The Gemstone of Ominium - Pain

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Chapter 14 - Melkar (P2) - Called Back

Part 2 - Called Back

Kayla entered the room with hurried steps and only stopped at the sight of the dark shadow by the window, looking outside at the city at his feet. The blazing fires had long died out, leaving only darkened stone, ash and an intense and sickening burning smell in their place. The palace, where they now met, had been the only construction that had been spared the massive destruction that had devastated the Kingdom of Everlyn.

“My Lord! Why have you commanded me to halt the attack on Mithir? The city would have fallen in less than half a day!”

“Kayla, I’ve told you before. Destroying everything that stands in your path isn’t always the best way to accomplish our objectives,” he whispered condescendingly and turned to face her. “Besides I need your presence elsewhere. News from the west have reached me. It would seem my jewel is somewhere over there. I charged Caleb with finding it. However, in case he fails, I may need your intervention.”

“West? But … how?”

“It would seem it found its way to somewhere near Melkar. And this cat and mouse game has gone too far,” he went one, approaching her, and Kayla lowered her gaze.

“If that is what you wish …”

“Yes, it is,” he replied, lightly touching her head, sliding his fingers down the long strands of red hair that fell all the way to her waist. “Your hair, like this, makes you look like one of them. You could easily go unnoticed in a human city,” he said sarcastically and Kayla escaped his touch, living flames burning in her eyes.

“I’ll leave immediately.”

“Yes. And keep me informed.”

She simply nodded and left the room, her steps echoing against the white stone floor.

Serafan laughed, amused with the anger a few mere words could invoke, and took a deep breath.

“It would seem you earned yourself some time, my beloved Endio. Lets see then if your precious city is as resistant as you claim …”

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