Buried Treasure

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New Pack Member

Three Tequila’s POV
Roadkill and Possum’s Home, Arrowhead Pack

I was having the BEST dream.

I was lying on a beach, nude, my legs spread, and my man between them. He was licking around my sex, his warm tongue moving up and down slowly. I moaned in pleasure as the tip drew from bottom to top, circling twice around my aching clit, then back down. “Mmmm, baby,” I said as I moved my hands down to his head. “Soooo good to me.”

He didn’t say anything, his tongue kept moving and I felt one of his big fingers push up into my channel. He twisted it in me, the tip finding that spot on the front wall of my pussy that made me cum so hard for him. I moved his face to where I needed it as his finger moved faster inside me, pushing me closer and closer to the release I craved.

It hit me like a freight train. “MONGOOOOOO,” I screamed as I tipped over the edge, my hands and thighs holding him in place as he sucked on my clit while flicking it with the tip of his tongue. I clamped down hard on his finger, the spasms rocking my body before he let me relax again.

“Good morning, baby,” he said as I opened my eyes.

“Oh God,” I said as I looked around the guest room of my friend’s home, my face turning bright red. It hadn’t been a dream. “Did they hear that?”

“If they were here, they would have,” he said with a grin. “Possum has been at the clinic all night, and Roadkill left twenty minutes ago. I let you sleep as long as I could before I woke you.”

“It was a hell of a wakeup,” I said. “Come up here and fuck me hard, baby. I need to feel you all… day… long.” I opened my thighs as he moved up between them, his big cock splitting me so well as he sheathed himself in one stroke. “FUCK yes,” I said as my ankles crossed behind his thighs, pulling him in.

He started to stroke, long and hard, his big body mashing me into the mattress with every thrust. Our size difference had always been a turnon for me; there was nothing I liked better than to be dominated and fucked by my strong man. He grabbed my legs behind my knees, bending them up to my shoulders so he could get as deep as he could get. The wet smack of his hips into my ass and the wet sounds of my pussy being plundered filled the room with my moans of pleasure. “I’m close,” I said to him as his hips moved faster.

“God I love you,” he said as he leaned over, grabbing my right nipple with his teeth, and bit down. It was just what I needed to push over the edge into another orgasm. He was holding me down, fucking me through it as I continued to orgasm, finally starting to fill me as he came too. I came down slowly, feeling his big cock pulse five times as he filled me up before he let my legs go. He grabbed my ass and rolled me with him as he moved to his back, still inside me as I caught my breath on top of him. “It gets better every year,” he said as he caught his breath.

“Mmmm,” I said. “You were a little backed up, love. I’ll be dripping all morning.”

“Good,” he said as he smacked my ass. “I want you to feel me dripping from you long after I’m in the air to Florida. These werewolves are right about one thing,” he said.

“What’s that?”

“Keep the woman you love smelling strongly of you and sex. I’m just marking my territory, love.”

I laughed. “I hardly think any of these people are going to sniff around a fifty-one-year-old human with a husband the size of an offensive tackle.”

“When my woman is sporting a rack like yours, I can’t be too careful,” he said before he smacked my ass. “Now get up, I need to finish packing. We have to leave in twenty minutes.”

“WHAT?” I hadn’t even looked at the time in all the excitement this morning, and in the winter, it didn’t get light until seven-thirty. I checked my phone, and he was right. I ran into the bathroom, holding my hand over the flood of sticky fluids coming from inside me.

I used the toilet and jumped into the shower, enough to clean most of the stuff off. By the time I was done in the bathroom, I only had five minutes to dress. I was glad I didn’t have to leave quite yet. Chase and Rori had agreed to bring Harleigh, I mean Heather, home today. I would have to get used to her new identity, and she would stay hidden from the public, but I’d be able to hug her again. I needed that closeness, and I think she did too. I pulled on jeans, a long-sleeve T-shirt, and a Christmas sweater before putting my socks on and donning my Uggs. “Ready,” I said.

Mongo looked intimidating, his six-foot-eight body all in black from his motorcycle boots to his jeans to his Harley shirt and motorcycle jacket. His receding hairline hid behind sunglasses and a Harley bandana. He grabbed his suitcase and my hand, and we walked down the stairs and out the front door.

Vic was waiting with the full-sized cargo van idling, and a small crowd waited by it. “You look exhausted,” I said as I took them in.

“Up all night in the clinic,” Possum replied.

“Everything all right,” Mongo asked.

“We think it will be in time,” Chase said. “Thanks again for coming up here and helping out.”

“We’re brothers, we’ll always be there for you when you need us,” he said.

They embraced, and Chase handed my man a dark green, thick envelope with Santa on the front. “Merry Christmas,” he told him. “Don’t open that until you get home, and don’t fucking lose it.”

“Thanks, brother. Three T has your presents. I’m sorry I can’t stay.” I had tickets leaving on Christmas morning for Orlando, the only flight I could get at such short notice. Mongo said his goodbyes to Chase and Rori, Possum and Roadkill, and Ron and Teri before Vic motioned him to the back doors. “We’ll sit up front,” I said.

“Trust me,” Vic said. I got to the back doors and giggled when I saw what he had done. A mattress covered the floor of the van to the front seats, with blankets and pillows lining the sides. Mongo grinned, taking off his jacket and tossing it to the side before lifting me until I was sitting on the edge. He removed my Uggs, setting them to the side, then climbed up and took his boots off while Vic closed the door. He laid down on the bed and pulled me close to him as Vic got in the driver’s seat. “It’s a three-hour drive to the airport,” he said as he pulled a curtain across, hiding the front of the van from us. “Just because I am driving this to sneak Heather back doesn’t mean you two can’t take advantage of it.”

“Good idea, I could use a nap,” I said. Mongo gave me that look that said he wasn’t amused, and I giggle as he started to pull my clothes off. I wasn’t about to waste this opportunity. Ten minutes later, I was naked under the blankets, riding him like a Harley as the van bounced down the county road.

Chase Nygaard’s POV
Arrowhead Pack

We watched Vic drive away with Mongo and Three Tequila from the driveway of my mother-in-law’s house. “Mom, you need to get some sleep,” I said to an exhausted Possum. She’d been up all night with Frank and had less sleep than I’d had.

“You need to rest, I’ll live,” she protested.

“I’m going to bed too. Frank won’t wake up for hours, and Colletta will call me if she needs us,” I said. “Thank you for your help. I’m sure giving him the extra blood helped.”

“I think the Luna’s bite did more than any of us,” Possum said as Roadkill took her hand. “It’s the power of love.”

They waved and walked into their home, and I took Rori’s hand as we walked with Ron and Teri down the road to Coral’s old place. “Ron, did we get a bid on the repairs?”

“Lars Johnnsen Construction’s bid came in this morning, the other we should have tomorrow,” he said. “The main staircase has structural damage on the stringers and needs to be rebuilt. The back staircase isn’t as bad. We will have to take out the carpeting and half the subfloor in the upstairs hallway, and replace a half-dozen floor joists. To access them, we need to take up floors in the master bedroom and two of the guest rooms,” he said. “It won’t be cheap, and the insurance company is dragging its feet.” If they could show the damage was due to a criminal enterprise on our part, they wouldn’t have to pay.

“Offer a cash discount, and get them going,” I said. “I don’t want to be stuck in Coral’s home forever.”

Teri looked over. “Have you heard from her since she got to Blue River?”

“I got a call when she landed. I’m sure she’s busy,” I replied. “Coral takes shit from nobody. If there’s a problem, she’ll stomp on it hard and move on.”

Ron snorted at that. “I wonder if she’s going to pull the whole ‘pretend you’re an omega and see what the Pack is like’ thing like she did at Bitterroot.”

“I doubt it,” Rori said. “Every werewolf in the world has seen that video of her taking those boys down.” I had to laugh at that. It was Coral at her finest. We told them goodbye, and I walked to the guest bedroom with my mate. “You should have woken me up last night for Frank’s change,” she said.

“You needed sleep, and another person wouldn’t have made a difference.” Ron and Teri had joined us just after Frank’s change had finished.

Frank had spent four agonizing hours stuck between his human and wolf forms. His body, already traumatized by his neck almost being severed, was exhausted to near-death during of the night. It was a hail-mary toss when we had Mom bite his neck, something she had sworn not to do earlier.

We had a couple of days after Frank woke up from his neck surgery to explain how things were to him. My Mom worked with us to make sure he learned about Werewolf life, culture, and mating practices. We gave him an iPad he could write on with his finger to ask us questions, and he had many. There were many possibilities, from the wolf characteristics fading as his blood replaced it, to him becoming one of us. That was the possibility that excited him. When Colletta told him she was 175 years old and still middle age for a werewolf, and he might gain centuries of life and the wolf’s powers, he was all in. “I want this,” he said. “I’ll have a lifetime with my grandchildren.”

“You’ll watch everyone you love grow old and die, Frank,” she said.

“Not everyone. I’ll have you.”

None of us knew for sure what would happen with mates if he shifted. After discussing the possibilities, Mom told him she would never take his fate mate from him if she is out there. “You’re my fate mate,” he said on the screen. “I love you.”

“I can’t be, I’ve had mine, and you only get one,” Mom said.

“How do you know that? Isn’t it fate that we met?”

“That doesn’t mean our wolves are made for each other. If you shift and our wolves meet, you’ll know. I love you enough to give you up if it isn’t me.” She buried her face in his chest, letting out the emotions. She loved him, and Luna might give him to another.

We’d never know. Colletta claimed him, and he finished his shift a few minutes later, leaving a huge grey and white wolf panting on the blanket. We were shocked at his size; he was as big as I was, and in his weakness, we could still sense his strength. He was obviously an Alpha or Beta wolf.

He was now hers, and she was now his. Colletta curled her wolf behind him and laid her head over his shoulder. Doc checked him over and said they needed to rest.

“Let me take him inside, Mom,” I said to her as she whined softly. Ron and Teri had joined us, taking in the smell of our new Pack member. His wolf had submitted to mine and joined the link, which allowed the whole Pack to send him love and encouragement. Mom got up and stretched, while Ron and I picked him up and carried him off. Teri ran ahead, opening doors to Coral’s home and guest room, while Mom walked behind in wolf form.

Teri stripped the blankets off the bed, and we set Frank on his side in the middle. Colletta jumped up, lying against his chest and stomach with her head on his shoulder, and Teri pulled a sheet and blanket over them. “What now,” I asked Doc.

“This was a long damn way from a normal shift,” he said. “He needs rest, fluids, and protein in that order.”

“I’ll bring a bowl of water in and warm up some meat chunks unless he shifts back first,” Rori said.

“He doesn’t know how to shift, and I don’t think he is strong enough. Luna, keep him warm and let him sleep. If he wakes, he’s to eat and drink and then back to bed,” Doc said. “I have to get back home, call me if anything changes,” he said.

“Doc? No one outside of your Alphas is to know what happened tonight, or how it happened.” I’d follow up with his Alphas to reinforce this with Alpha command later.

“I understand. The knowledge is dangerous, but who would pay this price? The human almost died, and it took a forced mating to pull him through.”

“There will be some if it gets out,” I said as I shook his hand. “Safe travels,” I said as Ron led him out. I looked down at Mom. “Call me if he wakes so I can examine him, and try and coach him into using the link,” I added.

“I’ll take good care of him. I just hope he isn’t mad at me when he finds out what I’ve done.”

He’s your mate now, Mom. He’s one lucky wolf.” We left them to rest, and Rori and Teri both promised to check in on them. Ron was handling the Pack today, which was focused on cleanup from the big party and getting some rest. I went to our room, showering quickly and heading to bed. I needed sleep before Frank woke up, and Heather returned home with Three Tequila.

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