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Lisa & Lewis Collection - Books One to Three

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Chapter Two.

Unknown to me at the time, Lisa had been investigating into the cases, and with the death of her mother and now her daughter saying someone was watching her, it had risen the steaks…, and I felt possibly her mother’s attack was a warning, picking up the phone I entered a selection of numbers and waited. When it was answered I spoke immediately, “Frances’s is in the black,” I stated, and then waited some more, and in time I heard a familiar and much-loved voice. “John is that you?” came a reply.

I paused, “The sun is no longer shining,” I said and the person then knew it was me and it was safe to talk, you might think such precautions were stupid, but believe me far more happens in this world than the public are aware of, and the church…, well OK certain sections of the church, are deeply involved in an eternal never ending supernatural war.

“Father John it is good to hear from you, but possibly not this way…, as I sense, it has started again.” I breathed in and my friend could hear the stress from within my voice.

“It is Lisa my…,” I was cut short.” “We know who Lisa John is and of her connection to you,” there was a pause as I heard someone talking in the background. “I am so sorry John, I have just been informed of your niece’s death…, it is becoming personal…, and sister Mary tells me the child is also been watched.

Those were the words I did not want to hear. “Are you strong enough John…, you have fought this fight for far too long and you need to rest.” I gulped knowing the truth within those words, but also knowing if I wanted…, then the church would back me and do all in its power to help and equip me. I paused for some seconds and then drew the strength to talk.

“Father Gerald is back…, and he is stronger now than before.” I could hear the gasp from those listening in to this call. “John…, do you have the strength to cope with him, or do you need help?” I dearly wanted help…, but suspected it would come at a price, yet I just knew I could no longer face this battle alone.

“Father…, I,” I paused and had to draw in strength and said a prayer. “Father I need help,” this was the first time in over thirty years I had requested assistance in dealing with such case files.

I heard voices talking in the background, “Yes my child…, we thought this would come about, so we have already got two helpers ready to come to your aid.” I paused thinking I should have asked sooner, but pride is such a strong sin, and…, well yes, it is one of my weaknesses. “Thank you, Father…, who shall I be expecting,” I inquired.

There was a gentle laugh in the background, and then I heard another voice which I recognised, “Hi John its sister Elise…, I shall be visiting you along with brother Lewis,” she informed me, and if I am truthful I was not sorry…, as I knew both of these operatives and they were experienced and at the top of their field in such spiritual warfare.

Then suddenly and before I could answer another voice intercepted our telephone call. “Your intervention will do you no good, the child is mine…, she is marked and eventually she will drop her guard just as her grandmother did, and then she will be mine.” The voice was laughing, and I could hear prayers and incantations been said in the background.

But the intruder had not finished talking. “Father John…, you are dying, why force yourself to suffer this way, I can heal you…, and you can live for an eternity, and without the pain and humiliation you suffer each and every day.”

I had not wanted the others to know of the pain nor of my suffering, and I suspected it was for this reason Father Gerald had interrupted this telephone call.

I heard talking, then the voice addressed me again, “John we will be there within the hour.” At that they hung up and I heard Father Gerald place the telephone receiver down from within my private office.

I knew it was pointless to face the monster who was in the form of Father Gerald, as he was far from the priest he had once been, and something malevolent and demonic now controlled his soul, and even as I heard him laughing, I knew although my faith was strong, I in myself, no longer had the inner strength to force him away.

He knew this and I suspected this was why he returned…, but I knew he could in himself not harm me…, but that did not mean he could not harm members of my congregation, and I prayed help would arrive soon. It had been a stressful time and as I opened the vestry door after hearing a noise from within the church, I suffered a cramp in my left arm.

It was bitterly painful, and I remember looking to see Mrs. Wilson had arrived to arrange the flower display, and I heard her screaming, but I could not understand why. The next thing I knew was I awoke laying in a hospital bed and DC Lisa was sitting in a chair asleep.

As I awoke and opened my eyes, and there standing next to me was my spiritual self-Father John, and he looked better…, in fact much better almost younger, it was then he smiled and reached out and touched me, and I felt a jolt of energy like an electric static shock but much stronger run through my body.

“Sorry Lisa, I did not know this was going to happen,” he said, and all of a sudden alarm sounded and the nurses came rushing in.

I sat in stunned silence as behind Father John, I could clearly see my body laying upon the bed and I was evidently dead, as the nurses and now doctors were shouting code Blue and doing all in their ability to bring me back.

Twelve minutes later a doctor declared me officially dead. “Make a note of the time, and have his relatives informed,” stated the doctor. I was stunned, “That would be me,” Lisa told the doctor, and he turned only now realising for the first time that Lisa was even in the room, and I saw myself merge into the angelic vision of myself which I had seen.

“I am sorry for your loss detective.” Stated the doctor, and Lisa looked at Father John laying upon the bed and then at his Ghost now standing behind the doctor. “I…, I think it was for the better…, at least he will not suffer any more,” Lisa said…, and the nurses and doctors started to vacate the room.

For them I might well be dead, but life must continue, and they had work to do and other patients to care for.

After signing various forms, my possessions were released to Lisa…, but I Father John was already sitting in the front passenger seat awaiting Lisa’s arrival, as she unlocked the doors and entered, she sat down and squinted at me.

“Am I dreaming or are you truly hear…, you can’t be I just saw you die and kissed you goodbye…, I will awake soon and discover this has just been one stupid nightmare.”

John looked at me grinning and he laughed, yes, he audibly laughed and said, “I sincerely hope it’s a dream…, even a nightmare…, if not then I am truly dead.” I just blinked at this strange apparition sitting next to me in my car. “But I can see you and,” I reached forward and touched him, and to me he was as solid as I was…, yet he had entered my car while it was locked.

I blinked shook my head and wiped away the tears, this had just been too much for me. “I think powers beyond our understanding wanted me here to help you,” I stated, and stupidly for a time Lisa pretended I was not there.

“No…, no this cannot be…, I do not believe in ghosts…, this is just all in my mind and it’s been a time of stress what with my partner dying, my mother and now you.” she said to me and as she just could not grasp what she had seen.

“I mean dam it I am a detective and I see dead bodies at least two or more times a month’s sometimes more sometimes less, but they do not rise up from their graves or come to me before they actually die.” Lisa said aloud to me, and then Lisa started the car, and put on her seat belt and drove away.

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