The Hunter and Demon Wolf

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Chapter Seventeen

•° Chapter Seventeen: Messages °•
"What the fuck is this?!" I heard Kaden basically yell.

I had turned my head to see him standing by the stairs glaring at the two men, while having his bow raised at them already loaded with an arrow. I could already tell that Kaden was beyond pissed off and not from just smelling it. He's muscles were tensed, he had a murderess glint in his eyes, and from the way his chest was heaving up and down. As I studied his features, I made eye contact with him. I could tell he was probably looking me over for any wounds since he's eyes lingered on my bloody hands, that was applying pressure to my bullet wound.

Kaden then snapped his attention back to the men, glaring daggers at them. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

The man closest to us, directed a glare towards Kaden. "We've come to deliver a message to your mutt of a girlfriend."

"Malcolm ordered you to do this, didn't he." Kaden narrowed his eyes on the men.

"Looks like nothing gets past you, Argent." The man rolled his eyes.

Kaden then shot the man with an arrow in his leg then the other man shot me in the leg, making me whimper in pain. Kaden quickly glanced over at me, his eyes softening for a moment before they hardened once more as he shot the other man a murderess look. The man only smirked as he kept his gun trained on me, while the other pulled the arrow from his leg with a groan. He threw the arrow on the ground and glared at Kaden who only glared back at him.

"You see if you harm me, my buddy here is going to shoot the wolf without hesitation. So why don't we talk like civilized people." The man smirked.

Kaden scoffed. "Like civilized people, huh? Can't really do that if you're going to have any weapons."

"There only for protection against the mutt here." The man replied motioning over at me.

I growled at the man and stepped towards him, only to be shot by the other man. I shot a glare at the other man and growled lowly at him as he smirked. Before anything else could happen, I snapped my attention to the second man.

"So what the hell is this message that Malcolm wanted me to so badly receive?" I growled.

The man then turned to me smirking. "The message was for you to know that he won't stop till you're dead. And he set us here to rough you up a bit."

I growled for a moment before smirking. "Well why don't I return the message."

Quickly both the men had a gun raised at me. One of them smirked at me. "I wouldn't do that if I were you mutt."

"There's a lot of things I wouldn't do but this is one thing I would do." I said standing up, still clenching my stomach.

I looked over at Kaden who looked over at me with a worry look and I gave him a reassuring smile. Only for me to the step closer towards the men just to duck to the side as they started to open fire on me and Kaden. As I hid behind a chair pulling the bullets out my stomach, I quickly glanced over at him to see him shooting arrows at the men. I took a glance at them to see they were distracted by Kaden, making me crawl away from the chair. I sneakily made my way behind them while my claws grew out.

Quickly I covered one the men mouths and ripped out his throat to watch him choke on his own blood before he fell to the ground dead. And then I did the same to the other hunter then I looked down at the mess on the floor. I looked up at Kaden as he made his way over to me and pulled me away from the dead bodies. I took a deep breath and escape his hold, going back to the dead bodies.

"I'm not finished yet." I growled out lowly.

"Yes you are, Nikki. They're already dead, what more do you want to do?" Kaden question me crossing his arms.

"This." I responded kneeling down taking one of the hunters phone.

I stood back up and backed up a bit to take a picture of the dead men and sent it to Malcolm with the caption: This is war. I then crushed the phone and glanced over at my boyfriend as he came back with some cleaning products. I then called Stiles and told him about what happened then shortly he came with someone else to collect the bodies. After that Kaden and I got to work cleaning up the blood, broken pieces of glass, and broken picture frames.

Once we finish, we took turns taking a shower and changing into clean clothes. Then we laid on my bed a couple of inches from each other since I was still going through heat and watched a movie. For the rest of the night we stayed silent not speaking about what happened earlier or anything. The silence let me finally think after so long about the upcoming full moon and what was to take places. Who was going to die and who was going to survive. Who was going to win this game of survival?

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