Lust for Power

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disillusioned sociopathic bullied highschool dude gets magical amulet, you won't believe what happens, lol he just shoots up the school. clickbait? xD An introverted semi delinquent, who isn't the most mentally stable in a fictional late 90's early 2000's setting inherits some magic, from a quirky old magician/sorcerer-street performer whatever and gets into more trouble than he normally already gets in. Obviously things are going to get weird, intense, a bit silly, and most likely sad, just give it a shot man, ain't that long xD Author's Note: I like to think this is a coming of age story that touches on matters close to home, at least to me, I like to think that I might follow up with a next book but idk man, I wrote this almost a decade ago for a small contest back in college, a friend got into it, I only wrote up to chapter 2 that time, but I fell in love with the story regardless of the whole 'magic' category that I just happened to get stuck with on the draw, regardless I picked the story up a few years later, got it done and there ya go, thanks for taking the time, means a lot to me fam :3

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I Succession

It was just another day for Aries. It has been the same for him since he began walking the path he believed he had chosen. Just another day in the life of Aries as a student in one of those schools obscured from the rest of society.

However that on the contrary was much untrue ever since he had attained his so-called power and every once so often the man could not help but remember the day only last summer. It was still fresh in his memories like a dream he had awaken with but felt very much like a lifetime ago. Only a month of classes has passed and he was already known for being an exclusive performer, and a dangerous individual, and this day walking up to school he played the memories all over again.

Summer. Every other guy his age was all scattered around doing whatever it was they did. He was seventeen at that time, far from your typical guy, and spent most of his time out alone despite having competent socialization skills. He only had his mother left with him; his father is someone he had never known, and someone he would not bother to know. He had no god, not since the realization came to him slowly over his years of “existence” since he did not believe that “life” was the proper term, since “living” was not what he felt he was doing. He did however believe in the supernatural, magic fascinates him; there were many magic performers around town. He had always envisioned the many possibilities veiled in the art. However he wanted more, he wanted power, he believed in apotheosis, he dreamed to become a god. Well maybe in a childish sense of the term...

In that particular summer day at the slums where he went alone particularly to the usual corner where and old performer he knew usually performed. He was actually quite close to the man since he had always taken the time just to see him. That day, however, the old man was not there and so he decided to visit the urban hermit magician at his humble residence within the slums.


“Aries, how the hell are you? I couldn’t work today. I ain’t feelin’ too good right now, kid. But I don’t mind you in” rasped the old man, he looked more sick than he expressed. He was a man who seemed well beyond seventy but moved like it was a lot less at best, but today he moved as if he were a century old.

Aries was surprised even on how he was able to open the door.

“Are you ok Mansell? You look damn sick. What happened? Is there anything I can help you with?” Aries croaked. They did not mind each other’s language, they seemed like old friends. They cut the formalities.

The old man didn’t say a word of his illness until after awhile he said, “Look kid, I gotta tell you something important. I know you’ve seen me do what I do for far too long.” The man looked serious, and in seriousness Aries had never seen from him, at least not this much. Mansell continued, “I want you to do me a favor.”

“Whats you getting at ol’ man? Ye’aint gon die on me, are you?” he humored a bit, and came to the almost painful realization that there were no jokes going on. The old man explained further and when he felt he could already entrust Aries with the request, he took his necklace off and revealed a brilliant obsidian pendant, a simple round stone with a small hole in between for the necklace. It gleamed a negative purple...

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