Spirit Wolf

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Chapter Nine

I was beyond exhausted, way too much has happened in the span of 24hrs. I need sleep... at least a week's worth...

Derek now sat slouched on the floor of the jet, breathing heavily.. Lila was comforting him while he healed slowly. She was staring daggers at me, while Daisy stood a few feet in front of them. Like a wall between me and them.

“Look guys, this has got way out of hand.. its just been a big misunderstanding. We aren’t here to hurt you.

I could never understand how you must be feeling, after everything that has happened, then hearing about who we are. I can’t change the past, but I can influence the future. I.. now we just want to help you.” Daisy sounded sincere, but I she gave me a weird feeling.

“Trust your instincts Aiya, they usually save our lives.” Cleo stated.

Cleo has calmed down after everything happened, she was feeling guilty.. as was I.

They literally pulled us from the woods and put over 100000 miles between us and Seth. We weren’t going to thank them though, our pride was never going to let what happen on this jet just slide.

We were going to get revenge one way or another.

“S-s-sorry bambi, didn’t mean for that. Honest” Derek barely spoke above a whisper but I had heard him, as did Lila and she was not happy.

She looked at him with disgust, they shared a tender look as their eyes locked, passing something mentally. She gave him a short nod, turning her attention from Derek to me.. she stood. “Let’s start over.. I’m Lila walker”.

We were descending the staircase of the jet, the sun was blindly bright but it felt amazing, its been awhile since I’ve felt the sun on my skin.

Lila and Daisy stood on either side of Derek helping him descend the stairs carefully.

Three black Jeeps waited in front of us with at least 10 people in causal clothes, a mixture of men and women.

Their scents told me they were all wolves, I didn’t recognize anyone from my pack but than again.. could I ever remember. My memory of anything before the night I was taken was hazy.

The door of the drivers side burst opened and out walked a tall skinny version of Derek, except he had his hair in a pony tail and a slight stubble but the same red fire hair and sky blue eyes.

“Dek, you look like shit mate. What happened?” He said, his voice sounded raspy. Derek gave him a look that said “shut up and get in the car”. Which he probably mind-linked, cause that’s what we did.. I walked awkwardly behind the them.

Not wanting to get in the car but not wanting to have to fight my way through, I’m just way too tired to care and the adrenaline rush I had been riding was crashing. I was going to pass out soon.

“Jump in the back car with us Bambi” Daisy called grabbing my arm gently guiding me to the middle jeep, while people were helping Lila put Derek in the first jeep.

At least I was getting space from the demon couple, I laughed inwardly. “Us?” I asked Daisy. “Yeah us darling” the skinny Derek, turned around from the driver seat, extending his hand.

“Hi, I’m Peter-James. Friends call me PJ”. I just stared at him, no-no. I couldn’t handle meeting more fucking Hamilton’s. “Not a talker eh?” he said turning back around ending our exchange.

“Just drive PJ, I want the next 6 hours to be over already” Daisy said pushing back her seat and pulling a throw blanket over her legs. She threw me one and turned over.

“We can’t exactly go anywhere.. if we tried the car in front and behind us is packed with people ready to take us down, lets sleep” Cleo yawned.

As usual Cleo was right, I might as well sleep for the next 6 hours.

I slept for about 4 hours, my nerves got the better of me and wouldn’t let me rest properly. No point tossing and turning, time to get to know these people and start planning..

“So where are we?” I questioned PJ, who had been humming softy to a tune on the radio. “Uh, were about 2 hours out of Vaeko.. you don’t remember this road? it’s the only bitumen road in or out...well not counting the various dirt roads of course “. It was an innocent question but it made feel empty, broken even. It’s only been a year and half since I was taken! why can’t I remember things!

“Silver injections.. they really did a number on us Aiya, but don’t worry.. hopefully they’ll come back or someone could help us. If not we have eachother.. right?” Cleo didn’t sound confident but she did sound hopeful and that was enough for me.. for now anway.

“Sorry.. it’s been a while” I said gazing out the window. I honestly had no idea where we were, I tried and tried to remember anything, feeling into my memories but it’s like looking through beer google glasses. I wonder where they’re taking me, not to my old place.. that was burnt down.

It’s was a little after 8pm now. Storm clouds were rolling in thundering but the rain was above a light shower. No doubt that’ll change soon.

“Sorry where are my manners? There are sandwiches and bottle of waters just behind you in the cooler, help yourself darling”. So far, I liked him the most, and I barely know the guy.

After a few more hours Pj announced we were here. Daisy had woke up ten minutes ago, she was devouring some sandwiches than she turned to me and smiled her winning smile. "Relax...take a deep breath Bambi.. you’ve been through a lot so what’s about to happen might shock you” she said reaching over, giving my hand a slight squeeze.

PJ threw me a jumper that was way too big for me but I appreciated the gesture and threw it over anyway as I stepped out.
I was glad he did. The wind felt like icicles, bloody freezing.
Don’t remember Lake Vaeko being this cold...

Daisy scooted out the same side I did, she took my arm gently guiding me through people who had now gathered around the entrance of a massive dark brown or maybe black elegant house.

Lila and Derek stood at the door waiting for us to catch up, I looked behind me and saw everyone tipping their heads with weak smiles on their faces. PJ had caught up and was now walking on the other side of me now.

“Ah there she is, little Bambi. Are you okay? Did you sleep well?” Derek look a lot better now, he was fully healed and probably fully rested. A-hole.

Wish I was well rested, I feel like I could sleep for weeks.

“Hi, yeah just fine.. you know the usual. Being dragged off in the middle of the night not knowing where I was going or who I was with” I said with a little more venom than intending but by the way the winced at my words I hit the right spot. Bastards.

The door suddenly burst opened. “Maybe I could help Aiya”. Said a familiar voice.


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