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The Beast - Book Two

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Chapter Two.

Jessica quietly sat within the private jet which was taking her to her knew appointment, when she was interrupted by the stewardess. “Excuse me Mam there is a private phone call for you”, and Jessica was handed a portable phone. As the stewardess walked away Jessica engaged the phone using the military optical retina display.

“Agent Willis here,” “Jessica I apologise for this interruption on your down time, but something has come up and we need to divert you to an immediate posting,” stated Deputy Director Phillips. Jessica recognised the voice immediately.

The Deputy Director quietly explained to Jessica about her new posting and after Jessica confirmed her acceptance the stewardess arrived to collect the portable phone.

“Thank you could I have a vodka I think I am going to need it,” commented Jessica. The Stewardess a lieutenant in the military smiled. “Yes Mam, the Deputy Director has authorised us to assist you in any way we can, will there be anything else.”

“No just a drink to steady my nerves…, that will be fine…, thank you,” said Jessica.

For the last five years Jessica had undergone intense training in combat, diplomatic relations, languages and a host of other skills so she could serve her country, she had become a valued and important asset and had full presidential backing and approval. The stewardess handed Jessica a file marked Above Top Secret, and the vodka she had requested. “We have another three hours flight time Mam, try and get some rest it will help you for later,” said the stewardess, and then left Jessica to view the contents of the file.

Three hours later Jessica disembarked from the private jet and was met by three armed uniformed marines. “Welcome Mam…, please will you accompany us as the base commander is awaiting your arrival.”

Jessica had slept and awoken only moments before the private jet came to a halt upon the runway. She blinked feeling tired and rubbed her eyes, and she had the weirdest of dreams something which had not happened in so many years, as usually Jessica was able to section her mind and focus her thoughts upon other people’s dreams, but then she also realised her team had been through intensive training and at times awake for days on end, and she knew she was tired, and possibly just not realising how tired.

The three Marines quietly led Jessica into an armoured vehicle, and she was driven away. Thirteen minutes later the vehicle was stopped at a check point and then passed through, and then another six minutes passed, and the vehicle stopped again.

“We are here Mam I apologise for the uncomfortable journey and length of time,” said the driver of the armoured vehicle. Jessica was then escorted into an office block and passed through three more check points until she arrived at the base command centre.

As she was led into a room Jessica noted a slightly older man whose hair was highlighted with grey, and sitting at a desk, as he looked up he smiled, and Jessica thought he was quiet handsome and in some way kind of reminded her of Dennis her deceased husband only possibly a few years older, but non the less there was a definite resemblance there.

“Agent Willis pleased to meet you, we have heard only excellent reports, and that your team was the only one in all their history to have passed and captured the trainers, I imagine they took that very badly,”

Jessica felt relaxed by this colonel before her, “Yes sir they sought unsanctioned revenge, that said it was an experience I certainly do not wish to ever repeat, well not in a hurry sir,” said Jessica. “Colonel James Lucas smiled.

“I went through the very same course myself and I found it a bitch, and as for those trainers, well…, well let’s just say they are not among my favourite friends and will not be getting Xmas cards from me.”

Jessica smiled and felt relaxed, as the colonel rose from his chair and extended a hand, Jessica accepted it and they then sat talking getting to know each other.

Colonel Lucas picked up a folder and opened it. “I am pleased to inform you are promoted in rank, and as of yesterday you are now recognised as a Major and you will be operating directly under my authority while seconded to this base, in addition you will be going undercover and operating directly in a hostile environment, I am also authorised to inform you that you will be working with other operatives who have similar unique abilities to that of your own, and who like you are in deep cover positions. I will not pretend this is not dangerous…, but then you are fully aware and you should have read your briefing while on flight…, you have three days to rest ad acquaint yourself, acclimatise and prepare yourself for your mission, any questions.”

Jessica swallowed and blinked, and then answered the colonel before her, “Yes sir…, are you authorised to inform me of the types of abilities my fellow operatives have sir.” Colonel Lucas smiled, “You will be introduced in due time and we are sure you will find these operatives as equally inventive as yourself, and they also have similar feeling for the trainers from the base camp you recently left,” said the colonel, and Jessica looked forward to meeting them.

As she was dismissed Jessica was escorted to her quarters and introduced to her team leader. “Jessica I would like you to meet Major Estela Wilson,” Jessica looked in shock at the woman before her. “Excuse me Mam you are identical looking to a Jillian Moore, and a fellow agent who was both a personal friend and…,” her words were cut short.

“Yes, Jillian was my twin sister, and yes, she spoke to me about you and Dennis…, I am truly sorry for your loss, Dennis was a good man and deserved his happiness with you,” said the Major.

Jessica blinked and swallowed as she was still taken aback by the close resemblance of her friend. “Please forgive me Mam it’s just your likeness of Jillian has brought back so many memories and we…, well we were truly good friends and I like wise am sorry for the loss of your sister.”

Major Wilson smiled, “I’m sure we will have time to talk later, but for now however we need to introduce you to some of your new colleagues and prepare you for your mission.”

At that the two-woman walked into the accommodation block and entered the rest room, where Jessica met some of those who were to form part of her new team.

“Jessica we operate a three team system, one for direct fieldwork which you will be operating in, and one team as direct backup, and the third for intelligence and rescue, although we hope with your skill set that will not be required, that said anything is possible as these terrorist cells are acquiring operatives with their own unique abilities and are becoming more difficult to infiltrate, so only time will tell; but we are banking on your unique abilities in taking them by surprise and hopefully it will give us the edge we truly desperately need.”

Jessica became acquainted with those at the base camp and reread her new posting orders. She was to become part of a team operating deeply undercover as civilians and to become involved within a designated community, where she was to infiltrate and become part of a unique team designed to root out sleeper cells and terminate their existence once they obtained as much Intel from them, and knowledge of any other operatives and contacts. Her orders were to also at first infiltrate these cells by using her unique gifts and win their trust and entering as deeply as she could before terminating them.

Jessica looked at Major Wilson, “Excuse me mam but I am finding it unusually difficult to read you.” Major Wilson smiled. “Yes I have closed my mind off to you, I am an empath and like you there are certain team members who have similar but not quite the same abilities, only to date yours is the most powerful mind we have ever come against, and I have been order to shut my mind off from you until you are fully briefed in the morning,” said Major Wilson.

At that Jessica felt slightly uncomfortable and began to wonder just what she had gotten herself into. However other minds were fully open, and Jessica sensed nothing unusual only a slight apprehension at the heightened security since she entered the base.

The next morning Jessica attended a briefing between herself and a Colonel Smith. “Jessica we are so please you volunteered for this posting your country truly needs your unique abilities and ever since Andrews skill set was discovered the then president ordered a team of top scientists to search out others with such unique abilities and form a team of the worlds most skilled and valued assets, which I am pleased to inform you, that you are now a part of…, and a most valued treasure I can assure you.,” said the Colonel.

Jessica focused her mind while the Colonel was talking and could sense every word, he was saying was true and that he sincerely beloved tis new team could serve their country well. As the Colonel led Jessica through her briefing, he explained who she was to be looking for and of how dangerous these groups were.

“Jessica one of our difficulties is knowing who is the enemy, we know for certain selected cells have infiltrated themselves into military, and civilian services, and only recently after the attacks upon yourself and other operatives, weave since learnt that specialised cells have infiltrated themselves into the CIA, FBI, and National Security, and we need you and your team to root them out, and become an integral part of their community, as expose those involved so, we can lean shop once and for all.”

Jessica swallowed at the extent of the intelligence which was just revealed and entrusted to her. “Deputy Director Phillips has personally cleared with this you, and Director Philips and the presidential office are putting a lot of faith and trust upon you to carry out these new missions,” stated Colonel Smith. For a brief few seconds Jessica found this information and the level of trust imposed upon her daunting…, but then as she thought it over, she realised with her unique skill set that she should be able to carry this off.

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