The Remnants of Sorcerers' Past

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Mission Impossible

Ashley woke up with a jump and almost fell out of her chair. Taylor, Jerry and Connor glanced at her and then immediately snapped their heads forward towards Mrs. Caris. She had hit her desk with a yard stick, non verbally demanding everyone’s attention. Ashley slowly, looked at the woman.

“Okay class, now that you know the basics, it is time for you to make a potion of your own. We will all be making liquid potions that turn things into frogs. It has to be digested by or poured on the thing you want to turn into a frog. The materials you need will be on your desks shortly after you choose a group of four.” Almost immediately Taylor and Ashley caught each other's eye. Taylor quickly grabbed her notebooks and walked to Ashley’s desk. Jerry and Connor came shortly after.

“Hey, Alien, you okay? We saw you jump earlier,” Jerry said, pulling up a chair. Ashley swallowed hard and averted her eyes.

“Whoa, what’s wrong, Ashley?” Taylor asked, a concerned look in her eye. Ashley shook her head. Taylor looked at Connor and Jerry and pressed her lips together. “Ashley, you can tell us. Was it a bad dream? Like the one you had last night?”

“That was not a bad dream. It was a memory of-” Ashley cut herself off. Taylor and Connor simultaneously pulled up chairs and sat down. With them all seated, they made a square around Ashley’s desk.

“It’s okay,” Taylor tried. “You can tell us.” Ashley felt her ears turn red and she glared at Taylor.

“No. I can’t. You don’t even know me. None of you do. So just back off, alright?” Taylor, Connor and Jerry shared a look.

“You’re right. We don’t know you. Not really. But we are trying. We want to know you and we are sorry for pestering you about whatever. You don’t have to tell us anything,” Connor told her quietly. Ashley nodded and sighed.

“Later. I’ll tell you later. But now we have a lab to do, don’t we?”Ashley asked, her mood and tone changing instantly. Jerry smiled and leaned forward.

“You’re right. I am all for turning people into frogs.” Then, Mrs. Caris flew around the room, in one single swoop dropping materials on everyone’s desk. On the desk were many flasks, wood, a green powder and silver shavings.

“What is all this?” Ashley asked. Connor spoke up.

“Wood from an enchanted tree, probably, ogre gunk and, from the looks of it, unicorn shavings.” Ashley nodded.

“That’s not weird at all,” Ashley muttered. Jerry laughed and picked up a flask.

“Taylor, you were paying attention. What do we do first?” Taylor rolled her eyes and snatched the flask away from Jerry.

“You’re using the wrong flask. Use the one with the big circle on the bottom. We have to boil things.” Connor grabbed it.

“How are we going to boil things without, you know, a bunsen burner?” Ashley asked. Jerry laughed at her.

“This is not Chemistry 101, Blondie. This is a potion’s class with real sorcerers and real magic. We don’t need a Bunsen Burner.” Ashley nodded.

“Oh.” Taylor smirked and shook her head.

“Put 3/4ths of the ogre gunk in the beaker and grind up the wood with that mortar and pestle over there,” she said pointing to a small ceramic dish and handle. Connor grabbed the instruments and put the wood into the dish. Taylor decided to put the gunk into the beaker. Taylor nodded in approval.

“Good, now, Jerry, can you summon water?” she asked, turning towards him. Jerry nodded and swirled his hands in a circle. He closed his eyes and breathe deeply, his hands moving in faster motions.

“Appareant,” he breathed, and water appeared in his hand, seemingly floating. Jerry smiled and led his hands to the beaker, where the water flowed in. Connor slow clapped and nodded his head.

“Last time you tried that, you almost flooded the whole class,” Connor laughed. Taylor shook her head.

“I remember; Mrs. Caris was so pissed.”

“What’s next?” Ashley asked. Taylor looked at the materials around them.

“Connor, can you stir this please?” Connor nodded and rolled up his shirt sleeves. He placed his hands above the beaker and started moving them in circular motions, just as Jerry had. Soon, the mixture was swirling around the beaker in a green gooey mess.

“That’s good,” Taylor said, signaling him to stop. Taylor then grabbed the beaker and poured it into the boiling flask and then set the boiling flask on a stand. “Now, time to heat it.” Jerry clapped his hands and bounced up on the balls of his feet.

“This is my favorite part,” he said happily. Taylor and Connor exchanged glances.

“Of course lighting stuff on fire is your favorite part,” Connor muttered. Ashley smirked and looked at Taylor.

“So, how do we do this?” asked Ashley. Taylor shrugged.

“Well, we need to use all of our powers together because fire is very hard to summon, let alone control,” she told her.

“Together?” Ashley asked cautiously. Connor nodded and grabbed her wrist, leading it to the center of the table. The other three preceded in doing the same.

“It’s not that hard, Ashley,” Connor reassured her. “Just focus and you’ll be fine.” Ashley swallowed and nodded, glancing at the others.

“Okay, so what now?” Ashley asked. Jerry smiled.

“Say, ‘Appareant,’ like I did to get the water, but this time imagine fire. But not a lot, just enough to heat this,” Jerry said, motioning to the flask sitting on the stand.

“And we have to do it together, so we have to feed off of each other’s energy and magic. Without real sources, we’re a little bit weaker. At least, by ourselves. But together, we can do anything,” Taylor told her and flexed her fingers. Ashley took in a deep breath and slowly closed her eyes. For a few moments, nothing happened, she didn’t feel anything, but then something started to pull in her stomach. It felt like a fist or when she was riding on a rollercoaster, waiting for the first drop. Her hands started to tingle, and an image of fire appeared in her mind, a fire that, at first, started off small and meager, but then grew long red and orange arms that seemed to surround her. There was nothing but the fire, and vaguely, somewhere in her mind she wondered if she should be afraid. The fire felt good, though, it felt powerful and finally Ashley opened her eyes.

The first thing she saw was a glowing blue light. A few seconds later, she realized that the glowing blue light was coming from their hands, her hands.

The four of their hands were facing palm up in a circle, a mixture of blue, green, purple and silver fire glowing and melting into each other. Immediately, a smile broke out on Ashley’s face.

“Oh my gosh,” she breathed. Taylor, Jerry and Connor snapped their eyes open simultaneously and quickly a look of shock overcame their features.

“How?” Taylor asked quietly. Connor laughed and shook his head, flexing his fingers under the green fire he was emitting. Taylor cautiously pulled a hand from the group and a purple fire followed her fingers. Jerry smiled and clasped his hands together in a fist, and the silver fire dissipated instantly. When he opened them back up, the silver fire reappeared.

From behind them, there was a collective ‘ooh’ and Ashley looked around. All of the students were standing around their table, a respective distance away from the fire, and a look in their eyes not quite awe. Slowly, Ashley realized it was fear. Ashley turned back towards her friends and stared at them.

“Is this supposed to happen?” she asked them warily.The smiles slowly faded off of their faces as they took in their surroundings.

“What are you guys looking at?” Jerry asked, a hint of defense seeping into his tone. A girl with black hair and blue eyes spoke up.

“How are you guys even doing that? It should be impossible. None of you have your sources,” she said. Then all eyes went back on them. Ashley swallowed hard and looked at her friends. Taylor blinked and looked at the girl.

“But we are doing it.” The girl shook her head and took a step back. All of a sudden, Mrs. Caris appeared and she looked angry.

“Stop that! All of you,” she said. Connor shook his head.

“We aren’t doing it on purpose, we swear,” he said quickly, clasping his hands together over and over again to try and diminish the flame. His green fire wouldn’t budge.

“You all are causing a ruckus!” Mrs. Caris screamed on.

“The only one causing a ruckus here is you, Mrs. Caris. We were just doing the lab,” Ashley told her. Mrs. Caris rolled her eyes and swung her hand over their hands. Nothing happened and her eyes grew wide.

“That’s…” she started.

“Impossible,” Jerry finished, “Yeah, we know.” All eyes were on Mrs. Caris as she stared at the four.

“I should’ve been able to override your spell…”

“What do you mean should’ve?” Jerry asked. Mrs. Caris looked at him helplessly.

“I can’t stop you. You are too…”

“Too what?” Taylor asked, panic reaching her voice. Ashley shook her head.

“It doesn’t matter. We started the fire, so we can end it.” She looked at the three of them. “How, exactly, do we end it?” Mrs. Caris cleared her throat.

“Imagine the fire gone and say ‘extinguere’. That should work.” The four nodded and proceeded in closing their eyes. Ashley started to chant the word and imagined the fire getting smaller and smaller until there was nothing. When she opened her eyes, the fires were gone, along with the surge of power she had felt moments before and a feeling of tiredness and exhausting replaced the feeling.

Ashley took a deep breath and rubbed her hands together. Connor and Taylor put their heads on the desk and Jerry started to laugh hysterically.

“That was-” Ashley started. Connor shook his head and groaned.

“Never again,” he muttered. Jerry started to laugh harder and pressed the heels of his hands to his eyes. The other students started to walk away and fall into a small murmur. Mrs. Caris lingered at their table and was staring at them when an unreadable expression. Slowly, they all turned to her, expecting the worse. Just as Mrs. Caris opened her mouth to say something, the bell rang. Immediately, the four bolted from the classroom.

After they got out of the room, Taylor turned towards them.

“That was so insane,” she said wide eyed. They all nodded in agreement.

“I don’t understand what they meant about it being impossible,” Ashley said.

“Well, we don’t have our sources. Usually only people with fire sources could create fires like that,” Connor said.

“But we don’t have sources at all,” Ashley said. Jerry nodded.

“There you go, Alien. You’re catching up.” Ashley hit him on the shoulder.

“Shut up.” Taylor took a deep breath.

“Did anyone else feel that?” she asked quietly. All eyes turned to Taylor.

“What?” Jerry asked.

“Did you guys feel that? You know what I’m talking about,” Taylor whispered loudly. A silence fell across the four.

“Yes. I felt it, too,” Ashley said quietly. Connor nodded his head.

“Me too.” Jerry sighed.

“Look, we all felt it and it felt amazing. But what, exactly, was it?” Jerry asked quickly. Taylor shrugged.

“It felt like pure magic,” she told him.

“Like pure power,” Connor said.

“Maybe that explains why Mrs. Caris couldn’t stop us. Maybe we were too powerful,” Ashley offered. Jerry scoffed.

“Yeah. Right. Four powerful novice sorcerers with no sources? That’s-”

“Impossible?” Ashley asked. Jerry stared at her and then looked away. Connor shuddered.

“Look, can we maybe talk about this later. I mean, we still do have class,” Connor said quickly, filling in the silence. They all nodded.

“Who do we have?”

“We have Mr. Baldwin next. He’s the nicest, sweetest teacher here,” Taylor said. Jerry laughed and turned to Ashley.

“Yeah. Even you can’t mess this up.”

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