The mermaids

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Neptune loved the island of Atlantis and had to have it. Poseidon could not refuse her cousin and let him have it for services rendered. Neptune changed the humans of Atlantis to mermaids for what good was their island without them. Mermaids had the ability to transform into human form with the magic of a solar eclipse. A young mermaid ventured to the surface on the day of an eclipse. She was infatuated by a young man who cared for her not and preferred the company of men. Her hart was broken and a great storm washed her overboard.

Fantasy / Children
Anne Moran
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Chapter 1 The beginning.

Legend has it, that our world was governed by superior beings. This is well documented by the ancient Greeks and the Romans. They had great powers over the elements of our planet, the weather, the mountains, the water, etc.................... Neptune govener of the ocean and all within, desired the island of Alantis. He wanted a home and a people of his own. Poseidon of the sea, guardian of Alantis, the gateway to the Ancient Greek empire, was tried of the constant wars and greed of the Greeks. Gave into her cousins pleas as he had saved her from a terrible fate and for that she could not denied him.

Neptune had the water rise and swallow up the island, never to be seen by human eyes ever again. He gave the inhabitants gills and fishtails so they could cope with their new environment. Time past and the human ways were forgotten in favour of the peaceful existence under the waves. Neptune was happy in his ready made home. He chose a wife and fathered two children, a boy and a girl.

The mermaids where happy on their island beneath the waves, obviously to the human world of struggle and war. Neptune had left them a path back to the human world if they wished to take it. Over centuries the story of the mermaids creation and the pathway back to the human world, became nothing more than a myth know only by a few.

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