Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Thirty-One

This was it, rather I liked or not I would have to face Seth.

I could feel my chest closing in and the air in my lungs being sucked out, I tried to breathe in more air but I couldn’t...I could feel the panic building up in the back of mind. I was sure I was going to have a panic attack any moment now “Aiya breathe, it’ll be okay” Raffa handed me a brown paper bag and rubbed my back...but all I could think about was the damp stale smell of my cell.

“Calm down Aiya, we are NEVER going back. Even if we have to die trying, Seth dies today” Cleo said calmly. She was pacing in the back of my mind at the thought of ripping his throat out...I was just trying to concentrate on breathing.

“Wake everybody up, Time to find out where everyone stands” Raphael looked straight at Tekoha who nodded. What the hell was happening.

Few minutes later and we were back to staring each other down, arguing and throwing digs at one another. “We don’t have fucking time for this! Seth and his band of mongrels are almost here! that means EVERYONE is in danger not just me” Raphael clapped his hand loudly to get everyone’s attention but I had a better idea.

“Tekoha, take PJ here and leave him in your house. Please, and come back to help me” She looked caught off guard but she agreed. “Okay little Luna...but you know the spirit realm isn’t for everyone...and he especially won’t be welcome. His aura alone would make him a target but my wards should keep him safe....well safe enough” she stood.

Derek jumped in front of PJ to block Tekoha from getting near him, I was about to take him there myself when Lila and Daisy pushed Derek out of the way, the look on his face was satisfying. “What the acutal fuck! you guys he is our only family” Derek stood back in front of PJ, glaring at everyone

The girls look pissed “Derek, he led Seth here. He freed Sylvia, do you know why he freed her?” Daisy looked at him straight in the eye but Derek didn’t have an answer. “Ask him” Daisy said stepping back until she was standing beside me.

PJ had a sly smirk on his face and the urge to slap him was growing stronger. Derek turned around and waited. “Oh sweet Daisy...little precious flower. Go fuck yourself, you fucking traitor. I still can’t look at you for going to save that little mutt and you Derek. If the fucking Santiago’s were normal wolves our parents would be alive and our fucking pack wouldn’t be in fucking pieces. So let Seth have the little whore, then his wolves will kill the rest and we can start the crescent wolf pack off the right way with the Hamilton’s on top” while PJ was rambling on about his family.

I signaled Tekoha and she got the hint, a second later the fucker was out of my sight. “Now that I can breathe...Derek, I don’t trust you. I never have if I’m being honest but PJ is safe, he is in Tekoha’s cottage in the spirit realm. If you don’t want to help us than leave” he looked Daisy but she ignored him. Lila shook her head at Derek “I love you, I always have but if you defend him after all the things his said and done that put EVERYONE in danger than I can’t accept this bond any longer. I will not have blood of the pack or Aiya hanging over my head...I-I can’t do that Dek” Tears were in her eyes, you could hear a pin drop. No one moved or spoke.

Derek Sighed ” I’m sorry Lila he is my little brother, I have to protect with all costs...no matter what he’s done or no matter the price” Daisy shook her head and started pacing.

“Tekoha, take put Derek in the cottage too but keep them separate.” Derek eyes went wide just as her dematerialize.

“He's in he cottage too, I will return the both of them once we deal with...everything else. The first thing we got to to do is get all the non-fighters and children out of the valley” Raffa nodded. He went over a battle strategy, who would be on the first line and where everyone would positions, I zoned out on the parts about the enhanced and focused on Seth. If I could just kill him, then maybe the enhanced would stop following his command. I doubted it would be that easy, they were wolves at their basic instincts with all of the worst qualities amplified.

“The children and non-fighters are safely in the bunker Erin has been given instructions on how to get out if none of us make it out tonight” I blew out a breathe, Diggy really didn’t beat around the bush. I could feel my chest tightening and my heart beating faster...if only I had been born normal.

Chaos was erupting in every direction, we had miscalculated how many enhanced wolves Seth had created. Everyone I loved had created a barrier around me using their own bodies to keep me from Seth.

“Oh sweet little Aiyana, I will kill everyone in this Valley for you. Their blood will be on your hands, the guilt will seep through every vein in your body that you’ll be more of a shell than you already are or you could simply step out of the circle, I promise no one will be harmed” His voice was scratchy, like he had been screaming too much.

I knew better than to listen to a single word he said but I also knew that he followed through with his threats. Tony grabbed my hand and his kissed it, his eyes told me everything he was thinking. He would die tonight before anyone got near me and the baby.

Tekoha popped in beside me and from the slight shimmer that surrounded her told me she was in between, meaning that I only I could see her. “Its time little Luna, you must let go of all the magic and pent up emotions that you have been hoarding” I shook my head, no.

The last time I did that I shoot out a sonic blast that knocked everyone unconscious had almost killed them.

Before I could make a decision the enhanced broke through the outer circle killing several of our warriors. I heard a scream to my left to see an enhanced dragging Daisy by her arm, blood was everywhere and her high pitch scream drowned out everyone else.

I dived for her but Tekoha grabbed my arm, pinning me on the spot. “There is only one way to save everyone, you must let go” I tried to shake her off and reach for Daisy but I couldn’t move an inch.

The baby chose that moment to kick stomach. Time slowed, everyone was halfway suspended, moving but very slowly. I pulled Tekoha’s fingers off my arm one by one, damn she was strong.

I made a run for daisy, passing Lila I pulled a knife from her belt and stabbed the wolf in the eye and face as many times I could. His eyes shot sideways and he looked straight at me, freaky. He finally dropped Daisy and I dragged her into the center on the circle, I ripped the bottom on her top and wrapped it tight around the wound to stop bleeding.

“Are you doing this? what is your plan little Luna?” Tekoha shook out of the time pace like she was shaking water off. “No...I’m not doing this” than it hit me, she was doing this.

The moment she kicked my stomach time slowed, I put my hand over my stomach and rubbed it. She was helping. Tekoha looked shocked “Of course” she smacked herself in the forehead. “We don’t know how long this’ll last, we must be quick!“.

Tekoha blinked in and out, touching everyone on the shoulder. She was whispering but I couldn’t hear over my frantic heart beat. Everyone she touched was brought out of the time pace and back into real time.

Raffa looked at but shook my head. He got the point and barked orders to the remaining warriors than he took off in the direction of Seth.

Even stuck in the slow pace Seth saw him coming, he couldn’t do anything but watch, his eyes went wide and his hands tried to come up to protect his face but Raffa threw out his fist, connecting Seth’s jaw with a crunch and his hand went back in slow motion. It was a truly magnificent sight. One the brought me pure joy.

Around me Warriors were slicing throats and setting the enhanced on fire. The smell of burning flesh and fur is going to imbedded into my nose.

Raffa was dragging a knocked out Seth by his leg "Let's take him to my office" he nodded towards the gang.

This is finally my moment.

For all the pain he put my family through. My brothers. My pack. My Mate and what he intended to do to my daughter.

"Don't forget what he did for us" Cleo whispered.

I'll never forget what he did to us...to me.

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