The Hunter and Demon Wolf

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Chapter Sixteen

•° Chapter Sixteen: Heat °•

The next morning, I woke up laying in bed with Kaden's arms wrapped around my waist. I smiled at how peaceful he looked sleeping. I kissed his cheek before escaping his arms and sitting up in bed. Then I noticed that I was wearing a t-shirt, assuming that after I fell asleep on the couch Kaden dressed me. Just the thought of Kaden dressing me awaken the fire inside me. That's when I remember that I was in heat.

Groaning, I ran my fingers through my hair and got out of bed. I grabbed some clothes before going into the bathroom. After I placed my clothes on the sink, I turned the cold water on in the shower. Then I took my shirt and undergarments off. I stepped in the shower and hissed at the coldness of the water on my skin. But I knew taking a cold shower was the only way I could get my body to cool down.

After my shower, I quickly dried off and got dress. Then I went back to my bedroom to see Kaden starting to wake up. I smiled placing my dirty clothes in my hamper before sitting next to him. He then wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head in my lap sighing. I ran my fingers through his hair making him look up at me smiling. I returned the smile and kissed his head which made him sit up and kiss me passionately. Instantly I returned the kiss before I gently pushed him away from me. I watched him frown making me giggle only for him to wrap me up in his arms, pulling me close.

"Why'd you push me away?" Kaden ask kissing my cheek

"Because I'm in heat and I wanted to do something today." I said looking at him.

"Well," He said giving me a devilish smirk. "Maybe we can finish what we started last night."

Before I could respond, I was pinned against the bed with arms pinned next to my head. Kaden then started peppering kisses all over my neck while I struggled underneath him. I bit my lip and closed my eyes tightly hoping that the fire burning inside of me didn't flare up.

"Oh come on, I just finally cool down. Besides I wanted to do something today." I groaned.

Kaden then kissed his way up my neck before giving me a quick peck on the lips. "Fine but tonight I want to be the one to cool you down, understand?"

I nodded, biting my lip as Kaden laid beside me pulling me in his arms. For awhile we laid there together enjoying each other presence until I decide it was time to get up. I squirmed around in Kaden's arms since he wasn't trying to let go of me just yet. As I tried, I made sure not to rub up against him in anyway knowing that certain touches could set me off. I huffed in frustration turning my head to look at him.

"Come on Kaden, please." I whined only for him to chuckle and kiss my cheek before letting me go.

"Fine, only for right now." He responded making me smile.

I kissed his cheek while getting up stretching. "Well in that case, why don't you shower as I go make some breakfast. Okay?"

Kaden nodded as he sat up. "Fine beautiful."

I smiled giving him a quick kiss before I got up, heading downstairs. Then once I was in the kitchen, I got all the ingredients I needed to make French toast. I proceeded to cook for awhile till I felt someone's arms wrap around my waist. I tilted my head back a bit smiling to see Kaden who was smiling at me. I then turned my attention back to the stove once I felt Kaden unwrap his arms from around me. Once I finished cooking, I turned to see the table sat before I placed the stack of French toast on the table.

"Shall we eat?" Kaden asked pulling me to him.

I nodded smiling. "Yes we shall."

Kaden gave me a quick kiss before we sat down to eat. After we ate and cleaned up went left the house to go on a walk for awhile. Once we were at the park, we walked hand in hand talking about anything and everything. As we walked it seemed like it was going to be a relaxing day from everything, until I felt the all too familiar fire start burning within. Instantly I stopped walking making Kaden turn to me.

"Hey, what's wrong princess?" The young hunter questioned.

My eyes flicked for a moment as I felt my body temperature raising. "What do you think is wrong."

Kaden looked at me cluelessly before I gave him a knowing look, making him face palmed. I laughed a bit earning a playful glare from him before he took my hand and lead me back to the car. I followed him before we got into the car as I took my jacket off throwing it in the backseat. Kaden then started driving and I leaned my head back while I dug my claws into my leg, only for me to notice that somehow my claws grew out on their own.

I groaned having Kaden look at me for a moment making me shaking head. Shortly we arrived back at the house, both of us got out of the car quickly and went inside. Kaden pulled me to him and moved some of my hair out of my face, as my eyes glowed red. Then next thing I knew, I was being carried upstairs and sat on the counter of the sink in the bathroom.

I watched Kaden turn on the bathwater and noticed it was the cold water he turned on. He then walked over to me as the tub filled up and stripped me of clothes before taking his clothes off besides his boxers. He then picked me up once more and we sat in the tube once it was filled up with water. I felt Kaden shiver against me making me turn a bit on his lap to face him. I watched him shiver which made me sigh and slowly cup his face not wanting him to shiver as much.

"You know, you don't have to sit here with me." I said as I rubbed my thumb over his cheek.

Kaden nodded his head, shivering. "Yes I do, I'm the one who made you go into heat."

I laughed a bit shaking my head. "No you didn't, this is just a normal thing that happens to me yearly."

"Well I triggered it." He tried to argue.

I only shook my head with a smile before kissing him gently. He returned the kiss and shortly I pulled away as the heat burned away. I kissed his cheek as I felt both of us shiver making me quickly get out the tub as did Kaden. We both wrapped a towel around ourselves and went back to my bedroom, quickly changing into some clothes. After that we laid in my bed, under the blanket cuddling while watching a movie. Shortly we order a pizza since neither of us wanted to get up and cook something.

After a while, I heard the doorbell rang and I got up taking the movie before heading downstairs. Once I opened the door, I stumbled back as I felt a bullet being shot into my stomach. I looked up and over at the two men who shot me as they walked into my home. I growled at them before I was shot again in my stomach, making me whimper. One of the men stayed a few feet back with his gun raised at me while the other got closer to me.

The men that was closer to me smirked. "We've come to deliver a message, mutt."

Hey guys, I'm finally back to updating. And I know, I know sorry that I'm leaving this chapter on a cliffhanger. But I felt like this was a good way to end the chapter. Plus I'm going to be changing my updating schedule so that it works for me. But also their'll be another update later this week so you don't have to wait till next week.
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