Buried Treasure

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Greg Barks’ POV
Alexandria, Minnesota Safe House

I was trying to behave, but she was making everything hard. Literally.

Last night, I put her to bed and went out to watch the news for a while. The Sons of Tezcatlipoca were leading the broadcast, with more reports and arrests announced all the time. The Feds were doing a fine job of wiping that club out; they were using the RICO statutes to seize their Clubhouses and other assets. I would have felt a lot better if they had arrested the leadership, though. They couldn’t avoid arrest forever, not with the resources the Government was putting towards them.

I took a quick shower and tucked into bed a little after midnight, wearing boxers and a T-shirt. The queen-sized bed in the master bedroom wasn’t big enough to avoid us touching, but I put my back to her and dropped off to sleep.

Her scream woke me up.

I sat upright, instantly awake with my wolf forward in my mind, and I looked for threats. A sniff and a look around showed nothing, but Heather was dreaming. Her eyes were rolling around behind her eyelids, and her legs started to move before her arms joined it. She screamed again, and I grabbed her hands as they came out from under the covers. “Heather,” I said. She continued to struggle, her leg kicking me a little too close to the danger zone. I swung a leg over, sitting lightly on her thighs while I held her hands to the mattress. “HEATHER, WAKE UP!”

Her eyes opened, and I could see the fear in them as clearly as I could smell it from her body. “Greg?”

I let go of her hands and moved up on my knees, so I wasn’t putting weight on her. “It’s all right, baby. You were having a nightmare.”

Her fear turned to tears, and it broke my heart to watch her cry. I laid back down, and she moved a leg over mine and rolled until her face was on my chest. I held her as she let it out, her tears soaking my shirt while my heart broke for her. I just caressed her arm, back or head to calm her down. “Want to talk?”

She didn’t say anything for a minute, and when she did, it was barely a whisper. “I was back there, back home,” she said. “It was that day. I got off my motorcycle and walked towards the door. There were four motorcycles out front; I didn’t recognize them, but they had Texas plates, so maybe it was another chapter. I walked across the driveway to the front door and opened it.”

My wolf was howling as she started to cry again. “It’s all right, just close your eyes and relax. You’re safe here; I won’t let anyone hurt you again.”

She nodded, then continued. “I saw my Dad first; they had him tied to a chair, two men behind him with a gun to his head. Someone grabbed my arm and pulled me inside as the door closed again. I looked in the living room, and Mom was lying on the floor. She was covered in blood, naked and not moving.” She started to sob louder. “The man whispered that I was next.”

I moved her until she was lying on top of my chest so I could hold her close. I kissed her hair as my hands moved down her body, trying to ease her pain. She fell asleep a few minutes later, leaving me unable to move and painfully hard. I eventually fell asleep again.

I had the most amazing dream.

I was lying on the beach, the sun on my body and Heather stretched out on top of me. She had the most amazing body, all oiled up and glistening in the tropical sun. We were both naked as we kissed, her hand behind her as she lined me up to her core. Heather moaned in pleasure as she sank onto my hard cock, her tight pussy stretching until I was seated inside her. “I love you, Heather,” I said as she started to move up and down.

It felt so good, so real. Heather had this move where she rotated her hips with each time she bottomed out, rubbing her clit onto me. I reached for her hips, holding her in place as I started rising to meet her. She was moaning loudly, begging me to go faster as I began to hammer up into her. “Baby, I’m close,” I said.

“Fill me, Greg. Fill me with your love.” I held out a little more, then held her down on me as I started to cum hard into her hot young body. I felt it shoot out, four strong pulses, causing her to tip over the edge with her own scream of pleasure.

Her nails on my chest woke me up, and I looked up to see Heather leaning over me, her head tossed back as she rode out the orgasm. Her shirt was bunched up above her proud breasts, and her loose shorts pulled to the side. “Heather?”

She leaned down and kissed me. “Good morning, love. That was as amazing as I dreamed it would be.”

I couldn’t believe I’d done this. “We…”

She laid back down on my chest, breathing hard. “I can’t believe you woke me like that,” she said. She pouted as my softened member popped out, causing our combined fluids to run over my thighs and down to the bedsheet.

Now I was really confused. “I woke you?”

She nodded. “One hand on my tit and one hand on my ass, with that big cock of yours pressing against my stomach. All I had to do was move my shorts aside and guide you home.” She rolled off of me, biting back the cry but I caught her wince as the wound pulled with the motion. “Let’s clean up and eat, then we can do it again.”

“I’m sorry, Heather. I hurt you, we should have waited until you fully recovered.”

She slowly stood up, letting her shorts fall to the floor. Turning back towards me, she ran her hands down to the spot on her side where the bullet had exited. “I’ll be fine. It felt so good, I hardly noticed.”

I put my leg on then followed her into the bathroom as she carefully pulled her shirt off. I made sure she got in the shower, then I went back and stripped the bed. Putting our dirty clothes and sheets in the laundry basket, I took them down the hall to the washer and started a load of bedding.

Walking back, looked out the drapes in the bedroom and shivered. Despite it being late in the morning, it wasn’t that light out, and the snow was blowing hard from left to right. The news was talking about the blizzard moving in from the Dakotas, and it was here. I couldn’t see my car in the driveway through the blowing snow, and the storm wasn’t going to blow out until tomorrow.

I set my leg aside then got into the shower behind her. “Great timing, I need my hair done,” she said after kissing me.

I leaned against the wall and used my hands to shampoo and condition her as she cleaned what she could reach. While the conditioner set, I took her washcloth and did the parts she couldn’t reach. As I cleaned her inner thighs, I suddenly realized what we had forgotten. “Heather, are you on birth control?”

She tensed up. “I was on the pill,” she said. “I haven’t taken them since I got shot.”

Oh shit. “When was your last period?”

“Two and a half weeks ago.” Double shit. “It takes a while for the drugs to leave your system, right? You don’t think we, um, we couldn’t have…”

“I don’t know, love. I’ll do some research on the web later, see what our options are.” My wolf growled in my head; if he had sired a pup, he wanted the pup. He told me he would take over before he would let me kill it. I finished washer her, then helped her rinse her hair. She waited as I washed up, then I hopped out and grabbed towels for both of us. I was glad the home had been owned by an older person, with handicapped rails installed in a few key places. I put my leg back into the prosthetic and held Heather’s hand as she stepped out. “I’ll go get a morning-after pill for you,” I said.

“All right,” she said. “Not until we eat, though. I’m starving.”

“Another hour won’t matter,” I said. We dressed in sweats, and I went into the kitchen to make breakfast while she sat in the living room watching the news.

The weather was the only story, and I listened to the meteorologist on the local station. “The first bands of snow have moved into the Alexandria area already, and heavier bands are on the way. The total snowfall is only expected to be eight to twelve inches by tomorrow morning, but snow isn’t the hazard. A blizzard warning is out for the entire region until ten o’clock tomorrow morning, with sustained winds of twenty to forty miles an hour and gusts that could reach seventy miles an hour. Visibility is less than a quarter-mile and degrading fast.”

“That’s a sobering forecast,” the anchor said.

“This isn’t a storm to trifle with, folks. Interstate 94 is already closed from Fergus Falls west through all of North Dakota, and the State Patrol is preparing to close the road west of Saint Cloud in the next hour. All schools in the area were called off today and tomorrow, and snowplows are being pulled off the road due to the high winds and low visibility. If you’re thinking of heading out, don’t. Whatever you need isn’t worth it.”

“Sobering advice, let’s hope people follow it. Coming up next, Sports!”

I pulled eggs, cheese, and sausage patties out and set them on the table. I wasn’t great in the kitchen, but I had mastered Bachelor Cooking in my old Pack. I started heating the skillet while I grabbed a pack of English Muffins. “How many breakfast sandwiches do you want?”

“Two, please.” Heather came into the kitchen, looking out into the yard. The trees weren’t that far away, but you couldn’t see them. “You can’t go out in this, Greg.”

I looked out and had to agree. These were the kind of storms you waited out; if you got stuck, the cold and the wind could kill you. “We’ll be all right. We can camp out in the living room, and binge watch something on Netflix.” Her eyes lit up, and she got up to grab the remote. “I get veto rights, though!” The last thing I needed was to end up watching The Handmaid’s Tale or the like.

I started a pot of coffee, and ten minutes later brought her a plate and a cup plus a glass of orange juice. She had moved all the pillows and afghans onto the Papasan chair, and moved over on the couch when I set it down on the coffee table. “Thank you,” she said as she leaned over to kiss me.

“You’re welcome.” I went back to get my food and drink, and then we ate while she started the first season of Breaking Bad. I had four sandwiches to her two during the premiere. I cleaned up the dishes while she got up for the bathroom. “More coffee?”

“Travel mugs,” she said. I came back out of the kitchen to find her sitting naked on the couch with a six-pack of condoms in her hand. “More?”

I pulled off my sweatshirt as I walked over to her. I pushed my sweatpants off, and she took me in hand as I rapidly hardened. She rolled a condom over me before I arranged her carefully with her hips over the edge of the cushion so I wouldn’t hurt her. Our lovemaking was slow and tender, and I took advantage of the time to learn about her body and what it liked. I cleaned us up afterward, then set her in front of me on the Papasan chair before pulling the afghans over us.

Season One lasted seven episodes and six condoms.

Getting snowed in wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

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