The Remnants of Sorcerers' Past

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Back To The Future II

Mr. Baldwin’s room was brown and covered with posters of people from various centuries. Crows were flying around the room with rolled up pieces of paper in their claws.

“The crows won’t bite,” Taylor told her as they sat down. Ashley looked for the teacher but he was nowhere to be found. Finally, the bell rang and a thin man with green eyes and crazy blue hair sticking up on all directions appeared on the ceiling, hanging upside down. The class all started to laugh at him and then he fell, which made the class laugh even harder. The man seemed unfazed by the laughter and brushed himself off, fixing his bowtie and adjusting his glasses.

“Sorry. I was cleaning bird poop off the ceiling. The crows had earthworms for breakfast,” he told the class. A shiver went up Ashley’s spine as she remembered the previous class period. He smiled a silly grin. He was missing two of his front teeth. He literally flew to Ashley’s desk and sat on top of it.

“You must be Ashley Gaine, Room 203, 14 years old?” he asked. Ashley slowly nodded. “Sorry to spook you. I’m just into facts, Which is why I’m a history teacher.” He laughed and flew to the front of the room. Papers appeared on everyone’s desks. “Today, we are going to finish up learning about early Europe and the most prominent sorcerers of that time.” Ashley zoned out and started to daydream again.

She was in a room facing a row of men and women in dark purple robes. They were sitting in a semi circle and there were six of them in total: three men and three women. Standing next to her were four older teenagrers: two boys and two girls. The first girl had curly bleach blonde hair pinned into a bun at the base of her neck. Her eyes were electric dark gray and knowing and she was wearing a yellow blouse with a pink skirt that stopped just below her knees. The next girl had nearly black hair and red brown skin. Her brown eyes were big and she was short-shorter than the rest of them-and was wearing a white collared dress with blue polka dots all over it. The first boy had brown skin with dark brown hair and eyes. His hair was in a small curly fro on top of his head and he was tall, towering over the rest of them. He was wearing a white button down shirt and orange patterned slacks that were wrinkled. The last boy had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. His hair was in a tousled mess and he was wearing a white button down, a gray vest and maroon pants.

Ashley noted that they looked like they had just come out of a 50s movie. They were all standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder with their wrists and ankles chained together and their hands gloved and a rag tied around their mouth. They were staring at the six people in robes with disgust and irritation.

Ashley walked in front of them and waved her hand but they seemed not to see her.

Finally a woman in a robe stood up.

“You four have caused quite the trouble, you know,” she started. The woman was small and really not a woman at all. She was a child and looked eerily similar to Mrs. Shire. The four remained silent. She smiled. “We have been tracking you all for a very long time, and finally, we’ve found you. The infamous four. The cause of all the heartache in sorcerer nation. Do you know how many lives, human and fellow sorcerer, have been taken because of you?” she asked angrily. The kids stared back at her, unfailingly. She flicked her hand and the rags around their mouths disappeared. “Speak!” she yelled. The boy with the afro spoke up.

“Those lives were not taken because of us. They were taken because of you. Because of your infatuation with our families. We can’t help that but you can. And you decided to kill in the name of justice, and for what, exactly?” A smirk fell upon his face. “For your family to be murdered?”

The other three kids started to smile too and the woman-girl-turned red in the face.

“They are dead because of you!” she screamed. The blonde girl shook her head.

“No, Mrs. Shire. They are dead because of you. Because of your undying hatred for us. You couldn’t just leave us alone, could you? Was it not enough for you to have everyone we love killed? Was it not enough for you to have your own family killed?” the girl screamed at her. The girl-Mrs. Shire flicked her hand again and the girl crumpled to the ground and started to scream. The other three kids turned to their friend writhing in pain on the floor.

“Leave her alone!” the other girl yelled at Mrs. Shire. Her colorful eyes grew black and she started to smile. The blonde haired boy looked at the rest of the people with tears in his eyes.

“You call yourself a consul of justice but you’re all just liars. And cheaters. And torturers. And killers. We have done nothing wrong, but you’re still going to kill us in cold blood and tell everyone you saved them. But really, they should be saved from you!”

The other people of the consul stood up and looked to Mrs. Shire. She gave the group one last smile and turned to the rest of the consul.

“Finish them,” she snarled and disappeared.

Ashley jolted in her seat to the sound of the bell ringing.

“Come on, Ashley,” Taylor said, walking by her desk. Ashley nodded and rubbed her eyes, trying to get the image of Mrs. Shire’s black eyes out of her mind.

“Wow, Alien, you actually managed to not get turned into an animal this period. Congratulations. I didn’t think you could do it.” Jerry budded in once she was outside the classroom.

“Yeah, and now you owe me three silver coins,” Connor said proudly.

“Silver coins?” Ashley asked.

“Sorcerer money. We can use it to buy things like extra food and clothes. It’s equivalent to regular human money,” Taylor told her.

“I’m not exactly sure how I feel about being bet on,” Ashley told the boys. Jerry begrudgingly handed over three coins.

“Yeah, well it happened so get over it,” Jerry said rolling his eyes.

“What’s next?” Ashley asked.

“The best part of the day,” Connor started, “Lunch.”

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