Buried Treasure

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I Regret To Inform You

Alpha Rori’s POV
Orlando Hotel

Vic walked us up to the suite my mate was staying in, while Ron got a room on our floor. It was too late to do anything, so I claimed the shower before they could. Men messed everything up, so at least once I’d have it all clean.

“I brought your stuff,” Chase said as I was getting into the shower. I’d packed light since I was only staying a night. His eyes darkened in lust as he saw me through the thick sliding glass door. I grinned a little as I turned my back on him, bending over a little to turn on the water. The little shimmy I did as I was getting my hair wet sent him over the edge. “You little vixen, I thought you were tired.”

“I’m never too tired for you,” I said. “Get my hair?”

“Of course, love.” He loved my curly red hair, and I loved having him massage my scalp while we showered. It wasn’t long before his attention turned to my breasts, then down to the rest of the curly red hairs. “Oh yeah,” I moaned as I leaned back into his broad chest. His fingers did the walking to a knee-quivering orgasm.

He grinned as he he licked my juices off his fingers. “Grab the handrail,” he said as his hand pushed down between my shoulders.

I lifted one leg up on the shower bench in the corner as he bent his knees to line himself up with my core. Our wolves were pushing for us to mate, both sensing I was still fertile. My shameless hussy of a wolf wanted to shift and run, but that couldn’t happen in the city. This was good enough for now.

He took me hard and fast, the time apart from each other, making our reunion more intense. Werewolves were lusty lovers, having greater stamina and strength than humans. He had to hold himself back, so he didn’t cause damage to anything but my needy pussy. I squeezed him every time he drove deep, trying not to let him go. It worked us both up quickly, and I screamed in pain when his knot forced its way into me. The knot was another great werewolf thing, feeling like a softball as it stroked past my G-stop with every move. It limited him to short strokes, but he was going so fast it didn’t stop me from reaching another big orgasm. He bit my mark, and I yelled his name as I came. I clamped down on him, and that set off his orgasm. He lifted me off the ground as he pushed as deep as he could go and froze. His arms held me tight to his chest as he pumped his big load of baby batter inside.

He slid down with his back against the shower wall as we recovered, his knot holding us together. “I love you, my Rori,” he said as he kissed my shoulder.

“I love you, Chase.” I moved my hand down to where I could feel his erection poking at the skin of my belly. “Do you think this heat will take?”

“I can only hope,” he said. “We’ll know in a week or so.” He shifted under me to get more comfortable, something that wasn’t easy for me with a baseball-sized knot tying me to him and the water spraying on my legs. “What do you think of Vic?”

“I think his Alpha was a fool to let him go. He was a good choice to send down here. He’s calm and competent, a perfect wolf to help train in the next generation.”

“Double fool. The other new Pack warrior has a lot of promise, he’s intelligent and well-trained, yet his Alpha was making him an Omega because he couldn’t run fast enough on three legs.”

“Greg Barks, right? He’s the one we’re sending with Harleigh?”

I nodded. “The artificial limb doesn’t keep him from fighting effectively, and he picks up things quickly. We need to get Doc to measure him for a replacement leg in wolf form, and another he can use swimming.” I started to laugh. “He got into a swimming bet with Meghan last night.”

This had him laughing out loud. “I thought you said he was intelligent? Meghan is fast as hell in the water; I’d think she was a dolphin shifter if I hadn’t seen her wolf.”

“He did well, but the bet was over turtle cheesecake so there was no way he could win.” I smiled as I projected the scene to him over our bond. The servers had presented their newest Pack member with an extra-large piece of the cheesecake. He looked down at it, practically salivating before his shoulders shrugged. Picking it up, he walked to the main table and knelt next to Meghan’s chair as everyone watched. “Your prize, victorious one,” he said quietly.

“For what?”

“For being the better swimmer,” he said with his head down. The Pack members broke out laughing, yelling out what an unfair bet that was. He just smiled as she took the plate from him. His expression when she took a bite and moaned in pleasure was priceless. “I will get a swim leg, and next time you will not be so lucky,” he told her.

“We’ll have to wait for chocolate lava cake night,” she teased him as he walked back to his seat.

I let the memory end as his knot finally released me, sending a flood of fluids onto his legs. I stood up then pulled him up next to me. “I need to wash again, and this time no funny business. I’m tired.” Twenty minutes later, I was in his arms and asleep.

His alarm came way too early. He turned it off, then told me to get up. “Let me sleep,” I complained.

“Can’t do. Three Tequila has more than enough on her plate, and all the Steel Ladies are meeting at the new Clubhouse at eight. I’m turning in my cut; you aren’t.” I’d forgotten that he was going to leave the Club to give them deniability for going after the Sons. “Breakfast in twenty minutes downstairs.”

“Coffee. Bring me coffee.” I stumbled into the bathroom when he got out, finding Vic already dressed and ready. “We didn’t keep you up, did we,” I asked our suite-mate.

“My wolf is happy to serve an Alpha pair like you. A happy couple makes the whole Pack better.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” I said.

“I’m fine. I’m used to operating on a few hours of sleep, just like your mate is after residency.” I was wearing jean shorts, canvas shoes, and a Steel Ladies shirt. Chase had khaki shorts, tennis shoes, and a white T-shirt, while Vic was wearing tan slacks and a polo. Chase put our clothes for the service into a garment bag; good jeans, Club shirts, and our cuts. We ate breakfast downstairs then loaded into his rental SUV to head to the temporary clubhouse.

We had barely left the parking lot when Chase’s phone rang. He put it on speaker. “Director Grimes,” I said.

“Chase, we need to talk as soon as possible. Where are you?”

“Just left the hotel and heading for the clubhouse.”

He paused for a moment. “There’s a Starbucks on Central not far from the hotel. Meet me there in five.”

He hung up before Chase could answer. “I guess we’re getting more coffee,” Vic said. He stopped a few blocks away so Chase could get out. “We’ll drive through and stick close, Alpha. Please keep the bond open to us,” he said.

We waited as Chase ordered, then found a private spot to wait. It didn’t take long for Director Frank Grimes to show up, and he was alone. “Thanks for meeting me, Chase.”

“What’s so important?”

“Yesterday there was a boat discovered adrift near Ocala, and we found bloodstains and a hospital gown. The results just came back. Both Jose Correria and Harleigh Ryder are DNA matches to the bloodstains. We’re dragging the lake, but both are presumed dead.”

“You know the truth.”

“We’re not going to find his body, are we.”

“Gators are bad in that area,” Chase said. “Three Tequila is next of kin; she’s at the Clubhouse. Are you going to tell her, or is someone else?”

“I will, that part is still under the Task Force. The Orlando police are a pain in my ass; they think they are in charge now or something.”

“Give me a ten-minute head start. I’ll make sure Three Tequila gets to a place you can break the news to her quietly.”

“Of course. Any other news for me?”

“Not yet. Mongo isn’t going to get out for the service, is he.”

“Nope. They are set on keeping him locked up until the judge forces them to let him go.”

“Thanks, Frank. See you in a few.” We were paying for our coffees when he came out and started walking back down the street. We turned and picked him up a block later. “So far, so good on our dump job,” he said.

“This won’t be easy on Three T,” I said. “I’ll make sure the Ladies stay with her.”

“I’ll talk to Tripod. I know he had a banner made for her; they can get that hung up with her parents.” He looked out the window. “I wish we could tell them.”

“The Sons don’t know where she is, and that’s the safest thing. People stop looking once she’s declared dead.” Vic was pulling through the clubhouse gates, the Prospects recognizing him from yesterday.

I hated lying to them. “I suppose you’re right.”

“Vic and I will wait here for Grimes and bring him in through the office side door. Bring Three Tequila back when we’re ready, maybe with a friend or two.” We parked and went inside; the Ladies were everywhere, making preparations for the service that afternoon at three. Vic kept back while Rori and I found Three Tequila, surrounded by her other Chapter Presidents as the Ladies directed their people like a military campaign. “Hey guys,” I said as my face lit up.

“CANVAS!” I smiled as my friends saw me for the first time in months. Howler from the Manchester chapter, Mighty Elk from Renton, and Bunny from Las Vegas joined the Florida area Ladies at the command table. All three had sheltered me during my time in hiding. We caught up while I waited to ruin their day.

We’re waiting for you,” Chase sent me.

“Three T, I need you to come with me,” I said. “It’s important.” I saw Tripod and his wife Bowlegs and motioned for them to come too. This news affected the Club.

“What’s going on,” Bowlegs asked as we entered the office area. She was a bubbly blonde flight attendant who met Tripod on a Friday and married him in Vegas on Sunday. She didn’t walk that way before they met.

“News,” I said as I opened the door to the conference room.

We walked past Vic and Chase before Three Tequila saw Director Grimes standing there in his suit. His expression gave away the reason for his call. “NO,” she said as her legs gave out. Chase grabbed her and guided her to a chair.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Lane. Yesterday we found a boat adrift on a lake near Ocala, Florida. There was a lot of blood in the boat, and DNA testing has confirmed Harleigh Ryder was there. We also found the hospital gown she was wearing that night.” He opened a folder and took out a photograph. “We are searching for the bodies, but the other blood was from Jose Correria. Our theory is that Jose died, and the Sons dumped his body and Harleigh’s in the lake. I’m sorry.”

My heart broke as Three Tequila broke down. She’d lost her sister, her brother in law and now her niece, her husband was in jail, and her Clubhouse had burned to the ground. Bowlegs and I comforted her as she cried out in grief. I gestured for Chase to take Tripod out. “I’ll send help in,” he said as he left.

“You have the banner for Harleigh?”

“Yeah. FUCK!” He hit the wall in anger, denting the wallboard. “I’ll take care of it. I knew they wouldn’t let her live, but I had some hope, you know?”

“Yeah.” He went off to talk to the men, while I went back to the Ladies and told them what had happened. A bunch of them ran off to comfort Three Tequila.

It was going to be a long day.

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