The Hunter and Demon Wolf

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Chapter Thirteen

•° Chapter Thirteen: Enough Is Enough °•
Over the next couple of days I had been staying home because I didn't want Malcolm to attack the school again. I was becoming restless not doing anything especially because Kaden wouldn't let me step foot outside since he was staying at my place for awhile. We would always argue about it since I'm stubborn and was tired of just sitting in the house. Though surprisingly he always won only because he would just kiss me to shut me up, which I hated that he had that affect on me. But today would be the day I got the hell out of this house before I went mentally insane.
I woke up a bit earlier than usual and look over at Kaden to see he was still sleeping. Smirking, I quietly and slowly got out of bed before quickly putting a pillow in my spot hoping that he wouldn't notice. I then grabbed my phone off the end table and a hoodie out my closet. Then I quietly made my way to the bedroom door only to stop in my place when I heard Kaden move. I look back only to see him roll over on to his other side, making me sigh in relief. I then turn my attention back to the door and open it quietly before stepping out into the hall and shutting the door behind me. As I put my hoodie on, I went downstairs grabbing my shoes and heading towards the back door.
After I got my shoes on I headed outside to the backyard before I ran off into the woods. Once I was in the woods, I stopped running and just jogged since if I wanted to make it back home before Kaden wakes up I'm going to need all my energy. I payed close attention to my surroundings just to make sure that I wouldn't be attack at any moment. After an half hour I stopped jogging once I heard the sound of a twig snapping just a good thirty feet ahead of me. I quickly hid behind a tree as I heard a step of footsteps twenty feet coming from the direction I just came from. I took in a deep breath hoping to catch a scent of either person coming my way, but I was only stopped when I heard someone's voice.
"Come out, come out where ever you are you little mutt. I know you're hiding out here somewhere." The voice I instantly recognized to be Malcolm.
I growled quietly and peaked my head out from behind the tree only to move my head back quickly as Malcolm shot at me barely missing. I quickly moved behind another tree as my claws grew out as I heard Malcolm stalk over to the tree I was last behind and yell out in frustration, before it went silent. The only thing I could I hear was both mine and Malcolm's breathing, his heart, and the footsteps that were getting closer. Right as I was about to peak out from the tree, somebody grabbed me by my hair and slammed my head into the tree then threw me to the ground. I groaned and grabbed my head as my vision blurred before looking up to see Malcolm standing over me with a glare while aiming his gun at me. I growled and quickly glance around our surroundings before I kicked him in his kneecap, making him fall to his knees. I then quickly got up kneeing him in his face, to have him groan in pain and fall to his side. But before I could do anything else I was shot in my thigh, having me groan and stumble back.
I quickly looked over at Malcolm as he raised his gun again and pulled the trigger as I dove to the side, rolling into the leaves. I got up as I heard him reloading his gun and him stumbling, getting closer to where I was. Once he was close enough, I grabbed Malcolm and slammed him against the tree while pinning the hand that held the gun against the tree. He struggled in my grip for a moment before he reached his other hand up and blowing something into my face. I let go of him as I detected that he blew wolvesbane into my face. As I tried to recover, he shot me in my stomach and shoulder making me fall to the ground on my back hard. I groaned as I blinked around a bit while my eyes started to glow. I looked at Malcolm only to see him shoot me twice in my stomach. I howled out in pain, clutching my stomach while I rolled over on my stomach attempting to crawl away. Malcolm only stepped on my back holding me in place as I slumped in defeat, knowing this was my end.
"Any last words, bitch." Malcolm spit as he placed the gun on the back of my head.
I squeezed my eyes shut, waiting for the bullet to pierce my skin and embedded itself into my skull. But that was before the sound of an arrow whizzed passed and embedded into something or well someone. I heard Malcom yell out in pain as his foot was removed from my back and the gun disappeared. I opened my eyes and looked up to see Kaden standing with his bow raised as he loaded another around before firing it at Malcolm I'm supposing. Groaning I crawled over to a tree and sat up against it looking at Malcolm, who was leaning up against a tree with an arrow in his hand and leg. I noticed that his gun was on the ground as he was glaring at Kaden. While Kaden kept his bow raised and walked over to me, helping up before he slung his bow over his shoulder then picked me up bridal style.
We turned to see that Malcolm was gone, making me sigh and rested my head against Kaden. I was able to hear Kaden's heart pounding in his chest from how angry he was as he started walking back to the house. After awhile we were back home with me lying on the couch as Kaden was trying to remove the bullets from me. I hissed and glared at Kaden only earning an eye roll from him.
"Stop!" I growled getting frustrated.
He looked at me and frowned. "No. I need to remove the bullets."
I glared at him as my eyes started to glow. "I can remove them myself because you're way is very painful."
Kaden rolled his eyes again and tried getting the bullet out of my thigh before I grabbed his hand pulling it away. I then grabbed the forceps and pulled them out of my thigh as my claws grew out, before pulling the bullets outs to drop them all on the table. I glared at him as he glared back and I sat up while he stood up staring down at me.
"Now do you see why I didn't want you to leave?" Kaden question raising an eyebrow.
I rolled my eyes. "So what? I'm tired of just sitting in here all the damn time."
"Well I was only doing it for your safety." He huffed crossing his arms.
"I don't care! I can perfectly take care of myself." I growled.
"You can take care of yourself? It didn't seem like that when I went and saved you from near death." He argued.
I only rolled my eyes, knowing he was right and leaned back in the couch. Kaden sighed and sat next to me running his fingers through his hair. I then laid down, resting my head in his lap having him run his fingers through my hair. We sat in quiet until I turned and looked up at Kaden. He looked down at me and caressed my cheek, making me sigh.
"I only did it because I'm tired of it. I'm tired of being hunted, I just want it all to end." I said quietly.
"I know I know. We're going to end it all hopefully soon. I promise." He spoke hopefully.
I nodded slowly as Kaden kissed my forehead and we sat there, in the quiet thinking about what's next to come.
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