but me, Tony, Erin and Tekoha knew that the baby was a girl. I was planning on surprising everyone after the mating run with Tony.

Raphael organized a social gathering back at the house courtyard around 2am. I had pink balloons and streamers stashed in the back of the closet Lila help me get.

“Alright, do you think its smart to pick on a hormonal pregnant werewolf big brother?” I said raising my left eyebrow and gave him a smile. “Where’s Diggy? is he coming to see me?” I looked behind Raffa but no one was standing in the hall...I was hoping both of my brothers would come see me before the ceremony

“He’s running some quick errands with Tony back at Midnight Moon. You’ll see him before we make our way into the woods” He pulled out a purple ribbon from his pocket.

“You’ll be walking up front of the pack with me, but you will be leading us to the ceremony and don’t worry Lila set out a trail of these purple ribbons tied to the trees to tell you where to go, so don’t be nervous” he pulled me into a hug. “Now I got to go the pack is waiting for us in the court yard, so when your ready I’ll be waiting at the bottom step” He kissed my cheek.

“Any second thoughts and I’ll cancel all of this! just say the word...whatever you want or need I’m here” I shook my head and he nodded. “Okay see you soon”.


I lungs felt they were on fire! I was following the scent of the traitor that let Sylvia go free, stupid bastard wasn’t smart enough to cover their tracks.

“Tony go left!” I shouted into his mind, we were closing it but the bastard was slippery. We caught Sylvia just outside the border, Reese was escorting her back to the dungeons, I gave him strict instruction to put in the isolation room and lock it and wear the key around his neck before giving it to Raphael.

Vincent my wolf dug his paws deeper into the soft mud, taking his speed to a new level. We were moving so fast in the woods that I felt like I was flying not running.

“Smell that! Its a fucking male! smells familiar, might be apart of one of our packs!” I spotted the wolf a few feet in front of us, I couldn’t make out the color of the fur.

We were so deep in the woods that the moonlight couldn’t get past the thick brush. Tony was right though, the scent smelt really familiar I just couldn’t think who it was and who would betray the pack and my family.

Raphael and I dedicated our lives in rebuilding the pack, making sure everyone had a safe and secure home. Building more houses, building the clinic, the day care. We didn’t turn away any idea the pack members gave us, we wanted everyone in the pack know how much we cared about each and every member.

To think that one of the betrayed us...it was unthinkable.

Tony pounced to my left and we were running in side by side.

“Dax said the wolf is limping...I can smell the blood. Go up ahead, you attack from the front. I’ll come from the back! lets fucking end this” Tony was beyond pissed off.

I listened to Tony and Vincent dug in as hard as he could and took off faster than I thought we could “We should race Raf, I feel like with all this practice we could smoke his ass” Vincent’s laugh was contagious and I joined in.

I could tell that just pissed Tony off more but I didn’t care. Vincent lightened this for me and for that I appreciated that.

Vinny tucked his paws in skidding to a stop, the wolf was caught off guard by me standing in the way and tried to stop before crashing head on with me.

I lowered my head ready to rip his throat out “KEEP THE FUCKER ALIVE!” Tony yelled into my mind.

We closed in on the fucker, the wolf started panicking looking for a way out but then realized we weren’t alone.

Gamma fighters were flanking us creating a circle around it, trapping the wolf in the middle.

“SHIFT NOW OR DIE!” I screamed into the mind of the familiar wolf, I still couldn’t fully make out the color of the wolf. It could be dark brown or black maybe? My wolf vision was terrible...any other day I could see as clear as day through my werewolf eyes. What the hell is happening.

We waited a minute for the wolf to shift but nothing was happening.

Tony took a step forward. The wolf got scared and started shifting...what I saw next chilled me to me bones...

“Peter-James Hamilton! you fucking bastard” Tony lifted P-J by his throat in the air....He was cutting the oxygen off and PJ started slapping his hands.

I didn’t realize Tony had shifted. They were both standing naked but that was the least of our worries. His betrayal just opened up a lot of old wounds and new ones, creating trouble for everyone

"Reese just gave me the key, Sylvia is in full lock down. Did you catch the betrayer yet?" How was I suppose to tell my brother that it was PJ.

The boy we treated as our own flesh and blood even after our families past...especially because Derek was his beta. His second in command.

"Okay Tony put him down" I said walking over to them. I swung my fist out, knocking PJ unconscious. "What the fuck Diego I wanted to talk to him!" I ignored Tony and draped PJ over my shoulders.

"Raphael meet me in your office in 5 minutesF, bring Aiya, Derek, Daisy and Lila. It's important" Raphael agreed and shut off the link.F

"Tony, I need you to meet me in the Raphael's office in 5 minutes, bring your beta, delta and anyone you trust. We're going to need back-up when this blows up in our faces" I pointed to PJ.

"Okay I'll link them to meet us there. I'm not letting that fucker out of my sight" I nodded. I understood how he felt.

I had to take a second to calm myself, Vincent was fighting his way out and I need to be in human form for this...reminds me I need clothes. Tony must of thought the same thing looking down at himself.

Luckily for us when got to Raphael's office it was still empty. "There are spare clothes in his bathroom, you go first then you can help me get this fucker into pants" I nodded my heads to the unconscious PJ that was sprawled out on the sofa..

This was about to blow up badly.

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