Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Six

The sky was starting to lighten up, it’ll be dawn soon. I shivered, I’ll be more visible for next 12 hours. I need to find somewhere to hide and maybe rest for awhile.. I had decided to run the entire night, to put more distance between myself, Seth and his pack of lackeys. My main thought now was water.. water and sleep.

After searching quietly and quickly I had found a tiny creek of clear water and drank with greed, thick vegetation surrounded me in every direction, I spotted a very thick arrangement of small bushes near a tree that had fallen. I quickly made a make-shit bed between the two, it would be very difficult to spot from all directions. I had made absolute sure the ground and leaves I lay under looked undisturbed. Like it had fallen and arranged itself perfectly. My back against the cool ground had me shivering but I needed to centered myself to save what energy I could, I did my best to trap in what little heat I could when darkness took me for a ride. My sleep was blissful, like hadn't slept for a century..

Srcchhh “Hold on, deer tracks on the north side, over”.

The sound of radios jolted me awake, my heart sped up, beating in my ears.. I started to panic.. fuck. I lock up my muscles and inhale slowly. Staying as still and quiet as I could.

Srcchhh “Definite deer tracks, over”. A woman’s voice called into the radio.. she slightly sounded familiar.. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. The movement stopped suddenly..

I felt someone brush some leaves beside me. "Aiyana, Don't freak out.. it's me 'Dixie'. Keep very still and very quiet." Her voice was barely above a whisper. DIXIE? what..before I process the information another pair of foot prints approached her quickly "They moved on. If we're going to do this? we need to this now and quickly" A gruff voice said whispering. "But it's only the two of us, where is Lila?" Dixie replied quickly. "Coming with transport, she'll meet us where the woods meet the north-west road, that's the quickest way out of here". He stated. "Okay, okay" Dixie replied breathing slowly.

Wait what? I had no clue what was going on but I needed to put as much distance as I could between myself and everybody else.

I was roughly lifted from under the debris by big gruff dude. He lifted me with ease, his muscles were on show under his tight black shirt, his hair was red, his skin was slightly darker than Dixie but he had the same sky blue eyes, his square face was perfectly chiselled and he had a perfectly groomed beard. They were definitely related, twins? maybe.

"Careful Dek! you could have pulled her arm from her damn socket!" Dixie whispered angrily. I tried to escape from them but his grip tightened around my arm. "Calm down little doe, We're trying to help you. Not hurt you." He said making eye contact with me and slightly releasing his grip so he was not longer hurting me. I squirmed uselessly, my stomach was stinging, my feet hurt bad. Real bad.. they had me.. no doubt to drag me back to my god damn cell. NO! I will not give up this easy! I had came way too far to just give up. Fight I said to myself, I would fight until my dying breathe before I re-enter that fucking hell hole.
"Aiya, he said they're trying to help us.. maybe that's the truth" Cleo didn't sound too confident in that sentence, making my nerves increase.
I slammed my heel into his foot, he gave no reaction. As if he expected it. Damn. I threw my head back quickly, he dodged it in time. FUCK! I went to bite the shit out of him, planning rip a chunk out of his arm when his hand went over my mouth.
"Trying to hurt me? Bambi?" he said smirking, he was fucking smirking! this made me furious.I could feel Cleo just under my skin, we were ready to shift."Derek! don't make it worse than it needs to be" Dixie said calmly, before making eye contact with me. "I'm sorry Aiyana.." She looked to Gruff who's name I now knew was Derek and he nodded quickly.
Beside me I felt him reach into his pocket, pulling me closer putting me a headlock. My arms reached up to pull his arm from my neck when a sudden pain shot through my neck and as always darkness came quickly.
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