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Chapter 24

Lily’s POV

When I returned from my shopping trip, the school was eerily quiet. Even though it was late in the afternoon, the school is still quite busy on a Saturday evening. You see, most students don’t go home on the weekend. Like me, they all live far away from home, making it difficult to travel back home every weekend.

The halls in the accommodation side of the building are empty, leading me to believe there must be something going on. Sometimes someone holds a gathering in the day that leads into a house party. Talia told me they hold quite a few of these in summer. One of the students here—Jeffery Winston—has a house close by with a pool. He invites most of the student body once a year for a pool party.

So, thinking there must be some sort of social gathering, I mind my own business heading back to my room.

Unfortunately for me, my peace and quiet ends when I swing the door open to my room. Perched on her bed lazily, is none other than Trinity.

She glances up from her textbook to me and scowls. Over the past few weeks, Trinity hasn’t bothered me that much. For the most part, we have stayed out of each other’s hair. She hasn’t mentioned anything about my parents or Arlo in a while. Occasionally, she would send me a glare in the hallways or in class, but she hasn’t said anything to me. I’m beginning to think she’s given up with her bullying.

Ripping her earbuds out, she sits herself up and glowers at me. “I see you have a date for the dance.” She states, flickering her eyes to the see-through bag. Putting the bag down, I step into the middle of the room.

“Yeah, I do have one, not that it’s any of your business,” I reply, wanting to appear nonchalant. Trinity has stepped over me so many times, she has made me feel as if I am nothing but the path she walks on. She has belittled me for too long.

Trinity narrows her eyes at me and purses her lips. She is not happy at all with my response. Trinity doesn’t like being put in her place, especially by people she hates.

“Arlo asked you, didn’t he?” She asks, distastefully. My silence is confirmation.

All of a sudden, she leaps out of bed and stalks over to me like a lioness. She stops a few inches away from me. She stares directly into my eyes, trying to come across as intimidating. She regards me with enraged eyes. A fire is brewing in them, a fire that will not be put out until she has got what she wanted.

“You’re nothing special, Lily. He probably asked you out of pity, trust me I know him.” She claims, viciously. I roll my eyes at her claim and cross my arms over my chest. Her words mean nothing to me because they are not true. If they were true, Arlo wouldn’t have apologized to me. He wouldn’t look at me with those sparkling eyes.

Trinity is jealous. That’s all she is. She’s jealous Arlo wants nothing to do with her. Putting me down will make her feel better. That’s what bullies do—they put others down to make themselves feel amazing.

“You know, jealousy does not look good on you,” I reply, smoothly. And I swear at that moment, Trinity looks like she is about to explode. If it was possible, steam would be coming out of her ears right now.

Her nostrils flare and her jaw ticks. With a twitch to the eye and a twisted mouth, she looks furious. Most people would be terrified of her—especially the people at this school—but I am long past caring about what I say to her. “Oh, I swear to god, I will end you.”

The promise in her words is undeniable. I know for a fact she will do her absolute best to make my life a nightmare.

I take a step back, not as I sign of my retreating or giving in but as a way of saying I’m done with this conversation.

“Whatever you say, Trinity,” I retort and spin on my heels, heading back out the door. Before I leave the room, I swear I hear Trinity stamp her foot on the ground and throw something at the wall. Like a toddler who lost their favourite dummy.

I find myself walking down the corridors towards Arlo’s room. I don’t know what possesses me to head over to his room, but I can’t seem to fight the urge to see him. It’s as if my body sings to his.

I knock on his door, biting my lip nervously.

However, instead of being greeted by Arlo’s handsome face, the door swings open only to reveal his older brother, Arden. Arden is just as shocked to see me as I am to see him. Blinking, I clear my throat and plaster a smile on my face.

“Hi, Arden, is Arlo here?” I ask him, failing to hide the want in my voice. Once the surprise is gone from his face, it’s replaced with amusement. He arches an eyebrow and leans against the door casually.

I begin to feel like I’m under scrutiny. “Arlo went out with Cabe. He won’t be back for a while. Why do you want him?”

Averting my eyes, I attempt to fight the urge to blush in front of Arden. I get on with Arden, he’s a nice guy but we don’t talk a lot, partly because he’s quite intimidating. Whilst I can chat with him, I don’t feel comfortable talking to him about my personal things. I share that connection with Arlo.


“I’m just messing with you, Lily. You don’t have to answer that,” Arden interrupts my pathetic stutter, waving a dismissive hand.

I send him a playful glare, pretending to be annoyed at him about it.

“Do you want to come in?” Arden suddenly asks me. “You can wait for him in here.”

I nod my head and tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear. “Sure.”

Arden opens the door wider and moves out of the way for me. I step in, glancing around the familiar room. I get a waft of Arlo’s musky scent, instantly loving the alluring smell.

Arden plants his bottom on one of the leather sofas. Not wanting to stand around awkwardly, I take a seat on the sofa opposite him. Silence ensues, making the atmosphere very uncomfortable.

Eventually, Arden breaks the painful silence. “You know, my brother really likes you.”

My eyes snap to his, my mind racing with thoughts. Arlo has made it clear that he wants to be with me but hearing he likes me from his brother adds a whole new level.

I school my features, not wanting to come across too strong. “He does?” I ask Arden, casually as if I’m asking about the weather.

Arden’s mouth curves into an attractive smile. His eyes shine with laughter, almost as if he knows something I don’t. I then begin to wonder if Arlo spoke about me to his brothers. Most siblings do that—I used to with Amber before things changed.

“My brother has never felt so strongly for someone like he does for you,” Arden confesses, unaware that his statement is wrong. Arlo has felt something deep for another girl—his girl. For a split moment, I want to tell him about Arlo’s feelings for Talia but then the thought of tearing the two brother’s apart flashes through my mind. I don’t want to ruin their relationship. I know how hard it is to lose a sibling. “I want you to know that he might have messed things up before, but his intentions now are true. He just needed a little push. I really hope things work out between you two.”

Before I can reply, the door to the room opens. Arlo waltzes into the room, looking tired. As soon as he steps in, his eyes zero in on me. They assess me, drinking in every part of me. My body hums, loving the fact he’s staring at me.

“What are you doing here, Lily?” Arlo questions me, skipping the pleasantries. His question doesn’t come across as rude though, just curious. However, when I stare into his brown eyes, I’m led to believe it might be more than just curiosity.

Is Arlo jealous?

“I’m—” I start but get interrupted by Arden.

“I was just having a nice chat with Lily,” Arden explains, smoothly. The smirk on his face does not help the situation though. Arlo’s features harden—his eyes narrow into slits, his jaw ticks and his nostrils flare. He glowers at his brother, who seems unaffected.

Arlo slams the door shut behind him and saunters over to the sofas with purpose. He sits down next to me and grabs onto my hand, aggressively. His hold on me isn’t painful though, it’s possessive.

My mind is whirling, and my heart is hammering in my chest. I’ve never seen Arlo act like this before. I don’t know how to react.

His possessiveness is pretty hot but unnecessary. Arlo should know nothing would ever happen between Arden and me. Arden has Talia, who he loves a lot and I have Arlo.

Squeezing his hand in a reassuring manner, I gaze into Arlo’s eyes, trying to tell him he has nothing to worry about. His eyes soften as he stares into my eyes, making me want to melt.

It’s at times like this that my feelings for Arlo grow so much. We don’t need words to communicate.

I don’t even notice Arden getting up and leaving. It’s only when the door to the room shuts, that I’m knocked out of my trance. Clearing my throat, I force my eyes away from Arlo and focus on the picture on the wall in front of me.

“Where did Arden go?” I ask, despite the fact I know he cleared off to give me and Arlo some time.

Arlo doesn’t answer my question. He shifts himself closer to me and slowly slides his hand onto my thigh. My whole-body tenses whilst my sparks fly. Sucking in a breath, I watch his hand through the corner of my eye.

I gasp when his hand clamps around my left thigh. Hesitantly, I lift my eyes up and turn to look at Arlo.

His eyes are intense, filled with desire and lust. The atmosphere changes; my body fills with want. Want for Arlo. I am consumed by it—it feels as if I must act on it. Sensing my arousal, Arlo cups my face with his other hand. My eyes flutter closed on their own accord, taking in this blissful moment. I relish at this moment, wanting it to last forever.

“Arlo…” I murmur, completely lost.

Arlo brings his face to mine and brushes his lips against mine. I gasp, opening my eyes.

“Just kiss me,” Arlo rumbles, the need for me to kiss him as clear as day in his tone. I don’t resist him—my desire to kiss him is just as strong.

His soft, delectable lips press into my own, causing a flurry of intense emotions to sour through my body. My hand instinctively grabs onto his shoulder, clutching onto it for dear life.

The kiss starts off slow and sweet but turns into something desperate. I move my lips against him passionately like this is our last kiss.

Somehow, I end up lying down on the sofa with Arlo on top of me. My hands are running through his silky hair, tugging on the ends of it, electing a sexy groan from Arlo. I smirk against his lips, relishing in the fact I managed to make him feel like that.

Arlo’s hands wander around my body, exploring the top half. When his hand slides under my t-shirt and lands on my skin, goosebumps rise, and I shiver but not from the coldness. His hands caress my skin, leaving sparks in its wake.

Just when Arlo’s about to take his top off, the door opens, cutting us off.

Quickly, we sit up. I begin fixing my messy hair, hoping it doesn’t look too bad. Arlo doesn’t bother fixing his appearance, not caring about what others think. He even has the audacity to throw me a knowing smirk.

Arden and Talia walk into the room, hand in hand. Talia immediately catches my eye. They sparkle with amusement and happiness. She sends me a wink whilst trying to hide her smile. Arden arches an eyebrow at his brother, not at all surprised.

“Well, well,” Talia greets, putting on a posh accent. “What do we have here?”

Blushing, I look down at the ground, letting Arlo deal with this. Tuning out of the conversation, I lift my hand up to my lips and pray they don’t look too swollen.

The rest of the evening runs smoothly. When it gets late, Arlo offers to walk me back to my room.

Boldly, Arlo grabs onto my hand as we step out of his room. I grip it tightly and flash him a soft smile. A few students we pass in the halls eye us curiously. They are quick to avert their eyes though when Arlo sends them a harsh glare. The ones who receive the glare flurry away in terror, their bodies visibly trembling.

Slapping his shoulder lightly, I shake my head in disapproval. “Stop being mean.”

Arlo chuckles and uses his hold on my hand to pull me closer to him. In one swift movement, his hand is now on my waist and I’m tucked into his side.

Whilst I love that this is all happening, I can’t help but feel it’s all moving too quickly. A part of me really wants to step away and remind Arlo that we are supposed to be taking things slow. I haven’t forgiven him yet. Arlo isn’t going to worm himself into my life that easily. He hurt me—he shouldn’t be let off that easily.

“Arlo…I told you I want to take this slow.” I remind him and suddenly hate myself for being such a mood killer.

However, to my surprise, Arlo doesn’t appear annoyed at my comment. He nods his head in understanding and let’s go of my waist. He stretches his hand out, waiting for me to take it. I do, wanting him to take it as a sign that whilst I want to take it slow, I still want to do this. Progress. That’s what I want.

We make it to my room and stop. Arlo spins me so that I’m facing him, my chest pressed against his. Biting my lip nervously, I peer up at him through my lashes.

Sometimes I forget how tall Arlo is. He towers over me like a giant. My head barely reaches his chin, it’s unbelievable.

“I’m sorry if you thought things were moving too fast,” Arlo apologizes, gazing into my eyes sincerely. His hand that’s on mine rub’s soft circles into my hand, tenderly. He regrets making a move like that—he’s afraid I’m going to pull away. He thinks he’s losing me already. I can read all of it in his eyes.

Shaking my head, I rest my head on his chest. His heart is hammering in his chest, reflecting his nervousness.

“You don’t need to apologize; we are still testing the grounds. I…it’s better to explore. I do want to be with you Arlo, I just don’t want to rush things. You are still proving to me that I made the right choice.” I explain, feeling very wise and composed.

Arlo stares at me with admiration, looking proud of me.

“You are one of a kind, Lily,” He states as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

My cheeks burn again as my heart melts.

“And I promise I’m going to prove to you that you made the right choice. You are worth waiting for—you are worth everything. I’m sorry I didn’t make you feel like that before, but I will from now on,” He vows, his eyes full of promise.

I believe him. I really do. He wants to be with me and he’s willing to do whatever it takes.

“I don’t know why but I know you will,” I confess, somewhat confused how I feel so certain about that.

Arlo chuckles and wraps his beefy arms around me. My body relaxes into the hug, loving the feeling of his strong and protective arms around my body, encasing me. He holds me in a way lovers do. If there was slow music right now and we were swaying, this would be a perfect moment.

“You know, I should really go to sleep. I have to get up early for homework tomorrow,” I tell Arlo, reluctantly.

Arlo rests his chin on my head and breathes in my scent. I stuff my face into his chest, inhaling a lung full of his scent too.

I pull away first, stepping back. Arlo stares at me with adoration. His lips curve into a happy smile, one that will forever be ingrained in my mind.

I open the door with my back still to it and take another step back, away from Arlo. Grinning, I wave goodbye and shut the door. Spinning on my heels, I turn around only to come face to face with the she-devil who goes by Trinity.

My grin vanishes as soon as I set my eyes on her pretty form.

“Trinity,” I call out her name, pinching my lips together sadly.

She stands in front of me, with her arms crossed. Her expression gives nothing away—her eyes are neutral, and her posture is straight and stiff.

“I haven’t forgotten our little conversation earlier if that’s what you think,” She declares. “Somehow, I’m going to make you run from here. You are going to run so fast that you will be breathless and terrified. You will feel so alone, scared and hopeless. You will feel the exact same as my mother. I can promise that.”

Just like earlier, I can see the promise and sincerity in her eyes. With Arlo’s promise, I was thrilled. With this, I’m shocked and worried. Earlier I felt brave and strong but right now, I feel like I’ve been stripped. There’s something so chilling about Trinity’s speech—something so alarming that I want to curl into a ball and cower.

Audibly gulping, I rush past her into the bathroom where I dry heave into the toilet.

Trinity’s cold laughter fills my ears as I continue to dry heave into the toilet for the next ten minutes.

A lone tear falls from my eye onto my cheek. And whilst I feel like I’ve been making so much progress with Arlo, I still feel like the rest of my life is going backwards. All the work that I thought I made shatters. I feel like broken again—broken and alone.

The worst part is I feel like I can do nothing about it.

So...I'm not sure about this chapter. There are parts I like and others I'm not sure about. I am definitely going to come back and edit the hell out of this soon.

Once again, thank you for everything! Hating Arlo is #2 in Inkitt's reading contest which is insane! Thank you so much!

I will try and get the next chapter out this Friday. Until then, have a good week guys!

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