The Beast - Book Two

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The mind is a terrifying weapon when used by mind controllers, yet the enemy can adapt, and learning whom was friend or foe took time, often which.... As Steven ensured his child was secure he viewed the minds of those to be protecting her, and saw they were truly trust worthy and that his beloved child would be safe and now as she was believed dead, she would be for a time off the radar, and this gave him time to start seeking out his own very special kind of revenge. He also wanted to thank Jessica and given the chance to inform her of his actions as he had no desire to come into confrontation with her nor endanger her life. Only two miles away Siddiqui Amar, knelt praying within the local mosque, he had been at university and had majored in bio technology, now he prayed before his God. “Allah be praised deliver us from this evil and strengthen our course so we may reign in heaven with you.” His prayers were interrupted as three colleagues nearby screamed in pain and clutching their heads as blood started flowing from their eyes, nose and ears. Within seconds they were dead and then five others burst out screaming and died in a similar fashion. Siddiqui focused his mind and tried resisting this attack, his power was no match, yet it was enough to protect himself, and keep him alive. Within minutes and the attack was over, and..

Fantasy / Scifi
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Chapter One.


In book one we learnt there is a beast within all of us, only for Jessica Willis a National Security agent, it is stronger by far than most of us. As from her birth Jessica suffered the indignation of other people’s nightmares and they affected her mentally until her menstrual cycle started, and this brought about a hormonal change affecting not only her body but that of depositing proteins within her brain which in time gave her control of these nightmares and she soon discovered that with practice she could focus her mind, and help others like her stepfather.

Later after working for the National Security agency, Jessica is led into taking actions to affect other people’s minds, and in time learns that her unique gift gives her unquestionable mental powers, and she turns this against those who tried to kill her and ended up murdering her friends and husband.

Now time has progressed, and Jessica has spent the last five years been taught self-defence, Diplomatic relations, languages and a host of other abilities, and also in how to become a secret Black Opps operative and working directly under presidential rule.

Daesh have discovered it was some type of mental abilities used against them and have sought revenge, only they do not know it was Jessica who was directly responsible for seeking revenge and attacking the operatives who murdered her husband, friends and hundreds of additional innocent human lives.

As these terrorists attacked America the Daesh movement sought revenge and starts brutal gorilla type cells setting out to destroy the infrastructure of the USA and Europe from within.

The panic and loss of human lives forces the United States to seek its own very special kind of vengeance, and Jessica and others become involved risking their very lives and facing dangers they never thought possible or would ever have to face, and with an unexpected twist towards the end.

It was a quiet summer’s morning and Jessica secured her position and lay waiting for the ambush to take place. Twenty-three minutes later her legs were going into cramp and Jessica was still forcing herself to endure the pain. Her instructors had told her to relax her body and allow her mind to override the pain, yes it did work but today Jessica was angered by petty minded operatives who had deliberately taunted her, and had not realised that Jessica could if she so wished seek her own unique type of retribution.

Forcing herself to calm, Jessica slowly started to relax and the pain although intense was durable, and in time it slowly diminished and went away. She knew it was something to do with a build-up of lactic acid and not having drunk enough water; that was all very well but this exercise had run for fifteen straight hours with no break or supply of water. As such it was an endurance test and one which ensured your pass if you made it through to the end.

Moments later the designated target approached Jessica’s position, Jessica was covered in a layer of cold wet mud and surrounded by marsh land, few ever ventured into this area as it was known to take human lives. As the hunting team approached Jessica focused her mind and awaited their arrival, they were themselves tired, wet, hungry and had been plagued by mosquitoes. All they wanted was for this exercise to end but Jessica and three others had evaded capture and almost everyone was at the end of their tolerance levels.

The area they were in was usually teaming with insect life, but everything around them went quiet, and suddenly their senses were heightened to approaching danger. Insects were not the only thing inhabiting these marsh lands, crocs and mountain lions frequented the area, as well as poisonous snakes and other unpleasant critters.

“Over there pointed one of the hunting team, as they saw a huge five metre croc entering the water, whatever it was had also spooked this huge reptile and forced it into the water for safety. “Dear God…, no…no it can’t be screamed one of the hunting team as she pointed towards movement in the bushes.

Jessica smiled and kept her mind focused upon those hunting her and her team, as they walked backwards away from the danger, they unknowingly were approaching the concealed position of Jessica and her team. Suddenly hundreds and hundreds of huge bats flew overhead forcing the hunters to the ground, it was then Jessica and her team stepped out from their secure positions and took control of the situation. Thirty-four minutes later the hunters were led tied and humiliated back into base camp, they were tired, bleeding, cut, bruised and truly humbled.

Never before within the history of this base camp, had the skilled trainers who were familiar with the facilities and had an experience team of hardened instructors who were acting as the hunters, to have been so humiliated and taken captive. But then they brought it upon themselves as part of the exercise was to taunt and try and upset the trainees before the exercise, only this time it had backfired upon them, as Jessica exercised her own unique type of revenge.

Jessica was pleased with herself although it did not last long as at 03.45am the next morning when they were scheduled for rest, her team were awoken by the trainers dragging them from their beds and forcing them on an eight-hour exercise. The trainers laughed as the tired and exhausted trainees returned to their rooms, the trainers had enacted their own type of revenge, but Jessica refused to be beaten and waited her time, knowing they had to sleep, and then she would show them true fear.

The graduation was scheduled for the next morning, and that night as the instructors slept, Jessica entered their minds and implanted identical suggestions to each of them, only she reinforced them with considerable power as in her eyes they had sought petty minded unauthorised revenge.

The Passing out ceremony went as planned, there were no mishaps and Jessica and her team passed advanced training and were now ready for full operational duties. Only Jessica had overheard the trainers talking and had learnt after every passing out ceremony, the next day they went fishing and chilled out for a day relaxing by the lake and having well-earned fun.

Only Jessica had her own idea of fun, petty yes, she knew that, but these trainers had been nasty and enforced their own revenge for their humiliation. So, Jessica smiled as she was now some two thousand miles away high above the clouds and been flown back to her new appointment. Jamie McDonald and Susan Kendal were the most experienced of the trainers and it was they who had led the attack upon the recruits. Bullying was something not sanctioned but ignored at times to try and harden up recruits.

However, on this occasion it had back fired and as Jamie McDonald caught a good size pike, he withdrew it from the water and held it to show the others. Their reaction was not what he had expected as screams of utter fear confronted him and weapons were drawn aimed directly at him, he was confused and dropped his fish shouting at them not to shoot. Unknown to him they were viewing him as Jessica had implanted within their minds, that who so ever was the first to catch a fish, they would see a huge two headed monster before them, but were instructed to not pull the trigger on their fire arms.

They stood there frozen in fear and unable to react, and then as quickly as the strange image appeared, it vanished, and they all heard what they thought to be Jessica laughing at them.

“No…, no that is not possible, Jessica is thousands of miles away by now, we must have imagined it,” stated Ellis one of the trainers. “What are you saying we all imagined the identical same thing…, that’s crazy and not humanly possible,” replied Susan Kendal. “I tried accessing that Jessica Willis’s file but it was sealed even to us…, and I say she is something special, and if she could do this to us, I want her on our side, we should have known better than to mess with the likes of her.”

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