The Hunter and Demon Wolf

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Chapter Fourteen

•° Chapter Fourteen: Normalish °•

The following day, Kaden had loosen up a bit and let me go back to school since my grades were starting to slip a bit. And while Cora was out of the country, Lydia had excused me from all my absents so I would be able to keep cheering at the lacrosse games. Though since everything that happened yesterday in the woods Malcolm has been staying clear of the woods by my home. It just seems like today just might be a good day for me and everyone around me.

After Kaden and I showered and ate breakfast we were on our way to school. Once he parked the car we walked into school with Kaden's arm wrap around my waist protectively. We went over to his locker first, so he could place some things in it before heading over to mine. Kaden leaned on the locker next to mine as I opened my locker getting a few books out for my first couple of classes. I then closed my locker and turned to Kaden as he pulled me closer to him before kissing me. Instantly I returned the kiss and we stood there kissing against the locker for a couple of minutes before the sound of someone clearing their throat made us turn around, to see our friends standing there.

Mia crossed her arms. "Well, if you two are done sucking each other's face maybe we should talk about the upcoming game, the dance, or the full moon that's going to happen next month and how we're going to deal with Malcolm."

I only sighed. "I don't want to worry about the full moon and all of that right now."

"Are you sure because this might be the one that you die at- Ow!" Skylar hissed rubbing her arm and glaring at Mia who only rolled her eyes glaring right back.

Kaden then turned to me, crossing his arms. "What is she talking about?"

I groaned and looked at Kaden. "What Skylar is talking about is this vision she gotten of me in my wolf form bleeding out with Malcolm holding a raised gun to my head ready to take the final shot."

"And you're now telling me this, why!" Kaden nearly yelled, having people turn to look over at us for a moment.

I rubbed my temples and sighed softly, looking away from his gaze. "Because I knew you would react like this, but relax nothing bad is going to happen to me."

"Damn right, over my dead body." He huffed pulling me close to him, making me rest my head against his chest.

We stood there for a while with Skylar and Mia before Carter join us, telling us that coach was going to let him play at the next lacrosse game instead of sitting the bench. We all congratulated him before the bell rang, signalling that the first class of the day was going to start in a couple of minutes. Then we all split off to go to class just hoping it'll be a normal day.

After about four periods, I headed to lunch and sat at my usual table with my friends. Mia and Skylar were discussing outfit ideas for the dance while Carter and Kaden were talking about some football game that happened the night before. I wasn't really interested in neither conversations, so I just placed my head on Kaden's shoulder going into my own thoughts of what I've been through the past few months and weeks. And to be honest, I was actual tired of it all.

Tired of being hunted to the point where innocent people get hurt because of me. I'm done with it all, I just want to go back to my normalish life of being a supernatural creature without someone trying to kill you. I really wish to be normal, a normal being that knew nothing of the supernatural. It all just seemed to get people I love hurt and I am tired of watching the ones I love get hurt. But then soon I'm pulled out of my thoughts when I feel a pair a lips on my forehead. I left my head up a bit to look at Kaden who was smiling at me.

"Hey beautiful." Kaden said pulling me closer to him. "You seemed lost in your thoughts, so what were you thinking about?"

I shook my head and face him with a smile. "Nothing really important."

He looked at me for a moment and nodded before kissing me softly and gently. I smiled into the kiss, knowing everything was just going to be alright. We pulled away from each other when Mia threw a balled up napkin at us, making Kaden glare at her playfully while I rolled my eyes.

"If you two are done being all lovey dovey, we should discuss what we all are going to be wearing at the dance." Mia smirked crossing her arms.

I groaned making Kaden chuckled and kissed the side of my head before we all discussing costume ideas for the dance. Now this is something I need to be worry about.

The day soon ended in a blur and I was heading back to the girls locker room after cheer leading practice, and as usual I was on top of my game. After I had finished taking a quick shower and changing clothes, I head out to my locker before meeting Kaden at the car. Once at my locker, I unlocked it and opened it only to grab my bag. But then my locker was shut and I was turned around only to be faced with someone that I didn't want to see.

"Justin." I rolled my eyes crossing my arms.

"Miss me?" He spoke while he looked down at me.

"What the hell do you want?" I question.

"Isn't it obvious about what I want." He smirked.

"Well sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm happily taken. Now if you'll excuse me I have better things to do than standing here with you." I replied trying to move but Justin block my way.

"We're not finished." Justin frowned down at me.

"Oh but we are, theirs nothing else I need to say to you." I growled shoving him away from me.

I started to walk away from him before I was pulled back with his magic. That God damn warlock. I turned to look at Justin before I grabbed his hand and applied enough pressure to it while glaring at him. I watched him wince in bad before I released his almost broken hand. I turned and walked away again, leaving him in pain. I walked out the school and over to Kaden who was leaning on the hood of his car.

"What took you so long?" He asked pulling me close.

"Don't worry about it okay." I gave him a small smile and a quick peck on the lips.

He looked at me skeptically for a moment before nodding. "Okay fine. Now are you ready to go home?"

I nodded smiling before kissing him softly. He returned the kiss pulling me close to him and wrapped his arms around my waist tightly. I smile into the kiss and pulled away, running my fingers through his hair.

He look down at me with a smile. "I love you."

I blushed a light pink before replying to him. "I love you too."

We kissed again for another couple of minutes before going home. Once we were home, we did our homework together before cuddling on the couch watching a movie. I was playing with Kaden's fingers while he peppered kisses to the side of the my face from time to time. He then turned my head to look at him before we kissed. It was a slow but passionate kiss that last a couple of minutes before we pulled away to catch our breath. He then gave me a quick peck before we went back to watching the movie, with me falling asleep in his arms.

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