Buried Treasure

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Spider Monkey’s POV
Arrowhead Beta Home

Teri jumped up from her desk, a smile on her face. “They are back,” she said as she ran out of the room. I kept working; Vic was resting, and I had things to do. Looking at the clock on my laptop, it was just after five PM. I heard a door open downstairs; she said “Baby, you’re home!” The door closed and I heard a thud and a moan. Her husband must be back.

I kept working as the sounds changed; I could hear the shower going in the bedroom above me, then the creaking of the bed began along with the soft sounds of Teri’s pleasure. Well, if we were taking THAT kind of break, I had my own man.

I went downstairs to Vic’s room, feeling my body prepare just at the thought of being with my gentle giant again. He had pushed all my buttons since he walked into my life; big, strong, and sexy, he could dominate me the way I loved, then be kind and loving enough to hold me afterward. The room was dark as I walked in and closed the door behind me. There was just enough light coming in through the crack in the drapes of the only window to see him on the bed. He was on his back, covered below the waist by a sheet, and he was holding that perfect cock of his in his hand as he looked at me. “I was hoping you’d come,” he said softly.

My eyes focused on where he was stroking himself. “Oh God, is that for me?”

“If you can be gentle with it,” he said. “You’re wearing too many clothes, Spider. Strip for me.” I started to move towards him, and he told me to freeze. “Right there. Show me how sexy my little monkey is.”

Two could play at this game. I wasn’t wearing the sexiest clothes, but I could work with it. I smiled as I started to dance, my arms up in the air as I moved to a song in my head. I moved my hips side to side as I went towards the door, kicking my moccasins off before turning around. I ran my hands down my face, then down my body to my hips before taking hold of the bottom of the sweatshirt I was wearing. Slowly, I danced in place while I pulled it up over my head. I heard his intake of breath as my T-shirt pulled up with it, exposing my flat stomach and the undersides of my small breasts before it dropped back down.

“Beautiful,” he said as I tossed the heavy clothing aside. I spun on my bare feet, turning my back to him as I pushed my leggings down over my hips. Keeping my back arched as I bent over slowly from the waist, I pushed them down my legs until I was bent over, my thong-covered ass exposed as I watched him from between my legs. His cock was standing proud and ready as he continued teasing it and me. I stood again, pushing the leggings off each ankle, then I took my bra off from inside my T-shirt. “It’s like magic how you can do that,” he said.

“Can’t let the boys see the goodies,” I said. I danced my way closer, pulling the T-shirt up and over as I turned away, then holding it in front of my tits as I turned around again. I teased him for a little longer before I tossed it towards the door, then I turned and worked my panties down my hips a little. Turning a bit, I shook my body until they fell to the floor, and I was standing naked in front of him. “What do you think?”

“You’re five feet of dynamite, baby,” he said. “And I’m about to explode.”

I crawled onto the bed, straddling his waist, and he lined his hard length up as I sat down on him. We were both primed and ready, and I closed my eyes and tilted my head back in ecstasy as he stretched me so perfectly. “Oh God,” I moaned as I felt him pushing the deepest reaches of my sex.

“I love you,” he said.

I opened my eyes and looked down at him; his chiseled features, the scars covering his heavily muscled chest and arms, the bandages from his gunshot to his chest. My hands moved from his chest to his shoulders as I leaned forward and down to capture his lips with mine. His hands held me tight as his tongue plundered my mouth, leaving no doubt as to who I belong to now. I started to move, slowly lifting off as we kissed before moving back down. I didn’t need hard and fast; I needed his love and assurance that he wasn’t going to leave me. His hands and his mouth told me he was mine, and my body responded. “I’m close,” I moaned as I started to move faster.

Neither of us would last, and I was building towards a powerful climax. Vic’s hands moved up from my hips until he was cupping my firm breasts, his thumbs and forefingers capturing my nipples and pinching them. “You hold off,” he said as the erotic pain shot through my chest and down to my core. “You cum when I tell you. There will be consequences if you do it without permission.”

“Consequences,” I asked innocently. I dropped down and moaned at the feelings; I started to roll my hips around before rising back up again.


I gushed a little more as I thought about what he might do to me. “Are you going to take me over your knee and spank me like the naughty girl I am?”

“Maybe I’ll hold you upside down with one hand by your ankles and spank you like a newborn,” he said. God, the thought of it made me so hot! The idea of being naked and helpless, dangling from his hand while he spanked me, it was too much. I tried to stop myself, but seconds later, I was cumming hard on that cock of his. “Naughty girls get punished,” he said as his hands moved away. He brought them together, smacking his open hands hard on the outside of my tits. I was already screaming with pleasure, but the pain pushed it to another level. I clamped down on him like a vise as I felt his cock swell.

“VIC, SPANK ME, SPANK YOUR NAUGHTY GIRL,” I screamed. His big hand reached around and laid a loud smack on my left ass cheek, making my head spin. I couldn’t talk, I just held on as he held me in place on him. I felt his cock get bigger, then his load was pumped deep inside of me. He guided me down to his chest as the aftershocks of that big orgasm continued to roll through my body. It took a while to recover, and I ended up by his side with my head on his chest and my leg over his. “That was amazing,” I finally said.

“You didn’t wait for permission,” he said.

“I couldn’t help it! You were teasing me, and I just lost control!”

“You’ll learn to control it, or your ass will pay the price,” he growled out. “When I’ve got you locked in the bedroom for weeks, you’ll learn.”

“It’s not punishment if I like it,” I giggled. He didn’t know yet how much I liked being bound and helpless to a strong man, but he would.

“It’s your ass,” he said before he smacked it again.

There was a knock on the door. “If you two are done with the whole ‘naughty schoolgirl and the headmaster’ scene, we have work to do,” Teri said.

“That’s later, I have to find her the plaid skirt, white blouse and stockings first,” Vic answered for me.

“She can borrow my outfit. Come on, Spider. Dinner’s in ten.” I heard her move away from the door.

I started to laugh. “Do you think all Asian women have that fantasy,” I said as I looked up at him.

“I think all women like to dress up and pretend they are innocent teens again, whether in a plaid skirt or a cheerleading outfit. I wouldn’t worry about it. You can compare notes on your kinks over dinner, and she was as loud as you were.”

“True.” I sat up, feeling his seed starting to drip down my thigh. “I need a shower.”

“No, you smell like me, and I like it that way,” he said. “Get dressed and go; I’ll be fine. You two are doing important work. We need to know how much the Task Force knows about us.”

I moved up and kissed him. “I’ll bring your food down.” I found some Kleenex and wiped off the excess. I got dressed, kissed him goodbye, and went upstairs.

“Did you have fun,” Teri teased as I entered their big kitchen.

“You STARTED it,” I said defensively.

“And it was good, too,” she replied as she moved into Ron’s arms. “Grab the coleslaw out of the fridge for me?”

We moved the food over to the table; the kitchen staff had plenty of leftovers from the beach party, and Teri just had to heat it up. “Are the cops gone yet,” I asked Ron.

“No. The Sheriff finally got investigators over to the Lundegaard’s; we had to give our statements. It was a righteous shoot, and I had the perfect witness. Their Deputy was standing next to me when I killed the guy, and he would have taken the shot if I didn’t. Off the record, we’re going for beers when everything calms down. They drove us back here, and I’m so glad to be home.”

Teri had told me they had driven the stolen ATV’s back after the attack, an attack I had slept through this morning. “Yeah, it sounded like it,” I teased. “How is Chase doing?”

“The cops are all over Chase and Rori’s house, and that crime scene is a mess. They are at Coral and Keith’s home until they finish.”

We had a pleasant dinner, talking about what we had found so far in our hacks. The Task Force server had so much information on it now that it would take hours to go through it all. Teri had transferred the files to her spare server so we could close the backdoor we used to get in. The last thing we needed was to be caught hacking the FBI. “Keyword searches will take a while; is there anything specific we are looking for now?”

Ron nodded. “We know the Feds are looking into Chase and Rori’s backgrounds, but we need to know how far they have extended their search outwards to their friends and family. Frank Grimes thinks they will use social networking programs as part of the investigation.”

“And that could get to me,” I said. “I’ve known Chase and Rori for over a year. I’ve been up here on vacation.”

“And the FBI figures a hacker has to be part of his team,” Teri finished.

“All right, I’m going to take a plate to Vic then I’ll meet you in the office. What timeframe are we looking at?”

“We need everything we can get, summarized for presentation at seven in the morning,” Ron said. “Chase has to tell his family and the Brotherhood what their exposure is.”

“I hope you have lots of Mountain Dew and chocolate because this sounds like an all-nighter.”

Greg Bark’s POV
Alexandria Safe House

Heather and I had gone back to bed after breakfast, making love over and over until we were hungry again. She made her way to the shower as I put my leg on and went to find something for lunch. I clicked on the television as I passed through the living room, it was on a local station out of Minneapolis.

I had just opened the fridge to look for sandwich stuff when I heard the news. “Sources within law enforcement confirm that multiple gunmen entered the North Shore lakefront home of Chase Nygaard and Rori King, members of the biker gang Steel Brotherhood, this morning before six AM.” I dropped the bottle of orange juice as I ran back out to the living room. “Five members of the rival outlaw gang the Sons of Tezcatlipoca died in the home, and another was killed in a house across the lake where they were holding two people hostage. Details are still coming in, as the major winter storm moves away from the area and more people arrive.” They had a Google Earth photo of the lake, showing Chase’s home and the second home where the hostages were. “It is another chapter in the violent war that has erupted between these two clubs. The Sons of Tezcatlipoca are reeling after the discovery last night near San Diego, where the heads of all their Chapter Presidents were found hanging from the border fence.”

“It’s just horrifying what is going on with these people,” the other anchor said.

“And now the violence has spread to our backyard,” the first said. “Coming up after the break, weather and sports.”

I went back to the bathroom, where Heather was getting out of the shower. “You have to see this,” I said.

“Help me dry off and dress first, it’s cold out there,” she said. I toweled her off, and helped her into warm clothes before leading her to the living room. “What’s going on?”

“Turn it to cable news,” I said.

She gasped when she saw the crawl across the bottom. “Are they all right?”

“I don’t know, they didn’t say they were hurt or killed, but I didn’t hear much.” I made us sandwiches while she watched the coverage; we ate in silence as more and more information trickled in. Other than bathroom breaks, we didn’t stop watching all afternoon. We even switched channels a few times to see if there was any other news out there.

“I have to talk to them and make sure they are all right,” she told me.

“Can’t happen,” I said. “We don’t know if anyone is listening in on phone calls.”

“Greg, they were attacked because of ME! Those bastards are still trying to kill me!”

She started to cry, and I pulled her into my shoulder and let her get it out. When she was sniffling, I gave her a Kleenex. “We don’t know they attacked because of you, Heather. The Sons have plenty of reasons to want Chase dead. The news said his family survived.”

“They also said two people in the house were injured, but not who. I have to know, Greg.”

“I’m sorry, baby. We can’t.” Dinner was a subdued affair; I pan-fried steaks and paired it with a double batch of Kraft macaroni and cheese. I was cleaning the dishes when it happened.

GREG BARKS, ARE YOU THERE?” The mental send caused me to drop the frying pan in the sink.

Who is this?”

“Thank Luna, you’re all right. It’s Sally.”

“Sally? Is everything all right?” Sally was one of the Omegas in the Pack; I’d met her as I was waiting for the interview with Coral when I first arrived.

The Pack is reeling, but we’ll be all right. The Betas sent us out to find you and give you a warning.”

“What is happening?”

“It’s not on the news yet, but there are dozens of Sons gathering at a hotel in Duluth. We don’t know if they are planning to attack our Pack again, or if they are looking for Heather. We’re pretty sure the Sons know that she survived and we are hiding her.”


“The Alphas need you to keep her out of sight until they give you the all-clear. They need to know if you have her in a secure location.”

At least I’d done that right. “I believe so. I’ve rented a home with cash in my name; it’s private and out of view from the roads and neighbors. I’m not letting her outside, so unless they get close enough to scent her, they’ll never know.”

“That’s good. Give me the address.”

I’d rather not. The fewer people know, the better.” As they taught me in warrior training, three can keep a secret if two are dead. Keeping our location secret was the best protection I could give her.

She didn’t respond for a bit. “I’ll pass that along. We’re on Interstate 94 just south of Alexandria, and I’ll give them that. Beta Ron said not to stop or do anything to show we might have found you, so we’re going to continue west. Do you guys need anything?”

“We’ll be fine, Sally. Tell the Alphas that Heather is healing well and we are safe. We’ve started her rehabilitation, and I’ll be teaching her shooting and self-defense as soon as she’s ready. We can stay here for months if we need to.”

“I will. We will send someone by every few days to check in with you, just let them know if you need anything.”

We talked for another ten minutes until she was out of link range; she told me what she knew about the attack. Colletta had been shot in the arm, and her new boyfriend Frank Grimes was hit by shrapnel. My Alphas and Betas and their children had been protected and were safe. The Pack except the warriors was evacuating to Oxbow Lake, and more warriors were arriving to help us.

She told me she would pray to Luna for our safety, and I did the same for her. I was a warrior, I belonged where I could defend my Pack, but I had a more important job. I needed to protect the woman I loved.

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