The Remnants of Sorcerers' Past

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That's So Raven

Once Ashley was fully human again, she went back to her seat with her head hanging low. She put her head on her desk and started to tune the teacher out. Soon, she found herself daydreaming. The four of them, Taylor, Jerry, Connor and Ashley were back in the library, but this time, something was wrong. They were running from something. The four of them were silent, but making quick and sudden movements, throwing books on the ground apparently looking for something. Finally, Jerry motioned toward them and showed them a book. She didn’t catch the title, but the book was huge. It was thicker than her hand and tan with fancy writing stitched into the cover. Jerry pointed at something on the page with his bony pointer finger and they all collectively gasped. As Ashley bent over to get a closer look at the passage, the library door swung open and they were all sent flying across the room. Then everything went black.

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