The Hunter and Demon Wolf

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Chapter Ten

•° Chapter Ten: Just A Normal Day? Or Is It °•

After last nights event, I woke up still wrapped up in Kaden's arms. I turned a bit to look at Kaden who was still sleeping. I looked at how peaceful he was sleeping and how some of his hair fell on top of his forehead. I smiled at how adorable he looked and kissed his forehead before trying to get up out of bed. But what stopped me from even moving an inch was feeling Kaden's arm tighten around my waist and pulling me close. Kaden snuggled his head into the crook of my neck while I tried wiggling around to escape but that was a bad idea since we both were still naked.
After a couple of minutes of trying to escape, I sighed in defeat and laid with Kaden who was still sleeping. Then soon I heard my phone alarm go off most likely notifying me to get up for school. Turning my head to the nightstand my phone was laying on, I wiggled my arm free and reached for my phone. My first two attempts of grabbing my phone failed since it was hard to reach but on my third try I got it. I looked at my phone, turning my alarm off before I gently shook Kaden, trying to wake him up. He only groaned and mumbled something that was hard for me to hear. I only rolled my eyes and pushed him over on his back before I sat up stretching . I then got out of bed not caring that I was naked and walked to the bathroom, shutting the door behind me once I was inside. I then turned to the shower and started the water before I looked at myself in the mirror.
I was able to see all the bite marks and hickies on my skin still slowly healing from last night. I always wondered why hickies and bite marks on my skin always healed slowly. Turning back to my shower, I stepped in and let the warm water touch my skin, instantly warming me up even though I never noticed that I was cold. I then turned around wetting my hair before I grabbed my shampoo bottle and started washing my hair once I turned back around. It was pretty silent in the bathroom besides the shower water and me humming from time to time before I heard the door to the bathroom open. Instantly I recognized as Kaden from his scent before the shower curtain was pulled back a bit and he stepped in the shower behind me. I felt his arms wrap around my waist before he moved some of my hair off my shoulder and he rested his head on my shoulder.
"You left me all alone in bed." Kaden whisper huskily in my ear, which sent a shiver down my back.
"Well I needed to get ready for school and so do you." I said turning my head to look at him.
He rolled his eyes which made me giggle before he nipped at my earlobe, replying. "School could have waited."
I bite my lip and shook my head. "Not with my attendance it couldn't have."
Kaden only rolled his eyes and kissed my cheek which made me smile. For the next half hour I spent in the shower with Kaden showering before I got out leaving him alone once more. Deciding that I would brush my teeth after I got dress, I went back to my room after wrapping a towel around me, Once I was back in my room, I went to my dresser dropping my towel on the ground and putting a pair of panties and a bra on. Then I decided to wear a pair of shorts and a crop tube top. I grabbed my hair brush and brushed out my wet hair before just letting it air dry so it'll be wavy. After that I went back to the bathroom once I heard the shower shut off. I walked passed Kaden as he walked back to my room with a towel wrapped around his waist and I walked into the bathroom.
After I brushed my teeth and grabbed my phone plus my headphones, I headed downstairs in to the kitchen to make breakfast. I plugged up my headphones to my phone and started to listen to some music while I made waffles. I twirled around the kitchen singing along to the songs that came on while I was cooking. Soon I stop when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist for the second time to day. I turned around in Kaden's arms taking my headphones out my ears and smiling up at him. Kaden smiled down at me before kissing my forehead then he let me go and sat at the counter watching me. But then his attention soon turned to the waffles I slid in front of him along with the syrup.
He then looked up at me as he started eating. "You know, I could get used to waking up every morning to you dancing and singing around in the kitchen."
I laughed a bit, leaning on the counter. "Oh really?"
"Yes really, especially with our kids running around driving us nuts." He replied.
"Our kids? Who said I was going to be marrying you and having kids with you, hm? Because maybe I'll just dump you if I found the right one." I teased before laughing.
Kaden looked up at me shockingly while he placed his hand over his heart before gasping jokingly. "You would do that to me even if I give you my favorite hoodie!"
I thought about it playfully while I tapped my chin like I was thinking. "Well when you say that maybe you are the right one."
We both looked at each other before laughing, maybe he really was the one.

After we ate and cleaned up the kitchen we went to school taking his car instead of mine. Once we were there, we walked hand and hand into the school to my locker before Kaden had went to his after giving me a quick peck on the lips when we were at my locker. I was busy grabbing my books for first period before when I caught the scent of Mia and Skylar walking up behind me. I shut my locker to face the two of them and Mia raised an eyebrow at me before looking in the direction of where Kaden walked off too. Skylar on the other hand was smiling from ear to ear since I'm assuming she saw our little kiss.
"So! You two talked about why you disappeared for awhile?" The redhead asked me and I nodded in response.
Skylar squealed as Mia looked at me raising an eyebrow and that's when I knew I had to tell her. "I told him about what I am-"
Skylar then looked dead at me all he happiness from moments before were gone while Mia looked at me like I grew two heads or something. "You did what!"
"I told him." I shrugged. "It's not a big deal."
"Not a big deal? You did realize he's been hunting you for weeks so he can kill you, right. And he almost did!" The kitsune practically yelled at me.
I rolled my eyes. "Because he didn't know it was me and he's sorry for it. Skylar back me up here."
Skylar only shook her head. "I can't, I actually agree with Mia."
Mia smiled and crossed her arms while I groaned in frustration. She then looked at me. "So are you going to stop sleeping with the enemy?"
"Nope because I love him." I replied as the bell signaling the start of first period, I then smirked. "Now if you'll excuse me I have class to get too."
"We have the same class! So this conversation isn't over!" Mia called after me as I walked away laughing.
As we both walked to class she kept trying to prove her point about Kaden being not trust worthy. We then walked into class and I made eye contact with Kaden, giving him a small smile while Mia glared at him. He raised an eyebrow at me, nodding towards Mia and I shook my head before pulling Mia to our seats. As the teacher started class all Mia kept doing was glaring at Kaden and I only sighed. This was going to be very hard to get Mia to trust me about my decision to tell him.

After most of my classes it was time for lunch. I sat at my usual table with Mia, Skylar, and Carter listening to both Mia and Skylar lecture me about what I did last night. Carter didn't really care for the conversation so he sat with us on his phone, tuning them out. I really couldn't blame Carter for tuning them out since I was doing the same. As they rambled on and on, I was listening to other things that were going on in the school. But the one thing I heard that made me focus all my attention on was the cocking of a gun, many guns. My eyes widened as I looked over at my friends.
"We have a problem." I said starting to stand from seat.
Mia stopped her rant and looked at me. "What is it?"
But before I can say anything else canisters were throw into the cafeteria, spraying a gas into the room which I was able to detect as wolvesbane. I looked at Carter seeing that the wolvesbane was already affecting him since his eyes were glowing yellow and his claws had grew out. I then looked at Mia and Skylar as my eyes started to glow before replying to Mia. "Hunters and they've came to start trouble."
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