Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Three: Seth's POV

Seth POV

I stood at the window of my office, overlooking the Black Forest of Gaera. A long way from my homeland Vaeko, from any source of familiarity. My father didn't kill the Santiago's for my softness. No. I will carry on with the plan he mapped out. Breed her, take her children and create a new serum, a better serum. One that my soldiers will not only survive from but thrive from.
Hopefully the little runt is carrying The Alpha's child, ha she probably thinks its mine. No children are a weakness I can't afford and she is not worthy to carry my seed. Plus I need strong progeny and this alpha is the strongest of this generation. Surely it would work, my father was very meticulous.
Sylvia should be contacting me soon for information on the alpha she's using for his liquid..
Ring ring ring.
"Ruvolo" I hated using phones.
"Hi sweety, so the latest batch of frozo is coming your way" Frozo.. really.
Sylvia isn't like most girls, although I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her. She's deviant, manipulative and gorgeous. But right for the damn job. She's tall, long legs. Long straight blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Walking nightmare she is. How she gets the job done is beyond me.. as long as I get what I need. I don't need the details.
"Great. Another 2 week's of product and you'll be on the next plane home". Sylvia is the closet I will come to almost caring for anything or anyone other than the plan.
"TWO WEEKS?! FOR FUCK SAKE SETH! I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE, if we drag this out any longer he will get suspicious.. he already has guards on me almost 24/7. Do you know how hard this shit is" She screeched so loud I had to move the damn phone from my ear. "Deal with it. Get caught. Your dead. Do the damn job" I slammed the phone hard, shattering the screen. Fuck.

who the fuck is banging on my fucking door.
"What!" The door swings open suddenly, I was on my feet in seconds, running towards the door with a choke-hold on the culprit. Davis. Fucking Davis.
"What the fuck are you doing, mutt" I bring him to my face ready to end his fucking life. "Sorry boss, the runt, she wouldn't eat. Said she needed air, the dumb redhead opened the window, she escaped.." he puffed.
I increased my hold of his throat, barely keeping him alive. I let go. He falls to the ground, huffing with laboured breathing.
"GET UP! GATHER EVERYONE FIND THE BITCH! AND BRING ME THE REDHEAD" Incompetent. Amateur. Stupid. Inept. I'm surrounded by idiocy.
She's dead. Davis is dead. The lot of them. Fucking dead.
I had to calm down, my mind works better when calm. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe.
First thing she'll do is cover her scent, run as far as she could then hide until the heat dies down..
Ring Ring.
I look at the broken phone screen, Sylvia is calling. What the fuck does she want.
"Seth, I need to be on the next flight back. I found the brother.. But he knows!"
The line goes dead.. Fuck sake.
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