Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Eight

Derek shifted the same time I did.. just a second too slow, his burnt orange wolf was a sizable beta but was still no match for my snow white alpha-blood Cleo.

The jets already tiny space suddenly felt closet sized but I pushed that aside, I didn’t need space. I needed blood payment.. I wanted to hear them scream as I ripped flesh from their bones, as I took their lives.. one by one, enjoying the revenge.

I pounced quickly onto Derek sinking my canines into his shoulder and ripping out as much fur and flesh as I could. I felt little satisfaction when he gave a small whimper and shook it off. He pounce for me snapping his jaw, growling deep.

His target was my neck but I dodged him easily, backing into the walkway...he followed. Stupid mistake, I took the opportunity of the small space and jumped onto the seats ricocheting and landing to the side of him latching onto his throat, his eyes went wide the second he realized he underestimated me and made a rookie mistake, letting his opponent lead him. I may have been locked up for 18 months, but I remember my lessons my father taught me.

I trained by myself (not counting Cleo) in my cell. Watching, taking in my surroundings, biding my time, growing stronger and learning how to be strategic. To get out of that hell hole, there was no way these fucks have my best interest at heart, I trust NO ONE that isn't me. And they were about to find out just how cruel I could be.

“NOOOOOO!” I heard Lila scream. She and Daisy were now standing in front of me, their faces wore the same expressions. Confusion, Anger and Fear. Daisy took a step forward and I tightened my grip, feeling my canines break into the skin of his neck. Blood dripped out slowly, I kept enough pressure to hold him but not kill him. I wanted answers and I knew the perfect way to get them. They were about to find out first hand that I was a Spirit Wolf and I walked a line with different rules.

“Wanna save your mate? tell me the missing information, think quickly. You have 3-seconds to speak before I snap his neck” I mind-linked Lila, who for a second looked confused but than straightened up her back and squinted her eyes, focusing.

Her face darkened, her eyes faintly turned a shade lighter.. silver? what the actual fuck! She was a fucking witch! why hadn’t I fucking noticed! Cleo came forward from the back of my mind and attempted to fully take control but I pushed her back, I needed to be upfront for this.

“Fine! George Hamilton, The former Beta of Silver Crescent, he was taken by Tatum and Jarred Ruvolo from a local pub, when rumors had spread that his Luna, your mother... was special. He was tortured for months, his wife Valerie received different parts of his body when he refused to give any information. The Ruvolo’s were...no, are ruthless.

They tried to use the knowledge of his family whereabouts as leverage, they were going to murder his wife and children, set fire to the pack and kill us all.

It was the Luna’s idea to sacrifice herself in place for her family and the pack but the Ruvolo’s wanted more.. so they murdered your parents, took you.. they attempted to take your brothers but the pack started fighting back at that point so they took off disappearing into the night with you..” she stated with her head held high, her eyes turned into an impossible shade of silver and white, she threw her head back and screeched. Daisy who had been standing silently keeping her eyes on Derek finally registered what was happening and ducked into a row of seats.

“Spirit shift Aiya! quickly, the witch is dangerous!” Cleo screamed.

“I can’t.. or know how to.. its been too long! I-I-I don’t remember how to!” I scream back..

“Your going to have to try.. its our life or his now! she doesn’t have full control! quickly Aiya. Think, girl think!”

Cleo’s panicked demeanor was frightening, she never cowered.. even if that meant death for us.. I closed my eyes trying to focus on my mothers teachings....picture her face, her words. What were the words she spoke. As if lightening struck the universe in two, my body began de-materialize, becoming translucent crossing into the border that separate the realms of non-spirits and spirits.

Thoughts of my mother who spoke often about Tekoha came rushing back, the spirit guide she grew up with.. she taught my mother the rules and regulations of this side, that she had passed on to me. I have only ever done this with her.. never by myself. Now it feels wrong, and haunted...like I shouldn’t be here.

A loud thud brought me out of my thoughts and into the present. Derek now lay in front on me knocked out, but breathing.. damn it, I should of bit harder. I took a moment to scan the jet, everything looked the same, except for a slight glow or shimmer? maybe. Don’t remember that happening last time I had spirit shifted, although it has been over a year and thousand of needles of silver to my system.. who knows what was real.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Daisy paled visibly as she shifted out of the position she was in, Lila put her hand on daisy before she got too close. She moved toward me slowly, kneeling down to check if Derek was alive.. Which he was, unfortunately.

“Calm down Daisy, she's still here, just slipped into the next realm. She can’t technically go anywhere, her mother might not of had the time to teach her how to spirit jump.. ” Lila stated it like it was common knowledge. Bloody witches think they’re “IT”, bunch uppity a-holes. Wait, spirit jump? what the hell is spirit jumping?.

Ladies and Gentlemen we are beginning our descent into a South Yaoi, please take your seat and strap on your belt.

“Little wolf, I suggest you materialize. Quickly. I have a very short fuse” Lila stands up looking straight ahead, hand on her hip.

“Don’t.. let her get angry and watch...she can’t hurt us in this state or realm. ” Cleo muses.

“Cleo...What the hell, what do you know?” I question.

Lila tensed her fist and a sudden burst of power pulsated from her body exploding in the jet. The Shimmer jolted, shaking before returning to normal. What the hell was that? and how powerful was she?

“She is descendant of Tekoha, the spirit guide. She can’t use any harmful magic beyond her realm.. well not until she’s dead anyway..”

“How do you know this Cleo? I didn’t even know she was fucking witch” I tried to sound angry but I could feel my energy start to drain, my sight started to get fuzzy.. my legs felt like jelly.. No! no no, fuck no. I refused to pass out.. Cleo reaches out mentally, sharing her aura lending me energy.

“Tekoha has many descendants, Lila’s eyes are beyond silver, their almost white. That’s how, though she doesn’t seem quite.. I don’t know full...like something missing? maybe she's half. Maybe she’s still young? It’s said that descendants eyes were fully white, soul-magic users.” Cleo says.

I turn back to Lila, why hadn’t I knew she was witch.. couldn’t be the silver? could it? there was hardly any in my system now, almost gone...maybe it dulled my wolf senses.. I did receive it everyday for the last year..

Daisy crept forward enough to put her hand on Derek’s neck, stopping the slow flow of blood. His injuries have been healing this whole time, he should be awake any moment. Time to fucking shine.

“Look Bitch, you make any movements or use any of your diluted powers. I will make sure when he dies, I’ll send him straight passed the haven-woods and into the depth of the Vampire afterlife” I mind-linked Lila, who for a second was sticking with her resolve to fight back, she nodded to no one in particular, but I took that as an agreement.

I tried and failed 3 times before I could finally materialize back into the living realm. That was scary.. I could of been stuck, been invisible for the rest of my damn life.. That sent shivers down my spine. I would have to start practicing.. next time I’ll look for Tekoha, hopefully she was still around.

“Look who decided to finally show herself, didn’t think the only daughter of the greatest Alpha who ever lived would be a little bitch” Lila spat, she was now in front of Derek and Daisy.. pfft.

As fucking if she could stand in my way.. but if the information she gave was true.. which I doubt..it would mean Seth and his family would be responsible for more than keeping me prisoner.

“and who are you little witch-bitch, other than some unknown little half-breed nobody who uses doesn’t know how soul-magic properly, who came to the underside of the world to rescue me, an alpha-blood little bitch” I spit back.

Lila took a step forward, with her fist at her sides. Cleo settled just beneath my skin, finally. Let’s go.. time to kill this bitch. Just as Lila eyes went almost-white and I started to shift, the jet shook, than landed roughly, knocking us off balance.

I crashed into the row of seats, smacking the side of my head hard on the arm rest. My vision blurred, but I shook it off quickly and stood in a fighting stance waiting for Lila to attack but she laid sprawled out at the end of the jet.. with blood on the side of her head.

“Are you okay? Aiyana” Daisy said softly, she stood up slowly, holding the side of her head before checking on Derek, who is still out.. just lying there.

“Right.. because you care so much about me...I’m fine Daisy, no thanks to you" I know I technically owe them, they sort-of helped me escape, but I would have got away without them just fine.. maybe.

“Just making sure, I really do care Aiyana or else I..no we wouldn’t have risked our lives!” she raised her voice slightly, shaking off imaginary dirt from her clothes, she stood. “Plus, Lila’s out...Derek’s out.. just me and you” she turned and locked her sky blue eyes with mine.. I knew this girl couldn’t be trusted. Always the quiet, innocent looking ones.

This is the captain, I would like to apologise. We had some difficulty landing.. we have company waiting on the tarmac.

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