Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty:

What a fucking mess.

Raphael was standing behind the sofa that PJ was currently unconscious on, it looked like the poor kid had been beat up. He was half naked and was barely covered wearing what looked like small hot pink pants and he had a black eye...

The twins were oddly separated with Daisy sitting beside Tekoha on the far side of the room and Derek sitting by PJ’s head on the sofa, cradling his head and Lila was standing beside him looking emotionless... I couldn’t tell what was going on.

Why are we all here? and why is Diggy sitting in Raff’s chair looking beyond pissed.

“Okay...anyone want to tell why we’re here? now please. Because the ceremony starts in 30 minutes” Tony came over and interlocked his fingers with mine but I shook my hand free and gave him a small smile.

Raphael walked over to stand beside Diggy, Tony joined him after. He was either standing with them in solidarity or he was taking my hand holding rejection a little too personally.

Either way, I had to fight the urge to roll my eyes. Boys.

“Sylvia almost got away from us with the help of PJ....he let her out and they took off in separate directions. Omega’s caught her heading south...Tony and Diggy caught his scent in the dungeon followed him north...where they surrounded him”

The world paused....literally paused. No one was moving or breathing.

I could feel Cleo’s fur seeping through on my arms, my head felt like it was about to explode....I tensed my fist and I screamed! letting all of my anger out...

A wave of blue flame burst from my body, hitting everyone in the room causing them to all collapse.

“Breathe little Luna, take deep breaths” Tekoha was standing in from of me unharmed...how! I looked around the room. My brother’s had collapsed over the desk...Blood streaming from their noses. No, no, no, no.

My chest felt tight and I couldn’t breathe. Panic attack, I was having a fucking panic attack.

“Its okay you’re ok! hey, hey Aiyana. Look at me sweetheart” She was standing in front of my face, waving her hands but I couldn’t focus on her.

The blue sonic wave that came from me had hurt my family...Raf, Diggy and Tony. I didn’t mean it. Their eyes were opened but they weren’t breathing or moving.

Tekoha smacked my head hard with her palm "paululum dormies luna" (sleep little luna).

I felt like I was falling, darkness dotted my vison. I could feel Cleo clawing for me but she was out of reach.


My eyes shot open sending a splitting headache into my brain, I tried to stand but my body was aching.

Movement to the left caught my attention and I sat up straight. my body moaned at the fast moment but I didn’t care. Tekoha was touching everyone with the back of her hand, whispering softly. I tried to strain my ears but that just intensified my headache

“Relax little Luna, I’m trying to wake them” she continued to whisper to Raf when he shot up straight. He jumped back from Tekoha closeness than looked to me than around the room. I held my hand up “Tekoha wait...Wake only Daisy and PJ..” Raf looked at me but I gave him a small nod to say trust me.

He wiped the blood from his nose with the back of his sleeve and grabbed tissues to do the same to Diggy. Hopefully he wouldn't be too mad at me from keeping his unconscious but I just felt like him and Derek would complicate this more than it already was.

I felt disgusted and ashamed of myself...I had put everyone in danger. I needed to get a handle of my magic ASAP. After today I was going to corner Tekoha to teach me how to control and harness all of my magic, she was putting this off long enough.

Today wasn't suppose to be like this...We should all be deep in the woods, celebrating Tony and I being mated officially. Instead I’m standing in my brothers office in a long white dress...and to make matters worse I was right!

I knew I couldn't trust the fucking Hamilton's! I ALWAYS had an uneasy feeling about those red head soul suckers.

PJ stirred to my left and I took a seat in front of him. "Aiya?" Daisy said softly softly. It took everything in me to ignore the overwhelming feeling to smack her in the face...I opened up to her, sympathized with her. "I know its hard to trust me...but I had no idea. On my very life. I had nothing to do with this and if I did I would have chained PJ myself. I-I can't believe he" her voice faltered and she stopped mid-sentence.

I would have to deal with the rest of the Hamilton's later. PJ was my priority.

"Wake up, ya little red rat!" I smacked this face and his eyes flew open. "Don't fucking touch me, blood whore" Daisy flew past the side of my eye so fast that she and PJ were now wrestling on the floor. I pulled Daisy back and Raff had a hold of PJ.

Raf put PJ in a choke hold while Tekoha wrapped rope around his arms...where the hell did she get the rope from.

"Listen up dead man, you have one chance to speak and explain yourself before I put you in a whole so fucking deep you would reach china before you got back out" Raf said throwing him into a seat."

PJ scoffed and smiled. The little sociopath fucking smiled.

"I doesn't matter why I did but the when...stupid bitch. Seth is coming for you and I gave him the perfect opening.


"Looks like the party is about to start" PJ laughed.

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