Absolute Obedience

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Chapter One

I stood in front of the older pups as one of the warriors paced around the large room instructing them on key points to attack an enemy. It was my job to stand there and allow the pups to practice on my body. It was vital to the packs' survival that they had a live body to use and demonstrate.

"Going for the back of an unsuspecting opponent is cowardly." The instructor used his pointing stick and hit the back of my legs. I barely registered the pain. At 18 yrs old, I had been used like this twice a week for 12 of those 18.

My eyes stayed downcast, I wasn't allowed to look into the eyes of anyone. I had accidentally made eye contact with one of the pups before. They had come up to me before class one day and I was amazed at their acknowledgment of me and had stared, unfortunately, the mother had seen and I was severely beaten and thrown into the dungeons for the night. It wasn't fun, but I knew the rules and had disobeyed.

I have many rules, and all are there to protect the pack from me. As an omega, I at times attracted the eyes of mated males and females. So to ensure the safety of the sacred bonds, Alpha implemented rules for me to adhere to. Even as a toddler the rules I was made to follow were all to ensure the safety of the pups and other pack members. I didn't want to be the cause of an uprising, or some type of misconduct of my pack. I loved my pack, even if they didn't speak to me, I was protected by them and in return, it was the least I could do to follow a few rules and accept my punishments for not following them.

My current Alphas father was the one to have brought me to the pack when I was just an infant. From there, I was raised by an elder omega until she passed when I was 3. I don't recall much of the elderly omega but I do recall her kind eyes, the only eyes I had ever been permitted to look into. After her death, the Alpha ensured that I was taught the rules and the consequences. He did promise that as long as I followed them and didn't get into trouble that my mate would find me one day. I look forward to that day.

"Omega, Alpha wants you in his study." Blinking I looked over to the instructor avoiding eye contact and simply nodded my head. Giving a slight bow and baring of my neck to show my submission and respect to the pups and warrior I silently made my way out of the room.

As I walked I could feel something in me tell me to run, to hide. The hairs on my neck stood on end and I could feel sweat collecting on my skin. I was unsure of what these feelings were but I seemed to always get like this when the Alpha summoned me. I would never act upon my flight response, it would give my Alpha the impression that I feared him, a pack doesn't fear their Alpha. They celebrate their Alpha, and I could never fear mine. He allowed me to live here even though I've never contributed to the pack. An omega was useless to a pack, so I would never fear the hand that pats my head.

The pack house was large in scale and one of five. The one where I lived in was the main house. It housed close to 700 pack members. I wasn't aware of the size of the other houses I just know that they don't nearly have large but still house a good amount of wolves.

The walk was long so I made sure to hastened my steps. The halls were decorated beautifully, showcasing the high ranking pack members from generations past. The floors were a dark oak while the walls were a light tan speckled marble and doors leading to various rooms. I was only allowed access into a few halls and rooms. The main rooms were forbidden and I wasn't allowed to view the outside, so when entering a room if a window was present I had to remain outside until curtains were drawn, or else risk punishment. It was for the packs' protection that I not be allowed to step beyond the pack house walls or be tempted by looking beyond what I've come to know.

My hastened footsteps were silent. My scent alone was attention enough, there was no need for me to allow myself to make unnecessary noises. It was a skill that I'm very proud of. All of my movements were silent. It was one of the rules.

Don't make any noise.

I prided myself at my skill. It had taken me a few years to master but I wanted the praise and not the punishment so I had tried my hardest for my Alpha.

Finally, I arrived at the large mahogany door. I didn't knock nor voice that I was here. I didn't know how to speak, so even if I had wanted to voice my presence I was unable to. That was another rule.

Do not speak, ever.

I wasn't taught to speak and I've never made the attempt. The less noise I made the fewer punishments I received. Werewolves were more about our body language anyway, so while some saw my muteness as a handicap I saw it was a blessing.

As I stood outside the door I knew Alpha could smell me. My scent was very potent from what I've been told, I was unsure of why or what caused it to be so, but it was one of the reasons I had many rules.

It only took a few moments before I heard the booming voice from behind the door beckoning me in. Again my heart skipped and my body broke out in tremors. The strong urge to run and hide was very prominent. This was my body's normal response. I listened to it once, and I ended up with a broken leg and had been unable to move for a week. My body tended to lie to me so I've learned to ignore it. Sometimes instincts were very wrong especially when it came to my Alpha.

Taking a deep breath I reached for the door handle to allow myself in. The room was grand in size. Books and maps decorated the walls, a couch and chair along with a tv occupied part of the room while the other housed an enormous desk. Behind the desk were large bay windows that were covered with black curtains blocking the beautiful view I'm sure they overlooked. Behind that desk sat my massive Alpha. He was hunched forward, his dark brown eyes almost black in the dimly lit room. His brown hair was slightly messy as if he'd run his hands through it too many times. His expression wasn't welcoming, Alpha wasn't pleased.

I couldn't help but lift my head ever so slightly to inhale his scent. Unlike the other pack members, I wasn't scented by the Alpha. It was one of my punishments for not having parents. The scent of the Alpha was one of the things every wolf craved if you are scented you become an official member of the pack. You obtain their protection, their love and the mental link to communicate. I could only hope that one day my behavior would be good enough to earn his favor.

"Toby..." his voice was deep and firm. It sent shivers down my spine and I had to fight with myself to not lay on the ground in total submission to him. Instead, I bore my neck and gazed at the opposite wall.

"Come here."

Slowly I approached him making my way around the desk until I stopped within arm's length of him. Keeping my eyes downcast I tried not to let his overpowering presence scare me. I wasn't scared but my body was. It didn't seem to ever listen to my mind and as a result, I was always getting punished. My scent would be laced with fear and Alpha did not like that scent at all. It was another rule, one that I couldn't seem to follow.

Never show fear.

I didn't think I needed this rule because I could never be scared but my body seemed to always be fearful. It was very confusing for me, but I accepted my punishments for not following the rule.

Alpha stood up, his impressive height dwarfed my own. I came up to his chest, I heard it was very common for an omega to be on the smaller side. We didn't need to be large, genetically we were weaker than other werewolves, and we didn't challenge. There was no need for us to grow and be formidable. I'm not exactly sure why we even existed. We had no standings in a pack and if anything we were a burden. I was lucky my pack kept me.

I felt Alphas hand land on top of my head. My heart fluttered with happiness. It was very rare for him to pat my head. 'I must have done something well!'

I slowly lifted my eyes to peak at his face. Alpha was very handsome. His jawline was square and prominent. His nose straight and lips thin. But as my eyes took in his strong facial features I noticed the enraged look on his face.

I felt my body move before my mind was able to catch up. Alpha was very upset. Before I was even able to get away, his hand tightens on my head gripping my long black hair in his hand. My body was yanked into his muscular chest. His grip on my hair firm and unrelenting. I couldn't keep the shivers or the fear under control. I wasn't sure what I had done, but it was something that deserved punishment.

His growl vibrated throughout the room and he lifted my body to his face using my hair has a handle. "You will be shifting tonight, you are to be chained in the dungeon for two weeks. I will not have your scent drive the pack crazy." His voice was deadly and low. I made sure my eyes stayed locked onto his chin, not willing to risk possibly worsening my punishment.

I watch his lips part and his teeth bared, he was very very angry today. I closed my eyes waiting for the first hit. As if on cue, I felt his hand collide with my face whipping my head to the side. It stung, the force of the blow split my lip and I could feel blood pool in my mouth.

"You are worthless,"

His words were spat angrily, spit coating my face with every word he spoke.

"A useless bitch,"

This time he clenched his fist and drove it into my abdomen, making my eyes bulge open and my hands clutch at my stomach. My eyes stung, and I tried to gasp for air as I worked out the pain.

"To go into heat at such a time, filthy!"

This time he threw my body against a bookcase. I didn't have time to curl my body up before the books from the shelf started pelting down onto my form.

"Now look what you've done!"

'Oh no.' My body froze, this was bad. I most definitely broke one very important rule.

Don't touch the Alphas things.

These books were now covered in my scent. Now I really did agree with my body on the fear. No matter what, I was not allowed to touch the Alphas things, no matter what the reason was, I was not to do it. If I hadn't made Alpha angry then he would not have tossed me into the bookcase and I would have never had these books fall on me. It was a chain reaction and one that I was the cause of.

His angry footsteps got close and I braced myself for the onslaught.

I heard his bones crack as he shifted before me and then I felt his teeth. His wolf has never seen me as pack since I was never scented, I was an intruder who didn't follow the rules set out by the Alpha to protect the pack and myself.

I stayed limp as I felt teeth scrape against my bone, and flesh tear away from my legs. I squeezed my eyes shut willing the cries and scream to remain within. I couldn't fight even if I had wanted to, his wolf would kill me if it felt resistance. To make noise now would likely kill me. I couldn't be so disobedient and break another rule.

The attack lasted only moments before he finally put his enormous jaws around my neck shaking me roughly. I did my best to expose my neck to him in total submission. The air was thick with my blood and fear but after a few agonizing moments, Alpha took a step back and shifted into his human body.

I let out a breath of relief and gave him a small smile before I allowed my vision to go dark. My Alpha was kind to not have killed me.


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