The Hunter and Demon Wolf

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Chapter Eleven

•° Chapter Eleven: The School Attack °•
"See this is why you shouldn't have told him what you are!" Mia yelled at me as we tried to come up with a plan.
I only rolled my eyes. "We don't have time for you to lecture me about my bad decision! We need to get the students to safety and take care of those damn hunters."
"Fine! We'll finish this conversation later, for you and Carter need to keep your head down." Mia instructed us and we did just that.
Skylar had ran over to a big group of students and started directing them out the back doors of the cafeteria, while Mia was moving Carter and I across the cafeteria as I heard gun shots going off. I looked up to see some students falling to the floor, not dead but injured either from the hunters thinking they picked the right person or just by mistake. That's when I realized I wasn't going to just let the students get hurt because of me, so I broke off from Mia. I heard Mia call after me over the gun fire as I ran over to the closest person by us.
I noticed they were shot in their left leg, so I helped them up and walked them over to Skylar while keeping my head down. Skylar took the student from me before I turned around, seeing that Carter started doing the same thing right before I felt a bullet piece my right shoulder. I winced at the feeling of the bullet but I couldn't think about that since the students needed our help. And so I went back to helping any of the students that were injured. After some minutes of trying to dodge bullets while still getting hit and helping the students, all the kids were gone.
Carter and I were both sitting behind a table trying to quickly remove the bullets before I seen another canister thrown over at us. We both quickly got up and moved as some more bullets piece into us. As I was about to fall to my knees, I felt Mia grab me and pulled me beside her while I heard the cafeteria doors lock and that's when I knew that it was time to have some fun. I watched as Mia had made a fire ball in her hand before throwing it at the cameras, so our secret of being a supernatural creature would be safe. We both then looked at each other and nodded before she threw a fire ball at the hunters for a distraction, while I ran over to Skylar and Carter.
I knelt down next to them and looked at the two. "Are you guys ready for this?"
"Yeah how hard can it be to take care of some hunters-" Carter's question was cut off short when we heard Mia yell out in pain before she turned to us hiding under the table, while she looked at the bullet wound in her chest close to her heart.
Mia then shot a glare at Carter once her bullet wound was healed. "Pretty fucking hard!"
I only rolled my eyes and looked to Skylar. "Can you do a banshee scream so we can have some type of chance at this fight?"
Skylar nodded as she peaked out from the table we were using to cover us from anymore bullets before she screamed. Carter, Mia, and I quickly covered our ears as she screamed then I peaked out from the table to see the hunters dropping their guns and covering their ears. I looked back at my friends and nodded as we got up from our hiding spot and commit an attack of our own. Mia quickly shot some fire balls at the guns melting them down before a knife was thrown at her leg. I was going to help her but she waved me off as I turned back to the task at hand.
I saw Carter shift and lunged for a hunter, clawing at him before another hunter tried to go for my beta. I quickly tackled the hunter to the ground only for us to roll around on the floor trading blows to each other. But soon I was pinned under the hunter struggling while he only smirked. I growled as I watched him pull a knife from his boot ready to stab me probably in my heart, before I quickly gabbed his arm breaking it in the process. I smirked as he yelled in pain, loosing his grip on the knife making me grab it before silting his throat. The hunter choke on his own blood and used his other hand to grab his neck just before he died and his dead body fell on top of mine.
I groaned pushing the body off me and got up looking over at Skylar who was being choke by one of the hunters. I looked at the knife in my hand and threw it at the hunters wrist, I heard him cry out in pain before Skylar stabbed the knife deeper in his wrist causing him to let her go. But before I could watch anymore, I felt a bullet piece me in the back of my knee and my back causing me to fall to the ground. I groaned turning around on my back as two hunters advance towards me while my claws grew out. Once one of them were close enough to me, I kicked him in the balls and watched as he hunched over in pain and took my opening to slash his throat with my claws. I watched as he dropped dead before the other hunter shot me in my stomach. I snapped my attention to him and got up, lunging at him making us both fall to the ground. He struggled and fought against me but since I was stronger than him it was no use. I then quickly held down him before I bit into his neck releasing the poison from my bite into his system.
I then got off the hunter that was dying and looked around to see hunters dead and my friends and I looking a mess. I sighed and was about to turn to them to say something, before I was shot in my chest twice and shot in my leg. I stumbled back crying out in pain as I fell on my ass clutching my chest to put pressure on my wound. I then heard Carter growl which made me look towards my shooter to see Malcolm walking towards us with a gun pointed at me and one at my friends. I growled which was quickly turned into a whimper as he shot me in my shoulder.
Malcolm then turned to me and glared at me. "So you must be the were-bitch I've been hunting for the last few weeks."
I only returned the glare and spit out some blood on the ground. "And so what if I am? Wanna come see what I'm capable of doing?"
He only chuckled. "Even when you're close to death, you're still very feisty."
"Who said she was close to death, asshole?" Mia hissed glaring at Malcolm.
Malcolm then turn to Mia smirking. "Oh she is believe me, she'll be dead soon and her entire species will be wiped out of existence for good. The damn creatures shouldn't have been created in the first place."
I growled and tried to keep my breathing even. "So how did you even find me?"
"Now that's easy, seeing how small you were in your dog form I assumed you weren't an adult but then again you were too big to be a child neither. So I took it as you were a teenager and plus that day we met you were acting nervous as something was wrong. If I put all the pieces together, I had to believe you are the demon wolf Nikki. And it looks like I was right." He kept smirking as he inched closer to me.
I growled watching him as he kneel down in front of me and gripped my face in his hand roughly. I watched as he studied my face before a small smirk appeared on his face. I then spit some of my blood in his face before he hit me with the gun making me groan.
"You stupid bitch!" Malcolm yelled as he wiped my blood off his face once he let me go.
That's when I seen Skylar take that as he chance to scream. I covered my ears as Malcolm quickly covered his and gritted his teeth glaring at us. But as the young banshee screamed I felt Carter pick me up and he and Mia ran out of the cafeteria before Skylar followed us shortly after. We all knew that fighting Malcolm would have to wait for another time if I was going to survive and not let him win. I held onto Carter tightly as we ran out to the parking lot passing Lydia on the way out. I noticed that Skylar had stopped to talk to her, probably to fill her in on the attack in the school. But soon were stopped short before we made it to the car.
"What happened to her?" I heard Kaden ask as I felt him caress my cheek.
"Why don't you go ask your buddy Malcolm!" Mia yelled which made me groan.
Kaden sighed as him and Mia started yelling but I tuned them out as I heard another set of footsteps come towards. Depending on the hospital scent I assumed that it was a paramedic and Carter handed me over. I felt myself becoming light headed as I was laid on an gurney and something was pricked into my arm before an oxygen mask was placed over my nose and mouth. And then shortly I fell unconscious just remembering where I was.

The sound of beeping and arguing had woken me up to notice I was laying in a hospital bed, with most of my wounds healed up by now. I turned my head a bit to see Kaden and Mia arguing, making me roll my eyes. Groaning I sat up in bed and kept watching my best friend and boyfriend argue. It was interesting watching the two of them be at each other's throat not noticing I was awake. But soon I got tire of their arguing and rolled my eyes.
"Guys." I tried to gain their attention but it was no use. "Guys! Hey can you two stop arguing for one minute!"
Both of them snapped their attention to me and they both ran over to me. Kaden tilted my head up probably examining me for anymore wounds while Mia hugged me tightly. The young Argent then kissed the top of my head sighing and sat next to me on the bed, wrapping his arm around me. While Mia sat in the chair next to my bed with a sigh.
"How are you feeling?" Mia asked me.
"Good, everything is healed up. Hopefully I'll be able to go home soon." I replied.
The kitsune shook her head. "It's good that you feel alright but I don't think your doctor is just going to let you leave so soon with the injuries you had."
I sighed softly and looked over at Kaden. "Did you know any of that was going to happen?"
Kaden shook his head. "No and if I knew Malcolm was planning something like that I would've told you."
"How do I know you aren't lying?" I asked.
"Come on, Nikki I wouldn't lie to you about your life being at stake. So I swear to you that I'm not lying." The young hunter said.
I only sighed and nodded believing him as Kaden pulled me close against him kissing my head. And so we all sat in quiet. Later on that, Mia left to go home so she wouldn't be worrying her parents as much and the doctor came to check up on me. Though right now Kaden and I were laying in my hospital bed cuddling after the doctor told me I could leave tomorrow. Their was a random movie playing on the tv as Kaden was playing with my hair. And I was slowly becoming tired then soon I felt Kaden kiss my cheek while telling me to go to sleep. Which I shortly did cuddling up to him.
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