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The Beast - Book Three

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Chapter Two.

The vice President was awoken in his prison cell, as five Secret Service agents entered. “Good morning Mr vice President, we have been ordered to retrieve you and the generals, and escort you to the presidential office.”

“What if I refuse to go, I tried telling before that the president is an imposter, an alien, but I was not believed, so why should I face that creature and be humiliated more?”

Just then Deputy Director Smith of National Security entered the cell. “We are aware of your concerns sir, and I have been authorised to tell you the President is dead, and yes he was an alien, he took out my clone and two fellow agents while dying, it seems his blood is highly toxic to humans and totally fatal.”

The vice president looked at the deputy Director. “Clone… we have some talking to do, am I been sworn back into office?”

“No Sir… as far as we are concerned you never left office, and the public will be told you were working with the National Security to expose the alien’s true identity, we shall be showing the recordings of the Presidents death on worldwide TV, and inform our people an alien invasion is soon to take place.”

The vice president was escorted from the prison and united with those who were imprisoned with him and falsely accused. “Gentlemen I have been ordered to inform you certain mind agents assisted in bringing down this alien imposter, and they are working directly with National security to keep our nation safe, and we will not tolerate any attempts to close them down.” “Have we closed the CIA involvement?”

“Yes sir…finally that door is firmly closed…I shall explain in more detail later sir.”

At that the new presidential team was driven to the Whitehouse and took control of the situation as media frenzy started. News flashes were deliberately leaked, and selected News channels who had favoured the vice president were given the video recordings first, so they could break the news to the nation.

People looked in stunned silence at the video recordings, some refused to believe it was true, as they thought it was some kind of hoax, while others rejoiced in the exposure of the alien, and felt justified for the humiliation they took from others simply because they believed we were not alone and that aliens have visited earth for thousands of years.

It was only when the vice president gave a news briefing within the Whitehouse that, it dawned upon the nation, the sheer truth and seriousness of the situation in which they faced. It was also from this very platform that the vice president revealed a second explosive statement. “My fellow Americans, I can tell you now we have been working hand in hand with yet another alien culture, only these are human and once lived upon earth many thousands of years ago. They were referred to as the Atlantians and are a highly advanced race who took to the stars at the start of the melt down of the ice caps and have periodically returned to keep humanity protected and updated with technology.”

The vice President paused and took a drink of water, “And yes these Atlantians are aware of the lizard type aliens, and know of their technology, strength and force. Although the lizard aliens outnumber us by innumerable odds, the Atlantians are also a force to be reckoned with, and they bring technology vastly superior to that of ours to the table and have offered to fight alongside of us. They are sharing this technology and knowledge, and already we have our own fleet of space crafts and are ready to defend our planet.”

There was an immediate response with the reporters wanting to know who these Atlantians were and what they looked like. “I can tell you they are 100% human in appearance and have lived on this planet long before what we term modern civilization existed, no I cannot and will not expose operatives for their own security, just know and understand we are not facing this threat alone.”

At that the vice President stepped away from the podium and exited the room. He was followed by a group of highly trained National Security agents, and the journalist and camera people took dozens of photographs hoping to expose one or more of the Atlantians.

Stevens and those fellow mind agents had regrouped and were now in direct communication with the vice president and the National Security. “Steven we are sending an Atlantians craft to your location, and they will beam you and your team aboard and help you search for Jessica and your daughter.” “Thank you, Mr President, and congratulations on your new office.”

Within seconds of talking through a mind link, Stevens and his group were caught within a blinding flash of blue light, and they simply appeared to vanish, and materialised with an Atlantian space ship. “Welcome…I am captain Julius Sorergen and have been ordered to assist you in any way we can to locate your daughter and missing National Security Agent.”

“Thank you, Captain… however I fear my daughter and Jessica are somehow trapped between dimensions.”

Julius Sorergen smiled, “That is quite possible as we tried to intercept them and prevent their abduction, as such they have possibly, and hopefully materialised within shadow space, and you may know of what I am referring towards, as I believe in your culture, you refer to it as sub space.”

Steven looked bewildered, “But can they breathe there, is there even air, will they not die?” “No Sir… we wrapped them within a time bubble of air and placed them .5 out of fazed time, so even if they materialised within the alien’s craft, they will remain out of their focal range or perception, and yes they have air to last for months.”

Steven and the others relaxed upon hearing that news, and they knew now at least with the help of the Atlantians, that they could hopefully home in onto Jessica’s mental imprint and beam them safely aboard.

Only they were intercepted and delayed by three alien crafts, and if it had not been for the Atlantians shielding and cloaking abilities, Captain Julius Sorergen realised they would have failed in their mission. As it was, the Captain was forced to lay decoy beacons, by sending cloaked probes to distant locations, and it was some hours before the Atlantian Captain felt it was safe enough to continue with his journey.

Jessica and Julie having been the nearest to the alien life form and having received by far the mass of data before their friends were able to take some of the load. They both now had acquired thousands of years of mental knowledge and skills, and it was taking its toll within their minds, as their brains started building new pathways to receive and utilise this knowledge.

Jessica could see young Julie was struggling, yet her mind was flexible and still growing, and surprisingly Julie for a time, handled the data easier than Jessica. At first Jessica reached out to Stevens and the others, and told them it was similar, to been gifted a new interstellar space craft, and having to try and pilot it without instructions, lessons, or for a while, without external directions from other more experienced pilots.

Yet as confusing and difficult as it was, both Jessica and Julie after a time realised their minds were evolving, and vast amounts of knowledge, as well as understanding of that knowledge, was now been opened up before them. Soon as they looked at an object, their minds could analyse in considerable detail, an infinite number of acts of becoming may take place, and a finite time line of each subsequent action; including all that was involved in the objects creation, right down to the very level of quarks, which is even smaller than that of a single atom.

As this clarity of thought evolved within their minds, both Jessica and Julie realised that their minds were not only updating each other, but feeding from, as well as supporting each other. It was at this precise moment that they both realised this was how the reptilian aliens were communicating with each other, only they had a hive type mind, in that there was a queen or Matriarch in whom they obeyed and followed.

Unconsciously Julie and Jessica were both sharing this knowledge with Steven and the others, as their minds were evolving, only not as quickly, yet the data was received analysed and collated, and then stored for future use. For the first few hours, Stevens and the others could only equate it to a nauseous Sea Sick feeling and that of a blinding Migraine Attack all at the same time, as such was the sheer shock upon their bodies and minds.

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