The Hunter and Demon Wolf

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Chapter Fifteen

•° Chapter Fifteen: The Unexpected Visitor °•

Over the past two weeks I've been catching up on school work, cheering at our lacrosse games and discussing what to wear at the Halloween school dance with Skylar and Mia. Skylar wanted us to wear slutty nurse costumes and Kaden wasn't having that. While Mia on the other hand wanted for us to be witches but her and Skylar got into a disagreement about it. But in the end we figured it out, Mia was going to be a fox while Skylar was going to dress as an angel since we didn't know how to do a banshee costume and I was going as a wolf. Mia and I were going basically as our selves with a fake tail and ears, though our eyes were going to be ours plus I was also going to have my claws and fangs showing. While Carter was also going to be himself in his wolf form with Kaden coming as a hunter armed with real weapons that look like fake one with rubber on certain things, like his arrows and knives are going to have rubber on them.

Though tonight was the night of the dance, Mia and Skylar and I were going to go to Mia's place to get ready tonight while the guys was going to be getting ready at Carter's house and they would be coming to get us at eight. And so here I sat in my sixth period, chemistry, hoping nothing goes wrong tonight so we can just have a normal night. I then snapped out of my thoughts and look down at down at my work as the teacher placed it in front of me with a disappointing glare. I gave a small innocent smile before looking down at the work in front of me. That's when I noticed that the work was going to take me the whole class period. Mentally sighing I got started on my work.

After class ended I packed up my stuff and walked out to be greeted by Kaden standing by the door waiting for me. I smiled at him and he pulled me into his arms giving me a quick kiss before walking me to the field since we both had a free period meaning we could do whatever we want. And what do teenagers do when they're alone, make out.

So next thing I knew I was pinned up against the pole to the bleachers in a heated passionate kiss with Kaden. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his hands raised on my waist. Soon we pulled away to catch our breath, only then did he start kissing my neck while leaving some hickies. I moaned softly, tugging on some of his hair lightly making him bite into my neck. He then kissed back up to my lips and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

Kaden smiled as he caressed my cheek. "You know I love you, right."

I nodded my head while blushing. "Yes I do and I love you too."

"Good." He grinned and kissed me again, only time softly and slowly.

I smiled into the kiss before pulling away as I played with his hair. He smiled down at me while he pulled me close to him. We stayed in each others arms under the bleachers till I heard the bell ring signaling the end of the period. I sighed softly looking up at Kaden, giving him a knowing look before we headed back inside. And since we had the last period of the day together, we headed to class hand in hand with Carter joining us halfway there. The three of us got into a small discussion about tonight as we took our seats before the teacher walked in starting class up.

After last period, I grabbed my stuff and gave Kaden one last kiss until later before I left. I met up with Skylar at my locker to see Mia wasn't waiting with her. While I opened up my locker, I looked around spotting Mia smiling with some girl that I still haven't met. I smiled, happy my best friend seemed to be in love. I then turned back to my locker, placing my books away as Mia walked over to us. Once I finished I turned to see a very happy kitsune and an very annoyed banshee looking at her phone.
"So," I smiled at my best friend. "Is miss mysterious girl who's making you very happy going to be joining us at the dance?"
Mia nodded. "Yeah, since she is my date tonight."
I squealed happily before turning to Skylar as I smelt her aggravation. "You okay Sky?"
The redhead only shook her head and groaned. "No, both my dates can't make it tonight."
"Dates as in a few?" Mia asked raising an eyebrow.
"Two to be exact." Skylar said turning to Mia.
"What do you need two dates for?" I spoke up.
"Because," Sky responded turning to me. "It's more fun that way if you understand what I mean."
The redhead gave us a knowing smirking, making both the kitsune and I roll our eyes. Skylar laughed a bit as we headed out to the parking lot and got into Mia's car. Mia then drove us to her house while we listen to the radio as it played our favorite songs, having us sing or well shout the lyrics to them. We were having a good time as if nothing bad was happening or if someone was plotting against us.
"I'm a, I'm a, I'm a cool girl, I'm a, I'm a cool girl. Ice cold, I roll my eyes at you, boy. I'm a cool girl, I'm a, I'm a cool girl. Ice cold, I roll my eyes at you, boy!" We sang along smiling before laughing.
We were having fun as normal teenagers but then again we were far from normal. I kept singing along with Skylar and Mia before Mia pulled into her driveway. We got out and headed inside as Mia's little sisters Katana and Kasumi, who are identical twin sisters, ran out the front door laughing. Katana and Kasumi are just eleven years old but Katana is the older twin by twelve minutes. The twins both take after their mother's looks but everyone is unsure if they'll also be a kitsune like Mia and their mother.
The next thing that caught my attention was a toddler crying. I look over to see Mia's little brother Ewan, who's only two years old, crying over his broken cookie. I frowned a bit and picked him up while Mia went to find her parents with Skylar. But this then turned my full attention to the toddler in my arms.
The small toddler looked at me sniffling. "Nikki, cookie broke."
I looked at the cookie in his hand and then Ewan giving him a smile. "That's okay, E. We'll get you a new cookie, okay?"
"Really?" He looked at me hopefully and I nodded in response.
Ewan then went off rambling about what he did today. I nodded my head before I put him down so he can bring me the picture he drew. As he was gone, I looked down at my phone seeing a text from Kaden which made me smile. I then turned my attention to Mia and Skylar coming back into the living room talking with Mia's mom. Mrs. Sato look over at me and smiled softly.
"Hi Nikki, how are you?" Mrs. Sato asked.
"I've been better." I shrugged. "How are you?"
"As good as any mother dealing with four kids." She chuckled.
"Hey! I can handle myself, thank you very much." Mia said looking at her mother.
I laughed a bit before turning my attention to the little feet I heard running in my direction. I look over to see Ewan running back over to me with a piece of paper in his hand. I smiled and pick him up placing him on my lap. He handed me the paper so I could look at him picture that he drew of the house. I then looked at him, hugging him close.
"Good job, E." I said kissing his head.
He smiled. "Thank you!"
Ewan then started talking about the picture before Mia walked over to us and looked at her brother. The young kitsune then sighed crossing her arms. "Okay Ewan, it's my turn to hang with Nikki since we have to go do big girl stuff."
The small toddler frowned at his sister before crossing his arms and pouting. "No!"
Mia rolled her eyes. "Come on we have to go put on make up and change outfits so.." She then looked over at me and smirk. "So Nikki could go kiss her icky boyfriend tonight."
Then it was my turn to roll me eyes as Ewan looked at me curiously. "What a boyfriend?"
I shook my head placing him on the couch only to hear him whine out in frustration. I chuckled and kissed his head before getting up. Mia then grabbed my arm dragging me upstairs into her bedroom where Skylar was waiting for us. We all then took turns getting dressed in the bathroom before helping each other do our make up and hair. Soon all three of us were dressed in our costume outfits with our hair and make up done. Then next thing you knew I got a text from Kaden saying to come outside since they were here already. The three of us went downstairs saying bye to Mia's family before going outside. As I walked outside. fixing the ears on my headband a pair of arms were wrapped around me quickly and a somebody lips were on mine in an instants. I return the kiss before pulling away to look at Kaden in his hunter gear, smirking at me.
"Well minster hunter, it seems you've caught a wolf." I said wrapping my arms around his neck.
"A very sexy wolf." He kept smirking before kissing me again.
I returned the kiss before bitting his lip and pulling away. Kaden frowned as I smirked, letting him go and joining the others. I heard him protest, making me chuckle and look back at as I blew him a kiss. He glared at me playfully and walked behind me, pulling me flushed against him. Soon I removed his arms from around me as everyone got in the car.
Kaden pulled me close to him while moving some of my hair behind my ear before whispering. "You're going to stop moving away from me or I'll make sure you won't be able to move for a few days."
I bit my lip as Kaden bit my earlobe then kissed my cheek. We all sat in silence listening to the radio before we were at the school. Carter parked the car before shifting while Mia on the other hand made her eyes glowed as she got out the car with Skylar. Taking a deep breath, I let my teeth become fangs and my nails change into claws. I then got out the car as my eyes glowed red while Carter and Kaden did the same.
We all headed inside the school and into the gym before we all split up to have fun. I watch Skylar walk off with some guy, Carter wandered off into the crowd of students, and Mia walked off with the mysterious girl from earlier today. Leaving me alone with the one and only Kaden Argent. Turning to my boyfriend I grabbed his hand pulling him out to the dance floor after I let my claws disappear. I started dancing around as Kaden watched me with an amusement glint in his eyes. I rolled my eyes grabbing his hands and kept dancing. Soon enough he started dancing with me, making me smile and give him a quick peck on the lips.
After dancing to a couple of songs, we left the gym and walked around the halls. Kaden had his arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me into his side. As I had my head rested against his shoulder while playing with ears on my head band after I took it off. I felt Kaden kiss the top of my head making me look up at him. He smiled at me before kissing me. I returned the kiss, moving my arms around his neck as he pulled me flushed against him.
But soon he pushed me up against the lockers not breaking the kiss. The kiss soon became heat in the moment of passion only to have us pull away moments later to catch our breath. I bit my lip as Kaden started peppering my neck in kisses while sucking on some spots from time to time. All too soon I felt a familiar wave of heat rushing through my body which only meant one thing. I was in heat. I then moaned at the feeling of Kaden's lips on my neck sucking and bitting any skin he hasn't marked up. I only then pulled away to look at him while my eyes started to glow.
"I need you now." I groaned but it came out as a growl.
"What about the others?" He asked panting before licking his lips.
"I don't care. I just want and need you inside me." I replied bitting my lip.
Kaden nodded giving me a quick peck as he grabbed my hand, leading me out to the parking lot. And surprisingly enough Kaden's car was still here from driving to school. We then got into the car as I felt my skin burning up more. I groaned taking off the headband and fake tail putting it in the back seat before taking my jacket off. But it still wasn't enough and Kaden couldn't drive fast enough. I leaned my head back taking deep breaths, trying to calm myself down.
Soon enough we were back at my place and I quickly got out of the car, going to the door to unlock it. I then grabbed Kaden's hand pulling him inside, shutting the door behind me and pinning him against it. I then kissed him roughly but passionately and he returned the kiss. I pulled away and started kissing down his neck as I pulled off his weapon belt before ripping his shirt open. As I started kissing down his chest while lowering myself down on my knees. I started undoing his belt but then Kaden pulled me back up, kissing down my neck as he unzipped my dress before it fell to the ground.
I moaned while Kaden started backing us up and then we fell on the couch going back into a heated kiss. I soon flipped us over swapping our positions and kissed down his neck undoing his pants. Then he flipped us back over taking off his pants then started attacking any and every piece of exposed skin with his lips. I arched my back off the couch moaning loudly before flipping us over again. I kissed him roughly then kissed down his jawline and neck. I then heard the front door open.
"What the hell is this!" I heard a familiar voice yell.
I pulled away from Kaden and looked over to see my cousin Malia standing at the front door. My eyes then widened in surprised before I quickly tried to cover myself up. "Holy shit! Malia! What- What are you doing here?!"
"Cora called me asking to check up on you and I agreed but I wasn't expecting to be seeing any of that." Malia said.
"I couldn't get a heads up or you couldn't check on me earlier today?" I asked as Kaden looked between the both of us.
"In my defense it was a last-minute thing." Malia shook her head before looking at Kaden then me. "And well it seems you are doing just fine. So I'm just going to leave you too it."
I sighed as Malia turned around about to walk out the door before looking back at us. "Oh and use protection."
I rolled my eyes as she walked out laughing. I turned to Kaden as he pulled me close once I felt that I wasn't as hot no more. But I knew it won't last long and soon I would actually need to put out that flame in me. For now I laid on the couch cuddling with Kaden basically naked before we both fell asleep.
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