Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Five: Daisy's POV

I was drinking my coffee in a crude cafeteria, surrounded by Seth’s soldiers. I cant believe I’m here... doing this. Being surround by criminals, murderers and plain old evil fuckers.. Life or death Daisy, remember your here to help save Aiyana. I took a mental breath and stood, walking to lean near the entrance of the half broken concrete door, looking the direction I saw Seth carrying Aiyana earlier in a rush. Looked like they were heading towards Ward A, that was located to the front of building. Luckily I was here, right time and place.

Perfect.. that dumb bimbo Laura? no Leah! She was the head nurse of that area, clearly we knew why, girl was all body and no brain, Seth clearly needed his soldiers level headed. What a dumb-ass.

Just as I was thinking of an excuse to enter the ward, I see “nurse” Leah enter the hall, snapping her head in my direction. “You! Dayna!” she pointed and yelled loudly. Gaining the attention of some soldiers in close proximity. “Me? I’m Dixie, how can I help you, sweetheart?” I put on an overly sweet southern accent. “Come” she said curtly and spun on her heel. I quickly followed behind beaming a wonderful smile. We rounded a corner and went through a double door, into Ward A. The front desk came into view, behind it sat a young lady that looked like Leah.. wearing a almost identical outfit. Clearly Seth didn’t hire these women to be nurses. Not that I’m judging. Its 2019 women can be whatever they choose or wear whatever they choose.

Leah came to a brief stop, before turning to face me. “Look Dina, the bitch in bay 2 needs a drip and food. Get on that” she said looking at her nails before making eye contact with me, she winked and stalked her way back in the direction of cafeteria.

Okay bay 2? she’s in bay 2. I can’t walk in empty handed..I need to blend in. Patting my pocket making sure I had what I needed. I walked into the medical supply cupboard, stocking a silver cart with medical supplies I thought a drip would need, I wasn’t a nurse but I had good common sense. Food? think...the nurse’s break-room! I stole a tray and an assortment of food placing it onto the cart.

I wheeled the cart in the direction of bay 2, okay Daisy. Play the part. Don’t get caught up, if she catches on.. she’ll freak out! Your just another nurse that was sent in to help.

I walk into bay 2, it was a normal medical room. The floors and walls were white, looking clean as a bunker could. My breathe caught in my throat at first glance at Aiyana through the door window, the girl was frail, her olive skin looked pale, her pretty green eyes had bags, her wrists were red.. silver restraints? fucking monsters. I took a deep breathe before entering the room, plastering a beaming smile onto my face, making sure it reached my eyes.

“Hi Ahniaya.. I’m Dixie” I mispronounce her name to keep up my facade, displaying a perfect fake southern accent that I’ve mastered. “Ai-Yah-Na” she swiftly corrects me, sighing and turning over to get comfortable. “Sorry sweetheart, I’ll try better next time. Ah ah no sleeping, I have food here for you to eat first” I place the tray on the swivel tray that all patients have, her eyes widen at the site of food.. like she hadn’t seen this amount before. Fucking Seth! he will die slowly and dripped in sliver, the bastard.

“Look Dixie?.. I’m not hungry. So shove it. Put the drip in and fuck off. So I can go back to my cell. Ba-da-bing-bada-bom, easy peasy. Get on with it” she replies enraged. I nod curtly taken back at the strength in her tone even with silver in her system.. definitely the daughter of an alpha. I go about my business attaching her to the drip. I have stalled for hours, doing meaningless nursing tests on Aiyana, making sure the silver has enough time to leave her system. I just need to stab her with the needle containing liquidised Chloral hydrate, have the fake mortician pronounce her dead, take her to the morgue, where my brother Derek and his mate Lila are waiting.. Easy.

"Could you open the window? its hot in here" Aiyana squeaks softly. Poor thing is so frail, I unlock the window with a key I swiped from one of the other bimbo nurses when I first arrived, 3 weeks ago.

Just as I push open the window, her heart monitor goes crazy, I rush over to look at Aiyana.. OMG! Panic attack?! heart attack!? Organ failure?! I rush for my needle stashed on the cart against the far wall, pulling the lid off I turn.. only to see Aiyana disappear out the bloody window! NO! FUCK "AIYANA WAIT! I scream.

But she disappears into the night.

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