The Remnants of Sorcerers' Past

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What, Witch Got Your Tongue?

“Anyways, on to Mrs. Caris’ room. I already told you yesterday that she teaches potions. She’s a little strict and likes turning people into different things of various sizes. And sometimes, you don’t even have to be bad. She likes to do it for fun!”

“Great,” Ashley sighed with mock excitement and followed Taylor to their next class.

The woman named Mrs. Caris wasn’t a woman when Taylor arrived at the green room filled with lab tables and various glowing and smoking liquids. She was hanging upside down on the ceiling as a bat.

“Why is she a bat?” Ashley asked. Taylor shrugged and led her to an empty lab table. The children already in the class ignored the teacher-bat-thing as if it were normal.

“Who knows,” Taylor shrugged sitting down. Just then Connor and Jerry walked in the room. Immediately, they spotted the girls and sat at the lab table in front of them.

“Hey, Ashley and Taylor. How’s it been?” Connor asked, turning around to face them. Taylor shrugged.

“Ashley and I are partners for that palm reading project in Miss Felise’s class,” Taylor told them. Jerry whistled.

“She let you two be partners?” Jerry asked. “That’s totally unfair. She wouldn’t let me be partners with Conner. Instead, she made me partner up with,” he looked around and lowered his voice, “Patrick.” Taylor and Connor burst out laughing.

“Jerry, what did you do to her? She must hate you in order to purposely partner you up with him,” Taylor said between giggles.

“She does hate him. All he ever does is break her glass balls,” Connor joked.

“That was only one time!” Jerry protested. Connor gave him an unbelieving look.

“Try five times. You’ve totally and utterly disrespected her with your lack of care for the glass balls,” Connor told him, still laughing. Jerry huffed and rolled his eyes.

“Not true,” he muttered. Ashley laughed at his pouting.

“Wait. Who’s Patrick?” she asked. Taylor calmed down and turned towards Ashley.

“Only the most grossest kid in our training year. He’s a couple of years older than us in age but he is stupid. He’s dumb and smells like troll pee,” Taylor told her. Ashley burst out laughing just as the bell started ringing. Immediately, Ashley covered up her mouth to stifle the giggles. The boys turned around and focused their attention on the bat hanging from the ceiling. There were a few moments of trained silence until the bat’s eyes started glowing red and a thick gray mist covered the whole bat. The mist grew thicker and thicker until no one could see the ceiling or the front of the classroom. Ashley seemed to be the only one phased by the actions taking place. Finally, a tall dark skinned woman appeared out of the shadows. Her black hair was glowing green in a curly halo around her head and her eyes were red. She was wearing a long dark blue dress with potion bottles clipped to it all the way from her shoulders down to her knees.

She looked at all the mist around her as if she were taking a survey and raised up her arms.

“Vana caeli!” she said and immediately the air was back to normal, with a lingering smell of lemon scented furniture cleaner. She smiled at the class and bowed. Everyone quietly clapped. She brought up her hands again and everyone hushed.

“Well, students, if you have not figured it out today, we will be learning how to make potions that turn each other into various animals. Specifically, non venomous and tamable animals. The last thing we need is for another student to get mauled by a lion.” She shook her head at the last statement and then smiled back at the class. “A little birdy told me that we have a new student today. Can she please stand up.”

It took Ashley a few seconds to realize that Mrs. Caris was referring to her. Again, she stood up hastily, knocking over the chair she was sitting in. A couple of students snickered while everyone turned to look at her. Mrs. Caris appeared next to her in less than a couple of seconds and smiled.

“Well, hello, Ashley Gaine. I am Mrs. Caris, if you haven’t been informed, and I teach potions. I expect that you’ll be respectful in my class or I will turn you into a slithering snake,” she said happily, but with words of truth. Ashley swallowed, trying to keep her words in her throat. It didn’t work.

“Sorry, ma’am but you must have me confused for Lucifer. But I do assure you, I won’t tempt you with an apple,” Ashley said politely back. Mrs. Caris’s eyes flickered to a deeper red.

“So the birdy was right. You do have a bit of a mouth on you, don’t you?” she asked. “Well, that’s alright. Please come up to the front of the class for us,” she said, appearing at the front of the class again. Ashley glanced at Taylor who mouthed the words ‘death sentence.’ Ashley gulped and slowly made her way up to Mrs. Caris. She smiled and put a hand on Ashley’s shoulder.

“You’re new so I’ll give you a break,” she told Ashley. Then addressing the class, “Students? What’s an animal-in the human world- that doesn’t have a tongue?” A few hands went up and Mrs. Caris picked them at random.



“Earthworm!” Mrs. Caris smiled at earthworm and sprayed something on Ashley.

“You see, Ashley, some potions don’t have to be liquid. They can be solid or even gaseous. Or in this case, a mist. The potion will only last a couple of minutes which is more than enough time for you to get used to not having a tongue to talk with, as you should act like you don’t while you’re in my class.” Ashley rolled her eyes and then grabbed her mouth, feeling her tongue slowly dissipate. Then her knees buckled and she was laying on her belly on the floor.

Her ears fell off next and she felt her body folding in on itself. She looked up at Mrs. Caris, who was already moving on with the lesson.
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