Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Seven

Daisy POV:

Aiyana was draped over Derek’s left shoulder as we made our way to the rendezvous with Lila. I felt really bad for having to drug her but she was about to shift and that would have caused a lot of attention with Seth’s soldiers, who were near by.

This is what I had been telling myself, I had an overwhelming feeling of guilt sitting at the base of my stomach.. She deserved better. I sighed softly. “Daise don’t beat yourself up, she’s fine” Derek said over his shoulder, reading my emotions.

The sun was coming through the trees easier now as we neared the edge of the woods. A few feet ahead of us we could see a black jeep, we came out of the woods at the same time Lila stepped out of the car, leaving the engine on. “Finally!” she said, her sweet voice had an edge to it. Lila was tall, long legged, she had short midnight hair that reached her olive shoulders, an oval face with mud-brown eyes.

Lila rounded the car quickly and to open the the side door for Derek. He slipped Aiyana in slowly before rushing to the drivers side. Lila mimicked his actions and went for the drivers passenger side.“Move Daisy, lets go!” Derek boomed.

I finally moved from the spot I’d been standing in for 5 minutes. I slid into the back seat where Aiyana was laid.

Derek put the car into gear the second I shut the door and we took off at hyper speed, the woods disappearing behind us. We were headed to the airport. Where we had private jet waiting for us to hit the tarmac.


My head was throbbing, my brain threatening to explode from my very skull.. I felt groggy. My stomach heaved quickly, and bile erupted into my mouth and I threw up into a bucket that was laid beside my seat. It tasted acidic because I didn’t have enough food in my stomach for it. I inhaled deeply, the smell of leather and cold air surrounded me. I licked my lips for moisture but it was thick and gross.. I was so thirsty..

“Here sweetheart” said a sweet voice. A small and dainty hand came into view holding out a small bottle of water. I raised my head to see a small framed lady with midnight hair.. I took the bottle from her gingerly and nodded a thank you. I took the opportunity to look around, I was on a small plane or private jet? the dark haired lady raised from where she had knelt, and went to other side of the jet and sat next to Derek.

My temper spiked at the site of him but he offered a smile and said “Sorry for stabbing you with the needle Bambi”. The dark haired lady look at him and raised an eyebrow, she turned to me and smiled sweetly. “I’m Lila, this is my mate...who’ve you met” she says sweetly, I detected a little venom on the end of that. Probably at the nickname he’s appeared to give me. Mates were notoriously possessive, slightest things set them into jealous rages. One of the many reasons we keep away from the mundane human world.

Daisy came out of the bathroom straightening her back, She spots me and she beams a magical smile, like all my problems could evaporate at the sight. She takes a seat beside me and turns to face me..

“Uh hi” she says awkwardly.. WAIT! where the fucks her accent! I must of made a weird face because she quickly adds “Fake, the accent was fake. I used it to pretend to be someone else to hide my identity around Seth.. I’m Daisy.” She extends her hand as a matter of fact kind of way. I raise my eyebrow, ignoring her hand. “Right, what do you want and where are you taking me Daisy” I say abruptly, taking a sip from my water.

Derek clears his throat and Daisy turns to face him, anger is clear on her face. Her eyes glaze over, mind linking.. I haven’t done that for awhile.. “Home” he replies, turning his attention back to Lila. End of conversation with that douche, clearly.

They continued having a secret discussion, mind linking. Cleo hasn’t appeared at the front of my mind, I mentally search for her. “Resting” she states, well I guess that’s all I’m going to get out of her. Shes probably tired, as she lent me most of her energy and power during our escape.. I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did without her. Shes my rock. I’ll have to make it up to her, somehow.

I turned my attention back to Daisy..“ And where exactly is home?” I question, Derek lifted his gaze from Lila, who hadn’t spoke much.. I like that one.

Daisy on the other hand...there was something I didn't trust about her and Derek. I'd been staring at her, waiting for a reply. She squirmed slightly under my gaze.. weird. “Lake Vaeko” she replied softy, I had to strain my ears to hear. Shock ran through my body, Lake Vaeko? I haven’t been there since my parents were murdered and I was taken..

My thoughts automatically went back a year, and I tried my absolute best not to think about the gory details of that night..wait. How'd they know where I was from? who I was? and how did they found me? A thousand questions shot through my mind.. I had a bad feeling. Cleo quickly came to the front of my consciousness "Aiya" she warned. She settled herself just beneath my skin, waiting..

“Daisy.. how do you know who I am and where I’m from” I asked her cautiously. Her face paled immediately, and she looked towards Derek for help, her eyes glazed over. Fuck sake. “Stop fucking mind-linking and speak!” I practically boomed. “Sorry” Daisy sounded guilty.. “My parent’s knew yours..Our father was George Hamilton, your father’s Beta”. This information rocked me, I had stopped breathing and my heart had skipped.. No no no..

“Fucking traitors!” I spat. Cleo was coming through now, our snow white fur was visible. Their father had spilled my family’s secret to the wrong fucking people! the drunk fucking bastard!

Their father was the reason my parents were murdered and I was taken! Cleo’s howl echoed my own. I was seething, I wanted to rip their heads off and take them as blood payment.

Derek now stood between me and Daisy now. His face was red and he looked murderous “Look I understand your mad.. but your missing important information, so calm the fuck down!” he spat. He had the audacity to disrespect me, to raise his voice at me.. to be fucking angry at me!? “Lets rip them apart, leave Derek for last. He can watch his mate die first” Cleo had a wonderful idea, and I loved her for it.

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