The Hunter and Demon Wolf

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What is to happen to Nikki Hale when her life is at stake? And when she's the only one of her kind that's left alive. The hunters are back in Beacon Hills hunting and killing the last of a certain werewolf breed and rank. The Demon Wolf. The hunters then recruit an Argent named Kaden, who tends to have a good shot like his sister before him. But what Kaden doesn't realize that who he's hunting for is closer than he thinks. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ •° First book of Nikki Hale's Tales of Misery °• •° Book one of three °• •° This book is unedited so please excuses the grammar, errors, mistakes, and the werid plot holes °•

Fantasy / Adventure
Chaotic Dreams
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

•° Chapter One: They're Back °•

The first warning bell of the new semester sounded through the halls of Beacon Hills High school. The halls was crowded with people either going to class or talking to their friends. It seemed like this would be a good school year.

Sighing I walked through the halls to my locker grabbing the books I would need for first period. Once I had closed my locker and was about to fully turn around, someone gently pushed me back against my locker with their hands on my waist. Before I could even look up at who it was, their lips were smashed against mine. I realized who it was and returned the kiss. It was Justin Hall the warlock.

Justin had nearly a whole foot towering over me since he is 6'2 while I'm just barely 5'5. He had light brown eyes that I get lost in when ever I look in them. Just like I am now once he pulled away from the kiss. Justin softly caressed my cheek with a small smile on his lips. I gave him a small smile while I lean back on my locker. I then ran my fingers through his hair with a sigh.

I look up at Justin and crossed my arms. "We're going to have to cancel our plans for tonight, you know."

Justin raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Why? What's going on?"

"I'm guessing you forgot. Well it's a full moon tonight, remember." I replied with a shrugged of my shoulders.

Justin groaned and sighed. "Fuck.. How come you don't have your shifting under control yet?"

"Because it's not that easy to get control of." I rolled my eyes.

Justin rolled his eyes as well making me direct my attention over to a set of footsteps, that was coming over to us. Once the figure got closer I noticed that it was just Mia. Mia and I locked eyes and she raised an eyebrow nodding towards Justin, asking if she could kick his ass but I simply shook my head making her groan in annoyance.

Mia Sato was the very bad ass and beautiful fire kitsune, whom happened to be my best friend. We met back in junior high when I was struggling to keep myself under control on a full moon day, she the one who had to step in before I could ripped Gabrielle Madison's head off her body. Ever since that day we grew closer and became best friends, plus the day we officially said we were best friends she told me that she was a fire kitsune and I told her what kind of werewolf I was.

Justin turned his head a bit to look at Mia who was simply glaring at him making him glare back at her. Mia and Justin never once liked each other but once I became Justin's girlfriend in freshman year, Mia then hated Justin with a burning passion and Justin felt the same way. I shook my head and sighed softly escaping Justin's grip and walked over to my best friend, whom wore a small smirk directed to Justin who had then clenched his fist.

As I linked arms with Mia I turned to look at Justin. "I'll see you later."

But before Justin could say anything Mia dragged me into the crowd of bodies so we could walk to our first period, which happened to be history. As we walked I heard a small growl come from Mia which made me chuckle. Soon we walked into the classroom and walked to our normal seats in the back of the class. Since we was one of the first people there besides some other kids we decided to talk.

Mia looked over at me. "Why are you still with that douchebag? You know I can't stand him." She groaned in annoyance.

I shrugged my shoulder as I got my textbook out. "I'm just giving him a chance."

Mia scoffed at this and rolled her eyes. "A chance? Oh you've got to be kidding me. You've given him two chances, two damn chances Nikki! And yet you still run back to him! The dick can't be that good for you to keep going back to him."

I looked over at Mia for a moment. "He told me he was going to change that's why I gave him another chance."

"Oh come on! He said that bullshit to you the first time he cheated on you and what happened again? He cheated. So I'm saying this as your best friend, you need to dump his sorry ass."

"You make it sound so easy-"

"It is that easy, Nikki. All you have to do walk up to him and say your over. Piece of cake."

"But I need a reason to do it."

"No you don't-" But before Mia could finish the bell rang signalling class was about to start.

We watched as the rest of the class trickled into the classroom. Only one student ever caught my eye and that was Kaden Argent. Kaden was Scott McCall's younger brother and was also a hunter like his father and sister Chris and Allison Argent. Which meant Kaden knew about the supernatural world and all of our weaknesses. But who would think that a cute face like his would kill someone?

I then heard Mia whispered as she chuckled. "Nikki, your drooling."

I quickly shot her a quick glare as I took my eyes off Kaden. But that only made her smirk making me groan and face the board as the teacher began today's lesson. It was going to be a long day.

Once my classes were all finished for the day I headed to the girls locker room to get changed for cheer practice. I only did cheer when volleyball was out of season and it was that time of year when it was. After I changed into a plain maroon color tank top and some black leggings, I tied my hair back then headed out to the field where practice was being held. I jogged over to the rest of the girls who were just stretching as they waited for Gabrielle our captain.

I stood with the other girls and started stretching since I knew practice was going to be longer than normal, because Gabrielle was late. And she was late today of all days, which made my blood boil. But I only knew I was starting to get angry because of the full moon tonight. This practice needs to hurry up.

After about a good fifteen minutes Gabrielle walked out onto the field. She looked over at me and smirked while I just simply glared at her. She then turned her attention to the rest of the girls and we started practice. We learned a new cheer routine for Friday's big lacrosse game against Devenford Prep. Practice then soon ended once we perfected most of the routine for the game.

I got up from my position and watched as Gabrielle quickly walked back into the school. I raised an eyebrow curious on why she left so fast but I try to not give it a second thought as I follow the other girls back to the locker room. After a quick shower and getting dressed I started to leave the locker room. While I was walking a familiar scent hit me and I instantly knew it was Justin's, which made me curious. I followed the scent all the way to coach's office and to my surprise and fear I see the back of Justin shirtless making out with someone. So the only thing I could do was, I walk over and opened the door leaning the doorway. I cleared my throat gaining Justin's attention and got a glimpse of who he was about to screw. And behold the devil Gabrielle Madison.

I watched as all the color from Justin's face drained as he tried to step towards me. "Nikki, it's not what it looks like-"

I laughed and looked at him. "Sure, it doesn't look like you were just about to screw this whore, but it does actually."

"I'm not a fuck-" I growled loudly, glaring at Gabrielle which made her instantly shut up.

I heard Justin's heart pounding rapidly in his chest as he reached out to touch me, but I quickly turned my attention to him and growled. "Don't fucking touch me. And another thing Justin, we're over."

And with that, I turned and walked away from them. I heard Justin yelling my name but I didn't care, all I knew was that I was ready to shift tonight and kill something in the woods. As I walked lost in my thoughts I bumped into somebody. I felt their hands grabbed my waist making sure I didn't fall back, but that only made me growl. They instantly removed their hands making me look up at them, to come face to face with Kaden Argent.

Kaden looked down at me with a worried expression. "Hey, you okay?"

I nodded my head and plastered a fake smile on my face. "Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

Kaden didn't seem convince but he nodded, understanding that I didn't want to talk about it. He then sighed as he nodded. "Okay, well if you ever need something don't hesitate to call or ask me."

I nodded my head and walked away from him. I then felt his eyes on the back on my head which made me walk faster. Soon I felt his stare vanish as I walked out the door. Once I was outside I ran over to my car, quickly unlocking it and getting in. I started the engine and drove out of the school parking lot to then quickly drove home. It took twenty minutes or more before I pulled into my drive way.

I got out of my car and locked the door before opening the front door to my home. Once inside I closed the door and locked it as I let my tears of anger and frustration fall. I looked over at my coffee table to see a picture of Justin and I, which made me pick it up then threw it wat the wall smashing it. Which then I started to break all the other pictures that I had of either Justin or both of us. Soon I heard my phone ringing, so I took it out my pocket to look at the caller ID before throwing it at the wall since it was Justin calling.

After I finish destroying and breaking things I looked over at the window seeing that the moon was going to be out soon. Growling I walked out to my backyard before taking off for the woods. Once I was in the woods I didn't stop running, I just kept going. Until I felt my bones cracking, which made me drop to my knees. I looked over at the sky seeing that the moon was at it's highest before I got distracted from feeling my bones cracking again. Soon I felt my fingers change into claws, my teeth becoming sharper. Then I screamed out in pain as my bones started to break faster while I felt fur sprouting from my skin. I heard my clothes tearing and ripping and soon I was a six foot tall werewolf.

Growling I got up on all four and looked around me noticing I was in a clearing with a lake. Walking over to the lake I looked down at myself seeing a jet black wolf who's iris were an unnatural shade of red but it's sclera was black instead of white. I then back away even though I wasn't scared of my form anymore, I was used to it since I am a demon wolf.

Turning around I ran deeper in the woods looking for my prey and enjoying the feeling of the wind. Soon I stopped and hid behind some bushes to look at a deer that was minding it's own business. After a couple of minutes that felt like hours, I lunged towards the animal bitting it in the process. The deer ran off scared once I let it go making me growl before chasing after it. It seemed like it was going to be a long night.

After a while I lunged at the deer, tackling it to the ground. I growled loudly, smelling the fear coming from the animal before I bit into it's neck. Soon the deer gave up trying to fight me and then soon I got up dropping the deer from my mouth once it was dead. I looked down at the dead animal beneath me and huffed, before stalking off. But all too soon I heard footsteps coming near me, at first I thought it could jump be some people camping till I heard a couple of guns cocking. That's when I noticed red laser beans on my fur, meaning they were aiming at me.

I growled loudly attempting to stand my ground to the people who were threatening me before I felt an arrow pierce my side. I whimpered and growled lowly before I sprinted off but I didn't even make it a good twenty feet till I felt a bullet pierce my right hind leg. But that didn't slow me down I just only ran. I wasn't worried about the threat because theirs no way they would catch up to me, that was in till I heard a couple of humvees driving after me.

Growling I tried to push myself to run faster but it was no used with my wounds. I glanced over towards the sky just to see if the sun was close to rising. But with me being distracted for a moment, one of the humvees ran into me from the my left side making me loose my balance and falling. I quickly look at my surroundings to see a few other humvees pull up, all before I directed my attention to someone getting out of one. I growled and snapped my jaw at the person, whom seemed unfazed as they walked towards me.

The man that was coming closer had a good build, platinum hair that was a buzz cut, and piecing blue eyes. He smirked at me as he stood a good three feet away.

He kept smirking at me as placed his hands in his pockets. "Look at this! We have ourselves a demon wolf who's on her own."

I growled at the guy before whimpering as I placed my head down covering my ears with my paws. That's when I knew the noise had to be a sonic emitter that I could here. Then the noise stopped making me look towards the guy who was holding a remote which probably activated the emitters.

"Hurts doesn't it?" He question with a grin before continuing. "But soon you'll be in a lot more worse pain. Just like the others were."

Others? What others? I thought to myself before whimpering as I felt another bullet pierce my side. I snapped my head to the left and growled at the man, who looked like he just pissed his pants. Standing up on my legs I huffed before lunging at the shooter. I roared down the man as he screamed for him from the others. But no one came to his aid, probably scared that they'll be next. Giving the guy a wolfish grin I quickly bit down on his head, twisting and pulling before his head snapped clean off. I turned towards the guy that was in front of me before and spit the head near his feet then I took off as fast as I could.

"After that damn beast!" I heard the guy say before I turned deeper into the trees as I was able to hear some humvees coming for me.

I kept running barely hearing the humvees anymore right before I fell to the ground, while I felt my bones going back to normal. I turned my head looking up towards the sky as the sun rosed. Soon I felt my front legs change into arms, my hind legs changed back to my legs. My claws to back to fingers, my teeth went back to me and the fur disappeared. I just had to assume my eyes changed back to normal.

I was back to just my regular normal human looking self. Naked, with bullet wounds, an arrow in my side, and blood on my face and chest. Groaning I crawled over to a log and leaned back on it. Then I pulled the arrow out of me wincing before throwing it before I let my nails turn into claws. I then reached into the back of my leg, digging my claws into the bullet wound before it closed and pulled the bullet out. After that I did it to the other bullet wounds before I got up and tried to figure my way out.

I still thought about what happened last night as I walked and what that guy, who I'm assuming was a hunter, meant by others. Was their really others just like me out there? Maybe they could teach me how to get control of my shifting on full moons. But then I pushed those thoughts away as I realized that their hunters in Beacon Hills, looking for my kind. Well isn't that great.

Well that's all for this week. Every Monday I'll update but sometimes if I don't update on Monday, I'll probably do it sometime later in the week. And I'm going to be putting "The Demon Wolf" on hold for a bit because I've been having this character for awhile and just thought of a plot for her. So tell me what you think.

Please don't mind some of the errors mistakes since this is unedited.

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