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The Beast - Book Three

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The fighting had brought ew alliances and forming of loving friendships, including loss of loved ones. The force against humanity was vast and ....... Kulteack was the reptilian alien queen, and she had become aware of a mind rapidly approaching that of her own abilities, only as to its exact location it evaded her, only its sheer force of will, was such, that it not only demanded to be heard, every second that passed it grew in strength and was forcing its mental imprint into her mind. Immediately orders were issued to search out and destroy at any cost the source of this immense power. Kulteack had already ordered five of her interstellar ships to divert from their duties and seek out this force, now she divert over two thirds of her entire fleet, which numbered in the thousands upon thousands. This action prevented Captain Julius Sorergen from accomplishing his mission directive, and to rescue Julie and Jessica, and reluctantly he was forced for the safety of his vessel and crew to abandon the search and try to avoid detection and capture.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Chapter One.


Jessica has vanished, abducted by an alien intelligence, and one in whose mind had quietly ruled planet earth for many hundreds of years. The friends of Jessica know the United States President is this very alien life form, and who has been preparing the way for eventual colonisation by his race and kind.

Are humans to become enslaved, will these creatures want the planet exclusively for themselves, or will they share power and use humans as slave labour. Can Jessica be rescued, and if so will their united minds be strong enough to defend not only themselves, but that of the planet.

Book Two’s ending.

Nine further days past and their numbers had grown to seventeen, only these extra gifted were infantile in their development and Jessica as strong as she had grown, was still unable to face this life force by herself. What took them all by surprise was when they were suddenly confronted by young Julie, Stevens daughter. She rose from her resting place and suddenly started talking, only it was the presidents voice speaking and not that of Julie, the life force was using the child and giving one final warning.

How Steven and Jessica did not know, but this life force had traced them and knew exactly where they were. “I give you one last chance, I want you to head up a school to teach the gifted and build this nation stronger, soon others of my kind will arrive and we need to be prepared, I am but one individual, but soon you will be facing thousands like me, and they will not tolerate human development like I have”.

Steven stared as his daughter started levitating, and light radiated around her, “Choose now before it is too late, come now and I will accept you and forgive your actions against me,” said the president.

Jessica quickly tried uniting her mind with that of Julie, only Julie’s mind was linked directly with the alien life form, and Jessica screamed in utter agony as her mind started absorbing the mental power of the alien’s mind. It was too powerful, and she knew this had been a mistake, only now she could not break the linkage.

As the light grew and surrounded Jessica, she suddenly vanished, only it took Julie and Jessica with It, and leaving the others in utter shock, and as they looked around the room, they were alone, and both Julie and Jessica were nowhere to be seen.

As Jessica vanished her mind was fighting the force which was attacking her and her friends, only she remained mentally connected and neither mind could release the other. It was almost like a computer receiving a non-interruptible download, only the volume of data was so vast, that it later required collating and segmentation, as well as having the files unzipped a section at a time.

Had it not been for the sheer strength of those supporting Jessica, her mind would have crashed and with irreparable damage. Only it was the strength from the others who maintained a mental link, and themselves started receiving the data second, third and fourth hand, as the minds connected and united, and lifted the load from Jessica.

Wherever Jessica had been transported to, it was still upon earth, or near to the planet, as the mental bridge remained strong. “Jessica do you still have my daughter Julie with you?” enquired Steven. Jessica focused her mind and enwrapped the child near to her, still refusing to let the child go, and it was this connection between the alien’s mind, Julie and Jessica reaching out that created the unbreakable connection.

Only unbeknown to Jessica, Stevens and the others, the President of the United States had collapsed screaming in mental pain and been unable to relinquish his hold upon the unexpected sheer volume of mental power Jessica had acquired, and which was been re-enforced by Stevens and the others.

As the Presidential team surrounded their charge, the Secret service instigated a rehearsed action, and had the President physically lifted and carried to a pre-arranged safe room, which was shielded from all forms of wave lengths, including that of micro-wave and other only recently discovered and still top secret mental abilities.

It was only when the heavily reinforced door was securely sealed close, that the mental connection was finally broken, but the President remained critically injured, and his mind was fighting to repair itself.

It was at this moment that Steven realised he had a golden opportunity of reaching out to some of the operatives he had spent many months conditioning and quietly turning them towards feelings of sympathy and in obeying his mind.

“Deputy Director Smith, I have a direct order for you from the President himself.” Stated Stevens as he entered the Deputy Directors mind and that of five secret Service Operatives.

Quietly Stevens spoke into the mind of the Deputy Director of National Security, and the five operatives, and they positioned themselves around the sealed containment room as part of the Presidential guard. Moments later Deputy Director Smith entered the chamber along with two of his Secret Service Agents and the Presidential trusted physician.

Once within, the door was resealed and the deputy Director secured the door additionally from within and making it almost impossible for it to be opened from the outside. “Mr President your physician is here; and she has come to help you.” Stated the Deputy Director, and as she walked forward, two of the Secret Service agents withdrew side arms and shot the physician and the President, emptying both munition clips into their designated targets.

The doctor died instantly, but as the alien bled, his blood reacted to the air within the chamber, and the assassination team of Secret Service agents screamed in utter agony as their flesh started almost melting and falling from their bodies. Even though the alien was now barely alive, he laughed and looked at Deputy Director Smith. “Foolish humans, you may have succeeded in killing me, but soon thousands of my kind will arrive, and then your world faces colonisation, and you humans will be used for food and slavery.”

At that the alien drew his last breath, and he died, and as his mind relinquished control, his body reverted back to that of its true nature and form.

The internal CCTV recorded all that had transpired, and the secret Service Agency stared in utter disbelief, and now realised the truth and that the Vice President was truly innocent and had been imprisoned falsely as well as unjustly.

Jessica reached over and steadied herself with one arm while securely holding young Julie, all around her were strange Chameleon type human aliens in what Jessica could only describe as cryogenic hibernation. Focusing her mind, she concentrated upon the nearest aliens and suddenly saw two of them coming out of hibernation and watched in fascination and horror to discover it was two human looking women, only alien and yet lizard like.

As Jessica watched they moved and then slowly disentangled and went their separate ways, it reminded her of the work of body artist Johannes stoetter and Jessica sent a mental image to Stevens.


Quickly the images reached Stevens mind, and he stared in utter shock, “Jessica are these actual people or aliens,” he enquired. Jessica and Julie remained unseen and replied. “Daddy I am with Jessica we are in some type of room or chamber, and there are strange lizard type creatures all around us.” “We are safe Steven, I honestly do not know why, but it appears as if we are not fully dematerialised into this dimension, as one of the aliens walked right through where we were standing and never even saw us or new that we were there.”

Stevens sighed in relief, “Are you safe and do you think you can find a way of returning, oh and yes the President is dead, it would appear our collective minds united like they were, and it was more than even his mind could take.”

Jessica smiled, “I do not think he was truly male, or at least not as we know it, as all the aliens here are females, and I have a strong sense that this is a matriarchal society.” “Julie daddy loves you, stay close to Jessica and do as she instructs you, she will protect and keep you safe until daddy can be with you again.”

“Daddy I am scared.” “I know love… be brave and focus your mind as daddy taught you, Jessica is there to help you and keep you safe…love you.”

“I Love you also daddy,” replied Julie.

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