The Hunter and Demon Wolf

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Chapther Three

•° Chapter Three: The Bite °•

Skylar then stepped into the room still looking at Justin and Mia. Mia was taking deep breaths, trying to calm herself. While Justin on the other hand was rubbing the back of his head, probably from hitting his head on the wall. Then Skylar's eyes fell to me. I watched as she studied my face, probably looking for the answer on why Mia and Justin were fighting. But I didn't give her any type of hint.
I then growled at Skylar indicating to stop staring, which made her take a step back. I felt a bit bad but I didn't like it when people look at me for too long. Soon I felt a present next to me, I turned to see Mia who shot a glare at Skylar. Mia was only glaring because of how Skylar got their attention and interrupted what was going on. Skylar flashed her an innocent smile, which made me roll my eyes because Skylar was far from innocent.
"So what happened this time for you to want to beat Justin's ass?" Skylar asked looking at Mia as I stood up.
Mia pointed towards me before crossing her arms. "I think you should know why I want to beat his ass."
I watched as Skylar looked at me then a guilty looking Justin before glaring at him. Skylar then hissed. "You did it again? I thought you learned your lesson the first two times!"
Justin then scratch the back of his head nervously. "I didn't mean to-"
But then I turned around towards him and scoffed. "Didn't mean to?! If you didn't mean to cheat then you wouldn't have done it the first fucking time!"
Before I could listen to another word come out his mouth, I stormed out of the house. I heard two set of footsteps following me quickly. Growling I got into Mia's car while stabbing my claws into the palm of my hand. I hear the door open and closed and I smelt Mia's familiar scent. The engine to the car roar to life and before I knew it we where in front of the Stilinski house hold. Then I noticed we were at the front door with Skylar as she unlocked the door.
Once the door was unlocked I followed Mia and Skylar inside, since I was sure I had control of myself. I glanced around the living room and it still all look the same as when we were younger. I look over at Stiles, who was sitting at the dinning room table working on a case I'm assuming. Looking away, I followed Skylar and Mia into the kitchen where we found Lydia cooking dinner. Mia sat at the table as Skylar was grabbing a bag of chips from one of the cabinets, then the redhead turned to Lydia.
"Hey, aunt Lydia. What's for dinner tonight?" Sky asked seemingly as if she just wasn't gone for the past week visiting her father.
"Beef stew and-" But before Lydia could finish Skylar gagged.
"I think I'm just going to grab a burger later. Um I'll be in my room with Mia and Nikki, okay?" Skylar said pulling me and Mia along.
"Wait, Nikki-" I heard Lydia called after us as I was dragged up the stairs into Skylar's room.
The banshee's bedroom was pretty simple. The walls were white with a red and white stripe carpet. Her bed was in the middle of the room with clothes and drawings scattered around it. I assumed that the drawings were from all the visions she has gotten about death. But only one painting stood out to me. It was the drawings of the woods, with a wolf laying on it's side bleeding as a guy stood over it aiming a gun at it's head. Only then did I realized that the guy was the hunter from last night, meaning that the wolf had to be none other than me.
I back away from the drawing a bit and shook my head then smiling as if nothing was wrong, when Skylar and Mia looked at me. I watched as Mia's eyes fill with concern and worried while Skylar's eye filled with curiosity. I had a bit of a feeling that they knew something was up but I just wasn't ready to explain it, only if I was wrong in the end. Avoiding their gaze I sat on Skylar's desk chair turning to look at the banshee and kitsune.
Mia took one final look at me before she turned to glanced around the bedroom. The banshee on the other hand looked at me then she picked up the painting I was looking at, then she examined it before she looked at me. I watched as Skylar went over to Mia and whispered something in her ear. I only was able to catch on thing that Skylar said was "I think this painting has something to do with Nikki.". And that's all I caught before Mia quickly turned to me. Here comes the questions.
Mia took the painting from Skylar and held it towards me. "This doesn't have to do with anything that happened last night?"
I looked at the painting then at the banshee as she looked between us before speaking. "What happened last night?"
I sighed leaning my head back. "I suppose I should tell you. So where should I start," I glanced at Mia who shook her head before I continued. "Let's start back to the beginning of what I really am."
Skylar looked at me confused. "What you really are? Aren't you just the average alpha werewolf?"
I shook my head. "No, I'm a-"
Before I finished Mia cut me off. "Nikki don't."
"Don't what? Can you just tell me what exactly is going on and what do you mean." Skylar asked.
"I'm a demon wolf similar to the average werewolf but I'm faster, stronger, and I have some different abilities especially my eyes are different. Before you ask, I was just born this way no one bit me." I explained.
Skylar raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean you're eyes are different?"
I sighed as I look over to a mirror letting my eyes start glowing the normal alpha red. Then I took a deep breath concentrating and letting some anger seep through, before my irises turned to an unnatural dark red and my sclera turned black. I turned to look at Skylar and Mia, Mia wasn't fazed by it since she was used to it but Skylar backed up a bit as her eyes widened. I was able to smell fear coming off her, which made me wrinkle my nose in disgust. I always hated the smell of fear.
I took a calming deep breath, letting my eyes change back to it's original eye color. I looked at Skylar. "You don't have to be scared, that's just what my other eyes are supposed to look like. I don't normally show them because I don't want to get reactions like that." Skylar nodded before getting herself together then I continued. "Well with that out of the way, I should explain what happened last night."
For an half hour I told Skylar about the hunters and everything else that happened last night. She seemed to have taken it well and she understands not to tell anybody else especially Stiles and Lydia. Because if Derek didn't tell them what I was when I first ran away on a full moon, to be on my own, then they didn't need to know.
After that we left the Stilinski house hold to grab something to eat. I avoid Lydia on my way out so she wouldn't try to talk me into talking to Derek, it's been a long time since we last talk and I'm just not ready to speak to him. Once we were out the house we drove to a small dinner that most of Beacon Hills highschool students hang at. Mia parked the car in the parking lot and we got out then went inside. The place wasn't as packed as it normally was, meaning we came at the right time. We then sat at an empty booth.
An waitress then came over to us and took our orders, once the waitress left Skylar and Mia started to have a conversation about Skylar's trip to seeing her father. Lydia had gotten custody Skylar when she was five because her father wasn't always home and wasn't taken care of Skylar. So Lydia made it her job to take care of Skylar since then but every so often Skylar does go see her father with Lydia allows, since the older banshee has never really liked Skylar's father. And as for Skylar's mother, her mother died in labor giving birth to Skylar. The banshee's mother doesn't get brought up since she believes she's the reason why her mother is dead.
Anyways I then directed my attention to hearing the door to the dinner opening. I watched as Kaden entered inside and took a glanced around. We then both made eye contact and the Argent gave me a smile before he turned and walked to a booth in the back. I tried to get a look at who Kaden was meeting then the waitress from earlier blocked my view as she delivered us our food and drinks. Mia, Skylar, and I mumbled a thank you to the waitress before she nodded and smiled at us then she went to a different booth. As I started eating, I looked back over to where Kaden was sitting to find out he was talking to none other than the hunter from last night, whom threatened my life. My eyes widened as my claws scratched the table, which made Mia and Skylar look at me. I nodded towards where I was looking so they could see what I was freaking out about.
Mia then looked at me. "What about Kaden and the guy he's talking to?"
I groaned as I looked away from them and looked at the kitsune and banshee. "The guy that he's talking to is the hunter from last night."
"Wait the one that was trying to kill you?" Skylar spoke which made me nod.
"Oh no one gets away with trying to kill my best friend." Mia growled as she started to get up but I pulled her back to sit down.
"We shouldn't try to do anything if we don't want to risk exposing ourselves and Nikki to the hunter." Skylar said looking at Mia.
I only nodded in agreement which made the kitsune to roll her eyes and mumble a fine. We then went back to talking and eating but I kept glancing at the hunter from time to time. Then soon I watched the hunter get up and leave the dinner, leaving Kaden alone in the booth. It only took a couple of minutes before Kaden got up to leave as well, but before he walked out he looked over at me and gave me a quick smile and then he was gone. I then looked over at Mia and Skylar who was giving me the look but I simply rolled my eyes.
Soon we decided to leave, after splitting the bill and paying plus leaving a tip for the waitress. Mia and Skylar offered me a ride home when we were outside, but I politely decline. Mia only nodded after a couple of minutes and soon her and the banshee left. I then started my walk home, which wasn't that far from the dinner. Plus with walking by myself it gave me a chance to think about everything. But the main thing I thought about was why Kaden was talking to the hunter from last night. Something has to be going on with the Argent if a hunter, who trying to kill my kind, wants to speak to him.
Then the sound of someone breathing heavily and the smell of blood interrupted my thoughts. The scent wasn't close to where I was standing, which made me take off into a run. The smell of blood got stronger which had to mean I was getting closer. I took a sharp turn into an alley where the scent was the strongest. I noticed their was some blood on the ground which made me walk carefully, ready in case I had to fight.
Soon I came across a body of a guy who had to be about my age. He had light brown skin and short hair. The guy looked familiar so I had to assume he went to school with me. I looked over the guys, checking over his wounds to only guess that he gotten jumped. Then I listened in on his breathing and heart rate, he's breathing was starting to become shallow and his heart pounded in his chest. Sighing I knew their was going to be no way I could get him to the hospital in time in case he lost consciousness. Without thinking I let my teeth become sharper and my eyes started to glow.
Instantly a wave of fear hit me and I looked the guy in the eye, who looked it terrify. I gave the guy an apologetic look as I grabbed his arm. He squirmed for a moment before I quickly bit into his flesh. I heard him screamed as I concentrated on not releasing any of my vemon that would instantly kill him. I more or so worried about if his body would reject the bite and I hoped that it didn't. After a minute I released his arm as my eyes changed back to normal and my fangs disappeared. I looked at the guy who just looked at me terrified, then I wrinkles my nose as his smell of fear got stronger. I helped the guy up to his feet and put his arm around my shoulder, to keep him balance as I walked back to my house to explain everything. That's when I realized what I just done.
I just bit someone and now he's probably going to become a werewolf. What did I just do.
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