The Hunter and Demon Wolf

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Chapter Twelve

•° Chapter Twelve: Good News °•

The next morning I woke up still lying in my hospital bed feeling much better than I did yesterday. I sat up stretching and sighed noticing that I was alone in the room, meaning Kaden had left some time ago. For the next couple of minutes I sat their staring at the wall since their wasn't much I could do because I didn't have any type of clothes, assuming my old ones had gotten thrown away, and I didn't know where my cell phone was so I can call someone to bring me clothes. Groaning I laid back into the pillows and grabbed the remote to the tv, turning it on to the news to see that the school was being broadcast live to talk about the events from yesterday.
Sighing I rubbed my hand over my heard till I heard someone clear their throat. I turned to see Kaden standing in the doorway looking away from the tv and at me. He walked over to me and kissed my head before turning the tv off. I turned to him and was about to protest when he gave me a quick kiss on my lips then looked at me. He then sat next to me on the bed, pulling me close while wrapping his arm around me tightly.
Kaden kissed my head and sighed. "I don't want you to worry about what happened yesterday."
I turned my head to look at him. "How could I not worry? What happened yesterday was my fault."
He shook his head. "What happened wasn't your fault."
"Yes it is! It's all my fault that Malcolm showed up at school and that some of the students gotten injuried." I argued.
He rolled his eyes. "Stop blaming yourself, you didn't do anything wrong."
"What I did wrong was being born." I huffed and crossed my arms.
"Don't say that, that isn't true." He sighed rubbing the small of my back.
"How could it not be true? I'm being hunted because of what I am and people are getting hurt because of it." I started to relax a bit and sighed.
He sighed kissing my head. "It's not true, okay? And it isn't your fault, it's mine. I should've been more careful with you so Malcolm couldn't have figured out who you are. If anyone is to be blamed for everything it's me so quit blaming yourself, okay?"
"But it's not your fault." I said looking up at him.
He only nodded. "Yes it is and even try to argue you with me about or else."
I rolled my eyes and laid back resting my head against his shoulder. "Fine."
Kaden kissed the top of my head and rubbed my arm making me snuggle up to him. We both laid there for a while till my doctor said I could go home in an hour. Than shortly Kaden left me to grab me some clothes from home, leaving me alone once more in my hospital room. It only took half an hour before Kaden returned with some clothes for me. I thank him and took my clothes before going to change in the bathroom. Once I was done, I had gotten discharged and was on my way home. I sat in the passager seat leaning my head back on the seat with my knees to my chest while I look out the window. I then felt Kaden lace his fingers between mine and squeezed my hand, making me smile at him.
After the short drive to my house, Kaden parked the car in the driveway and we both went inside. We sat cuddling on the couch watching a movie in quiet and I was slowing becoming tired. He then kissed my forehead mumbling for me to go to sleep once he noticed that I was tired. I only nodded my head snuggling closer to him and going to sleep.
After an hour or so I woke up and sat up a bit, seeing that Kaden was sleeping. Kissing his cheek I got up stretching and went upstairs to take a quick shower. Once I was done I changed into a big hoodie and some shorts before going downstairs. As I went back into the living room, I noticed that Kaden was awake and watching a new movie. I walked over to him and sat next to him while he wrapped his arms around me again. We laid there for a bit before I heard Kaden sigh making me look up at him.
"You okay?" I question while playing with his fingers
"I'm fine, but theirs something I need to tell you." He replied making me sit up.
"Okay, so what do you need to tell me." I said still playing with his fingers.
Kaden took a deep breath. "I left Malcolm's hunting group because I couldn't just be running around hunting my beautiful girlfriend."
I blushed a little pink. "Let me guess he was mad?"
"Furious, he threatened your life again." He rolled his eyes and I raised an eyebrow.
"Again?" I asked.
"Don't worry about it okay, he's not going to be nearly kill you again. I promise." He replied pulling me to him.
Kaden kissed my forehead and laid back with me on the couch. He played with my hair as we just laid there enjoying each other presence while a movie was playing in the background. And shortly we went to sleep on the couch just hoping for everything to get better soon.
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