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The wait for a loved one It's 5:30 pm. He should be coming home soon. I am waiting for him by the window. I plant myself by the window everyday at this time, waiting for him.

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It’s 5:30 pm. He should be coming home soon. I am waiting for him by the window. I plant myself by the window everyday at this time, waiting for him.

He has recently rented out our basement apartment and moved in a few weeks back. Yes, it has been only a few weeks, but I am already addicted to him. I know ‘addicted’ is a very strong word, but I cannot think of any other word for him. From the first time I saw him, I felt an instant connection - the sort of connection that does not have any explanation. Since then, over the past few weeks, my feelings for him has only become stronger with every interaction we have had.

I look back to the living room from the window. She is on the couch watching her regular shows on TV. Sometimes I feel I am betraying her. I have been with her for 9 years now. Never have I ever felt the connection that I have with her with anyone else. I know the bond that I have with her is something which lasts a lifetime. I know she is the one for me.

But what is it with him that I want to spend so much time around him everyday? Everyday that he goes to work, I feel terrible. When he comes home, my joy knows no bounds. I rush over to his place as soon as he comes home and spends time with him till bedtime. Of course, by bedtime, I come back to her. But through the day, if he is home, that is where you would find me.

I hear him before I see him walking by the lane towards our home. As soon as my eyes find him, my heart leaps with joy. I give a ‘woof’ of delight and my tail wags nineteen to a dozen. I cannot stop expressing my joy. She looks at me and smiles - “He has come back from office, isn’t it Bucky? Now let him rest a bit before you go off bounding by his door for your walk.” But he hears her when he opens the door. He is happy to see me too. “It’s OK, I am not tired. Come on, Bucky boy, let’s go for our walk.”

And my day is perfect again!

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