Mythics: The First Chapter

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Mary Willow James, being the lucky few to escape from Lord Darkness' grasp, had landed onto Sackledander Sundial's lap, adoptive father to her and the only person willing to assist her in any way. But after a deadly fire set, she is now alone on her journey to the Terral Academy, where she would be finding long-lasting friendships, torturing heart-breaks, never-ending enemies and hidden mysteries, and at the end, even she can't trust herself...

Fantasy / Action
Lumbie Pie
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Once upon a timeless time, when the moon and sun never became what it has been now, when different creatures in the world hadn’t walk the surface of a planet, when atoms weren’t a thing to even exist in minds, there was hundreds and hundreds of realms at different planes and sections of the galaxy housing bunches and bunches of different entities.

There was the chaotic dimensions like the Dragon Realm where hundred types of dragons, from intelligent-thinking to hiding-shy, back from fiercely-competitive becoming kind-hearted. Of course, there were more calm and peaceful realms like the Mystic Realm where magically-enchanted creatures live in utmost harmony and powerful herbs capable of curing the most intense of diseases grow healthily and effective at use.

Even with the number of differences and distance between the hundreds of realms, even with the high difference of their physical appearances and strengths, the only thing that connects them was one, lonely grey rock that wandered around space and time, once ignored by the Creators that made the first particle in the galaxy, was made by the proud leaders from each portals of worlds, to become the fabled Garden of Eden.

The Garden of Eden was one of the four beautiful sites that were amazingly created or made from the hard-earned cooperation between the realms. It had long-stretched flowers that had the magically-natural fragrance from it’s own mother-dimension. These fascinating plants, when they bloom once every mystical-purple stars, they would reveal something very precious, secretive, magnificent...but not even a single being in any realm, dimension or even the most advanced ones like the Extra-terrestrial Realm, or even the infamous Dwarven Realm that could interpret any time in the space of time from the future, to present and later to past, could interpret the blooming of the mystifying flowers.

But even then, there was other sights in this enchanted middle-point of the portals to realms, there was the never-ending Wylard(pronounced as Wai-Lard)Falls, which will keep flowing continuously without fail, and the area of congregation between leaders and representatives of worlds, which is located directly at the middle, calculated meticulously by intelligent minds from around the vast planes of realms. This acclaimed area of the gorgeous garden, which was Mid-Point Zero, was the center of all arguments and condemnation between different species of domains. It was the sparks created here that made how the future it is today.

To the citizens and residents of all their domains, were confident and convinced that everything would as they should be, peace and seclusion to each and every realm. But when centuries and generations passed, it was not to be expected and only to be a never-ever-dreams that this would be eternal.

As leaders for each realms had changed, overthrown or passed down to each following generation, opinions, rules, and policies had also followed together with it. And with different opinions, the worlds would be at each other’s necks and tails, tension increasing each tunnels of time swirling away, arguments to small wars, from small battles to neglecting each other. As soon as those events unfolded itself to the anxious citizens of each worlds, the graceful and beautiful Garden Of Eden had been a much more concentrated area for sparks of wars and disastrous talks between realms.

“What did you say, you empty-minded swine of a dragon!?”

Master Lepri from Realm of Four Clovers retaliated the severe accusations of treason back to the fiery-tempered Lord Pragon. Of course, with a deathly insult like that, would kindle a fierce argument very tensely and quickly between the two extremely contrasting personalities.

“Said a short, mini imp that decided to rob it’s citizens from their cash and materials, you tiny dwarf, no offense!” the fiery-tempered Lord Pragon shot back while looking at King Marlibough of the Dwarfian Realm. Even with his slight apologetic eyes hastily flashed to him by the scarlet-red dragon, the blind insult still broke a small part of his amazingly-loud pride.

“I can’t believe what you have just insulted to my glorious figure, you spoilt, lazy lizard of a dragon!”

As sudden as that poisonous dart of an insult, the volcanoes inside them erupted fiercely and the heavy, dark, intense smoke gathered and spread throughout the large-sized pagoda that had the angry fumes of a large-sized lizard, a dwarf and a lime-green leprachaun, now blowing each other off as more joined in the tensing argument to take advantage of the situation, either with a pure heart, or a totally different agenda that they had on that time.

“Maybe I should ask the barbarians in the room here, to put down the brakes on their...self-shaming attitude now...”

A honeyed tone of a kiddie-voice came from the shaded corner of the extensive-sized pagoda that silenced the argument for a slight moment, dragging everyone’s mystified gaze to a crimson-cloaked, lady-liked figure that was somewhat looking out to the glowing, amethyst-like garden, before being suddenly(and rudely) interrupted by Master Lepri.

“Now who, in the ridiculous galaxy, are you?” The incredibly intrusive green elf continued as of it was the authoritative leader on the table,“I’ll have you know, you puny, little piece of pie, that you’re not the---”

Suddenly, the quiet cardinal cloak fell off the hooded stranger to reveal an enigmatic figure of a girl, standing with emerald irises that glowed flourescently like a gem, her slender legs and dark-skinned hands were almost covered entirely with barks of trees with small, thin branches of leaves sprouting out of the tree-like girl.

Suddenly, the once uncivilized, loud Master Lepri was immediately swept into a guilty, regretful squat, speaking with a trembling, fearful voice. “Mother Earth! I d-d-didn’t think it w-w-was you, my E-E-Earthliness...”

Everyone followed with the movement with the same action, in respect for the lady that stood with a stern, intimidating face. Suddenly, the bark-like lady opened up her mouth robotic-like, “I am flabbergasted, of the world that I have dreamed and created with my other equal-minded allies, are now sticking their troats out for a fight!” The lady said with her eyes suddenly turning to a dangerous red. Everyone was quiet and nervous with the atmosphere formed, the green leprechaun was sweating to the point where he could fill a 2 large buckets

“You have disgraced my name and my legacy to be so...vulgar and immature... and you have given me choice, but to dissolve your status and authority in the Galaxy Alliance which will be eff-----”

Suddenly, an eerie obscurity from the purple-hazed starry sky overshadowed the glass-made roof. As it landed with a ‘thump’, all of the brightly-bloomed flowers, the mystical glows from it, dimmed down to almost darkness, none even letting out a single glow of happiness...

As it approaches slowly and steady, the largely-stretched, shadow-black feathered wings folded slightly to fit into the now tense atmosphere of the pagoda. And when it reached above the dark-wooden stairs, all eyes were particularly taring at this mysterious intrusion. Unbeknownst to them, Mother Earth was looking straight into the hooded figure, her large, green eyes flashing furious-red with hellfire able to flame an entire forest.

The malicious silhouette folded up it’s dark hood to the back with it’s unusually sharp-clawed hands, where it’s villainous-felt wings were half-folded. As it does, it revealed a dark, unpleasant spot of smoke, the only facial expressions being a wild, vile grin, and it’s uncanny upside-down triangular eyes that were as pointy as a sharpened blade. Immediately after that opening, a bunch of thick, wooden roots sprouted from the ground, gripping and wrapping the pile of smoke in it.

“I had never ever thought of you, ever daring to step a single foot into a territory of an Eternal God, let alone a creation of multiple!”

With that ending, the uneasy atmosphere was broken with a shrill laugh that could shaken up even the most valiant ones. “I don’t think you would want to speak to me in that manner, Earth...”

A sudden jolt of the shadow immediately flung the startled Mother Earth, making her leaf-piled hair to crash into the concrete-hard glass roof, making hundreds of green leaves to fall out suddenly. As anticipated from the wickedness of the mysterious shadow, the thick, strong roots lost enough of their tough grip to be broken into wooden pieces onto the floor. As abrupt as the violent freeing of the powerful-looking silhouette, Mother Earth, losing her emerald-green glow from her timber body, dropped to the glossy ground, unconscious with her moss-green staff too losing it’s green aura.

Seeing that it’s personal enemy eliminated from the equation, he approaches the nervous and cautious leaders, representatives, lords and so on. Some backed away slightly, with their hands, paws or claws on their self-prepared sword handles. Seeing this, he announced himself to convince these future allies.

“Apologies, for the mess that I have made. My name is Lord Darkness, God of Pain, Sadness and Chaos,” as he saw most of the cowardly leaders staggered by his honorable title, he explains continuously anyway, “Of course, I wouldn’t want to bring pain to you all. I just want...a bit of your...alliance with me...”

After saying those words, the ones that were not cold-feet or unwilling to listen anymore, had a saw a short glimpse of golden chance or even inspired and admiration from the lord’s sharp-pointed eyes, which gave him either a sickening feeling or a proud but grossed-out look. He continued hopeful, “Any who wishes to join my adventure to take over and control what is and was suppose to be rightfully theirs and mine, are welcome to join...”

“I’m joining your adventures now, from here on out, Master Darkness, and I want to assist you as much as I can!”

Between Queen Prancelot of the Pegasus and Princess Catrish of the Felines, stood Duchess Witchelair of the Witches, where she is raising her lime-green hand above her jet-black, triangular-pointed hat. The evil-intended shadow gesture the nervous witch to approach him. Of course, knowing of what this Lord Darkness’ capabilities and strong power, she scuttled quickly to his side, where the creepy, only slightly visible facial features of the smoke was facing at.

"Ah...a volunteer...such bravery. I admire it...” suddenly, a dash of intense red flashed in the smokey lord, “I absolutely hate puny creatures that tremble in fear when in front of it!”

Just with a light sound of a snap, the green witch twitched all over without command, her body slowly turning darker to grey-green. And quickly, she became like a mindless creature, muttering to herself “Evil....darkness....pain...suffering...”

“Who’s next?”

Even with the shocking stun, every creature ran for their very lives to the portal behind them that lead to their safely-guarded realms.

Smaller creatures like imps, dwarfs and fairies were almost trampled and crushed before getting sucked by a weird, smokey bubble by the vile Lord Darkness, only to be meeting the same fate as Duchess Witchelair.

Among the chaos, teams of gods have arrived at the area with the flash of a portal. Once on the scene, they rushed into the chaotic anarchy, battling furiously and intensely with the pandemonium arrival of Lord Darkness.

“Quick, get behind the wall!” Poseidon, member of the Water Powers summoned hastily a large wall to barricade the powerless leaders behind from the incomimg hordes of dark-coloured creatures consumed by darkness.

“Let me help!” Slowly, from Mazu of Chintology to Varuna of Hintology came to assist flooding down the zombie-like minions.

One by one, each leaders were exiting the area of dissaray and chaos. After ensuring all were safely evacuated, the gods focused their attacks onto this powerful foe they despised personally.

“I wouldn’t believe anyone that said you had escaped from Hell. But, here you are...”

Zeus, the Lightning God, marched in with an electrocuting lightning bolt on his hands, the enraged feeling in his eyes zooming into the surrounded smoke...

“I guess we shall send you back to my Hell...” Hades floated into the flaming pagoda from fiery blasts by Hephaestus, The Fire God. In an instance, all of the gods and demi-gods chanted together loudly wih the same words and voice. And at the middle, their target, Lord of Pain, Nightmares, Darkness...

“I don’t think so...”

And with that, a humongous blast erupted with a blinding light...

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