Primitive Destiny: Healing Wounds

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How do you fix someone broken while trying to avenge her? Secrets are being dug up that involve everything. After being held hostage for months and enduring cruel torture from the Alpha twins Scott and Zach, Samantha is finally saved. Her mate rushes to care and help her heal but healing these wounds will not be easy. Mental and physical abuse. Some doctors aren’t doing as much as they can be. Now William will stop at nothing to find out who took his mate and why. He wants everyone to pay for every single scar on her body and in her mind. He doesn’t care who is in his way, he is tearing open everyone’s closets to find the truth for her, and avenge her. If it helps stop this war, he doesn’t care; his mate is his number one concern.

Fantasy / Mystery
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My mouth went dry as tears filled my eyes. A vicious snarl rips from Will’s mouth strong enough to shatter the surrounding windows.

“Dad?” I stutter out as Will grabs me and pushes me behind him, earning a growl from my father. Disbelief runs in my veins, confusion on how this is even possible. How my father is the one to stand before me.

“You want to know the real reason why I hate your mother and his father so much?” He spits out venomously to me, I slowly shake my head no, not even able to speak. Will continues to slowly move us towards the exit, away from my father.

He growls out, “You.” As all the blood freezes in my body, feeling frozen on the spot as he lunges towards us. All I can do is close my eyes as tears run down my face.

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