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Amy has been a vampire for as long as she can remember, but her world gets flipped upside down when she meets Tess,a ware wolf, and a vampires enemy Amy is a vampire who prays on her preference, girls. But one night she is cornered by a pack of werewolves. The person leading the pack is a goddess of a woman, Tess. After that encounter she is captured by the pack. She now is trapped in the packs cellar from feeding off a member and doesn’t know how to escape. But what if her solution is right in front of her? Tess, the next alpha of the silver tide pack was informed that a vampire had recently fed off one of her pack mates. Seeking justice, she launches a hunt for the leech but doesn’t expect to find a beautiful woman. She is almost immediately enchanted by her but she must hide it because she is already assigned a mate. But something about the captured vampire makes her heart ache. Can she resist this pain? Extra info! Amy, vampire, 200 years old, turned at the age of 20, sexuality: lesbian Tess, ware wolf, 25 years old, looks about the age of eighteen, sexuality:lesbian Authors note! Please enjoy my story, I myself feel that there should be more lgbt stories on this app so that why I launched Nightshade!

Fantasy / Romance
M.E Leadbetter
4.0 2 reviews
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Prologue (Amy POV)

When I pulled myself out of the wrinklied blankets of my bed, I knew I was hungry.

‘Guess it’ll be one of those days,’ I mutter to myself. I quickly get changed, pulling my midnight hair into a bun. I checked the time 10:15pm, perfect. I look at the map on one of the walls in my tiny apartment, the forest was closest and I knew that there’s tonnes of prey there. I try to be quiet for my neighbor who is a sweet old lady that sometimes offers me candy or biscuits, I can never eat them though. When I get to the ground floor and outside, exposed to the summer humidity, I immediately fall into a sprint heading towards the forest. As I get to a clearing, I open my senses, trying to see if anything was around. Suddenly a strong smell hit me, wet dog. I guess a they would do for today but I may need to feed of a real human in about a week. I began running again, this time towards the undeniable reek of mutt. Jumping over logs and clusters of rocks, I see her.

In a clearing, a wolf with a pure white pelt stood. It was odd to see a white wolf so close to the city, usually their pelt gets muddied during the first week. Luckily, its back is facing away from me, as if oblivious to the predator behind her. I soften my steps as I approach it, mess this up and I’ll be starving for another week. As I’m getting closer, I realise it’s large size. With a small flinch, I realise what it really is.

A ware wolf.

I look to it’s calm energy and healthy weight, making it rather obvious that it is a pack wolf. Meaning that a pack had moved into the cabin in the woods.

I honestly thought I drove them off.

As my mind wanders, I lose control of my feet and as I bring it down, it takes a loud snap with it.

The wolf quickly turns around and I quickly pounce onto it. I can’t give up now that it knows I’m here, it’ll probably render me to scraps and a bloody stain on the rocks. I bring my fangs down on it’s neck and begin to feed. It lets out a small whine, stunned by the pain. I feel it’s figure begin to change and it’s frame shrinking, slowly becoming a girl about my age and size. My grip on her neck loosens and I pull away, letting her free of my grasp. Immediately, she jerks away from me and turns, her crystal blue eyes pinning me to my place.

“Don’t take it personally” I slurr, warewolf blood always has a weird affect on me, “I was just hungry.”

I turn away from her, knowing that she wouldn’t try to attack me. I drank a lot from her, draining her of her strength. I can run, I feel like a drunken, bumbling idiot as I strut out of the woods and pull myself into my apartment.

I flop onto the bed, the warewolf blood acting like a sedative and pulling me into a deep, dark, slumber.

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