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Chapter 2

Lily’s POV

My roommate wasn’t as bad as I thought she would be. We didn’t exactly click but she seemed nice. I had gathered that Trinity Price was very popular here when she showed me around the school. Everyone approached her with an easy smile and complimented her. Most people completely blanked me whilst others reluctantly gave me some recognition. As I had expected, the people here were snobs.

However, as my time with Trinity progressed, I began to realise she wasn’t as nice as I thought she was. In fact, I learned that she was a bully. A big, horrible, malicious bully. She tormented the younger years without a care in the world. I actually regretted not defending the younger years—instead, I stood idly beside her and watched it happen.

When tea time rolled over, I couldn’t have been happier. I made up an excuse that I needed the toilet, promising her that I remembered where the closest one was, and fled. And now, I was free.

Trinity didn’t notice when I snuck into the dining room and grabbed my food. She also failed to spot me sit at the other end of the dining hall. I was practically on the other side of her. A girl who was around my age with raven coloured hair glanced up at me when I sat down. Her hair covered most of her face, leaving me to look at only one eye. She was close to the wall, so close it looked like she could be clinging to it.

She must be a social outcast.

In fact, everyone on this table looked like social outcasts. All of them were sat away from each other and none of them were interacting. Hell, nobody would even make eye contact.

It was honestly painful to watch.

“Hi,” I smile at them, hoping to spark a conversation with these people. They all looked lonely and sad—just like me. The only difference is, I try to hide it. “My name is Lily and I’m new here.”

They all look up at me but don’t say anything. My smile falters. Perhaps this wasn’t a good idea—I’m just going to embarrass myself.

Well, that’s what happens when you try to evade the awkward silence.

However, I’m proved wrong when the raven-haired girl opens her mouth and whispers her name.


I give her my best smile, knowing she won’t be able to see how fake it is. I have perfected the art of hiding my sadness. Sometimes people don’t want to look for sadness because they are scared to come to terms with their own sadness.

“So...my roommate is Trinity. Do you know her?”

Kacey’s eyes widen when she hears Trinity’s name. She looks horrified. So it appears Trinity is popular and by the look on everyone’s face, she is a bully.

“Y—yes,” Kacey mumbles distastefully and glances down at the table, a frown marred on her pale face. I wonder what Trinity has put her through to make her look like this. You would never think Trinity would be a bully but then again, looks can be deceiving. I know that better than anybody.

My lips mash together as I come to terms with what she said. Bullying makes my blood boil. There was a time when Amber was bullied during primary school. She wouldn’t tell me until one day, they mistook her for me. I was outraged beyond belief and made them pay for what they were doing. Amber was never hassled again.

She doesn’t talk about it anymore but I know it left something on her. Bullying never leaves people, you just learn to live with the mental wounds.

“So essentially, I’m stuck with a bitch.” I summarise in disdain. Kacey bobs her head up and down in confirmation. Blowing out a tired breath, I let it sink in. I’m going to have to watch my back with her. I haven’t done anything to her yet so I’m hoping it will continue to stay that way. I don’t think I can survive Trinity hassling me on top of my other worries. I have enough on my plate as it is. ”Great."

When lunch finished, I found myself wondering about the halls. I thought I would be able to locate my bedroom but it appears Trinity’s tour was not good in the slightest. Or maybe I wasn’t paying attention at all. I couldn’t help but marvel at her beauty.

A few people who passed me gave me cold looks, for some odd reason.

Sighing, I decided waiting wasn’t going to help me. I step back into the wave of students and follow the flow. My timetable—that Trinity kindly gave to me earlier—says I have Maths first. All I can remember about the Maths corridor is that there were lots of rooms. Which is totally helpful.

The bell rings and students scurry to their classrooms, leaving me standing in the hallway without a clue where I am. Why does this school have to be so big? This is not what I need on my first day.

Mashing my lips together in anger, I stop my search after twenty minutes and lean against the wall tiredly.

“Are you lost?” A male’s voice asks, causing me to jump. I glance over my shoulder to face the most handsome boy I have ever met in my life. My voice gets caught in my throat as I gape at the gorgeous man.

He has short brown hair that shines under the lights. It looks so soft. The urge to run my hands through his hair whilst he’s kissing me is undeniable. His beautiful brown eyes are staring at me with confusion and something else. His clothes accentuate his muscles and his facial features are sharp and defined.

This guy looks effortlessly handsome.

I immediately feel envious of him. Why can’t I have looks like that? Petty, I know.

“No,” I reply, crossing my arms over my chest. His brown eyes travel down my body and light up with intrigue. Clearing my throat, I get his attention back to me. More specifically, my face. “But thanks for the consideration.”

His hand grabs my arm before I can walk past him. I lift my light blue eyes to him, giving him an incredulous look. Why would he suddenly grab a stranger’s arm? But that’s not even the weirdest thing. It’s the sparks I feel. It feels like I’m being electrocuted. My body has never felt like this before. Even when I was with Joe, my ex-boyfriend, it never felt like this. My whole body hums in pleasure, demanding to feel more. I try my absolute best to ignore them and instead, focus on his hand.

“Yes?” I query, arching a perfectly plucked blonde eyebrow.

He stares deeply into my eyes for a moment, as if he’s searching my soul for something. I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling very uncomfortable right now.

Eventually, he blinks out of whatever realm he was in and lets go of my arm. “Just be careful.” He mutters and storms off, leaving me completely confused by his behaviour. What on earth was that?

Mentally shaking my thoughts away, I continue my search for my lesson.

Rocking up forty-five minutes late was not what my teacher expected. As soon as I stepped forward into the classroom, she announced I had a detention. Trinity—who was apparently in my class—was giggling with her friends when my teacher told me.

After shooting her a glare, I stomp over to my seat and daydream for the rest of the lesson.

Mental note: Stay AWAY from Trinity.

Easier said than done. Trinity is my roommate, there’s no way I can avoid her.

When the lesson ends, Trinity approaches me with a fake look of guilt plastered on her pretty face.

Swallowing my annoyance, I flash her a small smile.

“I’m sorry for not looking for you after lunch. I knew you had this lesson with me but I forgot you were new. In all honesty, I forgot you existed.” Wow, way to be blunt. Her eyes don’t hold any sincerity and she knows it. My teeth grind together and I have to try my hardest to reign in my irritation.

As much as I’d love to call her out, I know that I don’t want to be making enemies on my first day. Not only will it give me a bad impression but Trinity will make my life hell. Just like Kacey’s.

“That’s okay,” I eventually respond, hating the words passing my lips. Satisfied, with a malicious look in her eyes, Kacey trots off, forgetting to show me to my next lesson. Brilliant. So I was right...she is a complete and utter bitch.

The rest of the day runs a lot smoother than earlier. Lessons go on until six o’clock—which is tea time. I’m starving and exhausted by then. Once again, I sit with Kacey and her other ‘companions’.

“Is Trinity always so...”

“Uptight, bitchy, rude, pretentious?” Kacey pipes in, perfectly describing her. I haven’t even been here a day and I already have a whole mental file of her. Right at the top, it says STAY AWAY. AVOID INTERACTION in big, red writing. All in all, I must stay away from her. “Pretty much. She’s one of the popular kids and has been named the most likely to become the bet—I mean Prom Queen.”

It seems Kacey is starting to crack her shy shell and open up to me. Perhaps the more time I spend with her, the more open she'll be.

“Right,” I reply, ignoring her slip-up.

If only I knew how much I wished I had noticed the relief that clouded Kacey’s grey eyes. Then I might have been more suspicious of her and the rest of the school. After all, I was soon to learn that my new school had a big secret.

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