Buried Treasure

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Wolfy Style

DEA Director Frank Grimes’ POV
Arrowhead Pack

When I woke up, I felt different. REALLY different.

My body ached everywhere, like the worst hangover ever after getting your ass kicked in the bar. Everything was LOUD, even my heartbeat. I could hear the clock on the wall, the pulse of someone near me, even the people talking in another room. I opened my eyes, the light was too bright, and I closed them again. I heard a click as the lights shut off. “Frank?”

Her voice. It sounded more vibrant, more complete than before. I felt her hand on my head, moving down to my neck through my fur.

FUR? I opened my eyes, jerking my head up and causing a grey and white paw to fly up. The sudden movement made my muscles seize up, and I groaned in pain, only to have it come out as a growl. I relaxed, falling back into the bed. “Colletta” is what I said, but it sounded like a bark instead.

“Relax love. You’re safe, and you’re with me in my room. You made the change, and you’re a handsome wolf,” she said to me softly as she stroked my fur.

I felt the tingles from her hand as she touched me, and it felt so good. I relaxed under her touch, letting her fingers explore me. I tried to talk, but what came out wasn’t talking. “Relax, we’re fine,” a deep voice in my head said to me.

Who the hell are you?” I could tell the only other person in the room was Colletta, so who was this dude?”

I’m your wolf,” he said. “Just relax, our mate is here, and the change is over now.” I should have thought I was nuts, hearing a voice in my head, but I’d had enough lucid moments to understand what might happen.

You couldn’t have made it hurt a little more when you showed up, could you? I think my little toe doesn’t hurt. Oh wait, it does,” I told him.

None of that matters now that we are together. Say hello to our mate,” he said. “Feel that in the back of your head? Like something poking at you? That’s Colletta trying to mind-link with you. Imagine pressing the button, WANT to talk to her, and you can.”

I focused on my mind and did what he said. “Colletta? Love?”

“I’m so happy right now,” she said into my head as she laid down on the bed and hugged me.

You feel amazing,” I said.

That’s the mate bond,” my wolf told me. “Colletta is ours, and we are hers. Aren’t we lucky?” I could feel my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth as I relaxed into her embrace, tingles all down my back and around my chest.

I’m lucky too, and I’m sorry,” Colletta said. “I promised I wouldn’t take away your choice, but I did it anyway. You were dying, Frank, and it was the only thing we could think of to give you the strength to survive. I don’t want you to be mad at me for taking away your chance at your true mate.” She started crying, and my wolf was getting upset about that.

I moved a little, snuggling into her. “How could I be mad about this? I love you, Colletta, and so does my wolf. Chase saved my life, now you have. I’m the lucky one here because you’re the woman of my dreams and now you are MINE.” I growled a little as I said that, my wolf was in full agreement with me. I could feel the connection he had with her wolf, and it was more than I’d ever felt as a human.

I felt another pressure on my brain, and I opened up the link. “Hello?”

“Frank, it’s Chase. Doc and I are here. We need to examine you and make sure nothing is wrong after your change.”

I could hear them outside the door. “Come in,” I said, and Chase opened the door.

“How are you feeling, Frank?” Doc came and stood in front of me, setting his bag on the table in front of me.

Why isn’t he talking this way,” I asked Colletta and Chase.

He’s not in Arrowhead Pack. Only blood relatives and Pack members can talk this way.”

He listened to my lungs and heart, checked my legs and neck, and looked at my teeth. “Everything looks good,” he said. “Has he had any food or water yet?” I managed to shake my head no. “Let’s help him up and get him to the bowls.”

Bowls? Like a dog?”

“Your body isn’t ready to shift back, not after all you went through getting to wolf form. You can shift back tomorrow when you’ve eaten and recovered,” Chase told me. They helped me roll, so my legs were under me, then I stood up for the first time on four legs. I stood unsteadily, feeling like Bambi on ice as my aching legs held me up.

Help me out here,” I asked my wolf.

Hey, this is new for me too,” he said. We started to walk around the bed slowly, moving one leg at a time as I got used to it. I decided to jump down, and they gave us room by the door. It looked graceful until I forgot to get my back legs under me and crashed onto the carpet. “Smooth, real smooth,” he teased me.

At least the others weren’t laughing at me. I got up, moving to the corner where a large bowl of cold water was placed. I started to drink, quickly picking up on the motion needed to use my tongue to pull water up into my mouth. I was thirsty, drinking half of it before I stopped as a tantalizing scent came into my nose.

The door had opened, and an older woman handed my mate a bowl of raw meat. Colletta sat down with the ceramic bowl in her lap, her fingers holding a piece of the bloody meat out to me. I sniffed it, licked it, then gently took it from her fingers and chewed it. The taste exploded on my tongue, better than any steak I’d ever had. She’d picked up another, and I took that from her, licking her fingers as I did. “I can feed myself,” I told her as I looked at the bowl.

My wolf likes feeding you, and Doc warned me you might get sick if you eat too fast,” she told me. I sat in front of her, eating piece by piece as her other hand rubbed my fur. Chase and Doc left, seeing things were going well with me.

I finished the bowl and drank some more, which brought up another problem. “I need to go to the bathroom,” I told my mate.

“Come on then,” she said. She led me down the stairs to the basement, and then we went into the tunnels. My wolf liked them, they were like a big cave, and a set of stairs led up into a heated room with lots of cubbies. “We’re in the changing room on the other side of the hill,” she told me. “You can’t see this from the lake, and the trees are thick enough to hide us from the neighbors. If you come here in human form, you can leave your clothes. The doggie doors lead out to the woods.” She quickly disrobed, her gorgeous naked body on display, before she shifted into her wolf.

Oh yeah, that’s OUR mate,” my wolf said as he almost pranced in my mind. She came up to us, sniffing our neck, then rubbing her fur down one side and up the other. “She’s laying down her scent on us, and ours on her. Everyone will know who she belongs to with a sniff.”

“And who you belong to,” Colletta said. “Follow me.” We moved through the multiple doggie doors that led outside. I stopped as I got out, just looking around and sniffing. I trotted to the nearest tree, smelling it and picking up so many different scents. My wolf knew what to do; lifting my back leg, I added my message to the pee-mail tree. I cut off the stream and moved to the next one, my wolf wanting to put his scent over all the others around. “Feel better now,” my mate teased.

Oh yeah. Let’s have some fun.” She turned towards me, her hips high and dropping down onto her front leg as he tail wagged. She jumped towards me, nipping my leg before I moved away and tried to bite her back. The playfighting went on for a while, as I learned my body and what it could do. I had a clear size advantage on her; since her head barely came up to my shoulders. She was sleek and graceful, and faster than a toddler running naked through the dinner party.

She finally stopped, looked back at me, then took off through the trees. I yipped and followed her, first at a trot then faster as I became comfortable. She seemed to sense when I was getting closer, and with a yip and a flick of her tail, she’d kick it into another gear.

My wolf and I exalted in the sheer joy of running through the woods with our mate. As we ran the trail in the snow, dodging trees and jumping deadfalls, I just wanted to shout to the world how much I loved this, and how much I loved my mate. Reaching the top of a hill, I stopped, raised my head, and howled my joy to the blue sky above. I heard an answering howl far off, and listened for a moment. “You won’t sing with me?”

“Too close to humans,” she said. “We don’t get to let go that often around here. Come on.” She took off down the trail again, and I was hot on her trail. I was bigger, and my longer stride ate up the ground, keeping me close to her. She slowed as we approached a ridge, her nose in the air. “Deer,” she said.

My wolf was interested, and so was I. I followed her as she circled to the right until the wind was in our faces. I copied what she was doing as we moved along the stream bank, heading for a clearing. “What do I do,” I asked as she crawled underneath a shrub at the edge.

Watch and look for weakness,” she said. “You only get one chance, so look for the one that is injured, young or old, or just not paying attention. Once we pick the one, we get as close as we can before running in. I’ll go for the legs, and you go for the neck.” My wolf was begging to be let out, and we knew she was letting me have the honor of taking it down. She had faith I could do it.

I watched the group which included four does and a young buck. One of the does was older, her right rear leg stiff. “That one, second from the left,” I said.

Good eye. Move around to the left, and when they bolt, keep on her.”

I crawled out from under the shrub and used the trees as cover, moving around about thirty yards until I was close to the edge. “This good?”

“Yes. Charge forward in three, two, one, GO!” I leaped forward, my huge wolf exploding out of the trees and causing the deer to scatter. I’d seen movies of wild wolves taking down deer, but I was more than double their size, a good four feet high at the shoulder and over two hundred pounds. The deer had no chance, even against the smaller Colletta.

Our target was slower than the others, and Colletta was like a bullet as she streaked across the clearing. She leaped on the right hind quarter of the doe, her teeth biting deep into the hip. The doe slowed and turned, and that was all I needed. Flying over my mate, I opened my jaws and clamped them over the doe’s neck just below her head. The momentum change and a twist of my jaws broke the neck with a loud snap, killing her instantly.

I let go, the deer dropping to the ground as I stood over it with blood, TASTY blood, dripping from my teeth. Carlotta got up and came to me, licking at my face as I cleaned hers. “On a wolf’s first kill, he gets the heart,” she told me. Using her teeth and claws, Colletta’s wolf ripped the abdomen open and started pulling guts out. Sticking her head in, she shook and came out with the bloody heart in her jaws. She tossed it on the snow by me, sitting back to watch.

My wolf didn’t wait. Picking up the heart, I bit down on the muscle. It didn’t come apart, so I put it on the snow with a paw over it and shook my head until it ripped in two. I swallowed the half, then tossed the other half in the air, catching and swallowing it whole. “I love you,” I told her. “I only dreamed of being this happy.” That was my human side talking, as my wolf was busy licking her face.

Let’s eat.” We split the liver, and she showed me where the tender meat along the backstrap was. We ate our fill, stopping only when our bellies looked like we were pregnant. I curled around her, watching protectively over her as she napped.

A half-hour later, she awoke, and she told me to pick up the carcass and bring it towards home. The deer was a lot lighter after being field-dressed and our meal. I followed Colletta back to the trail, but we didn’t have to go far. After she told the Pack there was meat leftover, a few wolves met us and took the burden from me. Colletta led me towards the Pack House but broke off the trail a few minutes later. “Aren’t we going back,” I asked as I followed the path her paws made in the snow.

I want you,” she said, “and my wolf wants what my human has already had.” Turning her head towards me, it was like she smirked before she took off. “Catch me, and you can take me,” she said as she tore through the trees.

Oh, it’s ON,” I said as I took off after her. She was fast, but I was following the sweet scent of her sex as it prepared for me to take her. It was only a few minutes later when I caught up to her, knocking a back leg and causing her to tumble across the pine straw and snow. I was on her before she got up, her neck in my jaws as I used my body weight to hold her down. “You’re MINE, mate,” I said as I moved around her, not letting go.

My mate,” she agreed as she raised her hips under me. I had to let go of her neck and hold her back legs with my front paws, finally lining things up before I shoved forward into her. “YES,” I said as the sensations filled me like I was filling her.

Oh FUCK you’re big,” she said as her tight channel stretched to adapt to me. “Give me a second.” I moved around, making sure I had her pinned, and when she told me she was ready, I gave her what we both needed. I was pounding her good when I felt something weird; when I started to pull out, she would whine and get pulled back with me. “It’s your knot. Don’t pull out, love. You’ll hurt me.”

“Like dogs getting tied together?”

“Yes. Short stroke me, fuck me hard, Frank. It feels SO good.” I quickly adjusted my motion, and now I could feel the knot pushing through her canal. Every time it drove forward, she moaned, and every time it moved back, it hit her g-spot. She came hard on my big wolfy dick, clenching me tightly. Moving my hips even faster, I drove her into another before my whole brain seemed to explode with the orgasms we had.

As it washed over me, I lunged forward and bit her on the right side of her neck. Her blood filled my mouth as my cock filled her clenching pussy with shot after shot of my seed. The bond was throbbing, deepening, and filling me with her joy and love.

I let go of her neck, licking the blood as I pushed her to the ground then onto our sides. I was still tied to her, breathing heavily, and completely satisfied. “My wolf marked you,” I said.

He did. He wants everyone to know I belong to you. It’s a werewolf version of a wedding ring.”

We rested, listening to the birds and the wind through the trees until the knot receded and I came free. As I cleaned the mess off the fur of Colletta’s back legs, a thought came to me. “Love, the first time we were together, you told me that you couldn’t get pregnant. Was that because I was a human at the time?”

“No, human males can get werewolf females pregnant, just as werewolf males can get human females pregnant. The tradeoff for our long lives is low fertility. Female werewolves are rarely receptive and conception is fi; I’d been pregnant three times in over a century with my first mate. The chance of me getting pregnant at this age is not worth thinking about.”

“But you COULD have children with me.”

“Maybe, I don’t know. Someday? I guess it’s possible. We’re both grandparents; if we don’t, I’m all right with that.”

“We should get back before they come looking for us,” I said. “I need to meet the Pack.”

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