The Hunter and Demon Wolf

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Chapter Four

•° Chapter Four: The Explanation °•
Once I had gotten the guy back to my house I laid him on the couch before I went to the bathroom, grabbing the first aid kit. I went back into the living room and sighed as I looked at the guy. I knew since after I bit him there was maybe a possibility that he could survive it and be a werewolf. But I didn't know if I was ready to train someone to have control over the animal instincts you have as a werewolf. Then it would be harder to help him get control of his shifting on full moons, when I had to shift myself. This was going to be a pain in my ass if he does survive the bite.
Sighing, I went over to the guy and cleaned up his wounds before bandaging him up. Once I was done, I had put the kit back before I went in the living room to grab my phone. As I grabbed my phone it started ringing. Groaning, I checked the caller ID to see that it was the last person I wanted to speak to. I declined the call bed I went upstairs. Taking one last glance at the guy, I went up into my bedroom. I had decided after the day I had I just needed a warm shower.
I took my hoodie off and tossed it on my bed before I headed into the bathroom after grabbing my towel. As I entered the bathroom I hung my towel on the hook behind the door. I shut the door and locked it, then I started the shower. While I waited for the water to warm up, I thought over what has happened the past two days. Just thinking about it, a lot has happened and it's only just October; basically still the beginning of the year.
Sighing I checked the water temperature before I stripped out of my clothes. I stepped into the shower being greeted by the warm water after I quickly tied my hair into a messy bun. I stood there for a few moments enjoying the water before I decide to actually shower. It took nearly a half hour before I finished and got out. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body.
I stood in front of the mirror, taking my hair out the bun before I wiped some of the condensation away and ran my fingers through my hair. I looked at my reflection and watched as my eyes glowed it's unnatural red with my sclera started to have black swarm in them. I then sighed while leaving the bathroom once my eyes were normal.
I went back into my room and grabbed something to wear, which was just a pair of black leggings and a plain spaghetti strap crop top plus a sweater on top. Then I went back downstairs, just in time as my guest started to wake up. I looked at him as he sat up on the couch and took in his surroundings. He then snap his head towards me as I finished walking down the stairs. That's when I remember I would have to explain what happened, tell him about the supernatural, and explain what's going to happen to him. I did not think about what I was going to say.
I was then taken out of my thoughts as the guy started to speak. "Um where am I? Who are you? And what the hell happened?"
I guess it's time to start explaining things. I sat on one of the chairs in the living room before speaking. "I'm Nikki and you're at my house. Mind telling me who you are?"
"My name's Carter," Carter replied before continuing. "But could you tell me why I'm at your house."
"Depends, how much do you remember?" I asked.
I watched at Carter thought about it before he spoke. "I remember being jumped by some guys from school and being left for dead in an alley."
I nodded. "Yeah, you were nearly dead in that alley by the time I found you."
"So why am I here and not at a hospital?" He asked.
"Um well because I did something that could be life changing for you without thinking of the consequences..." I sighed as he looked at me confused then I continued. "You know about werewolves, vampires, and all of that yeah?"
"Yeah... What's that got to do with anything?" He said.
"Well what happens if I told you that all the supernatural from the fiction books were real." I said in all seriousness.
It was silent for a few minutes then Carter burst into laughter. I sighed knowing this was going to be a bit harder that I thought it was going to be.
Carter laughter died down as he spoke. "That was a good joke, supernatural creatures aren't real they're just made up."
I shook my head. "No, they are real and I'm one of them. You also might become one too since I bit you and if you're body doesn't reject it." Carter look at me unconvinced then I continued. "If you don't believe just look at the bit mark on your wrist."
I watch Carter carefully remove the bandage and heard him gasp at the bit mark. He then looked at me. "That doesn't prove anything, an animal could've bit me."
I then sighed. "Fine, then maybe this will."
I concentrated on letting my eyes glowed red, my ears became pointed, my teeth becoming fangs and my nails becoming claws. Soon I took a deep breath to let my irises turned into a dark unnatural red and my sclera to become black. Then I wrinkles my nose from the smell a of fear as Carter got up from the couch quickly and backed up. I soon shifted back to my regular features so I could stop scarring him. I reached out to Carter as he looked at me shocked while he backed up.
"What the hell are you?" He asked.
"To most I tell them that I'm just a regular alpha female werewolf. But I'm actually not just the regular wolf, I'm different. I'm a demon wolf, meaning my sense are more heightened plus I'm stronger and faster. Plus I can actually shift into a wolf than how most werewolves can shift halfway." I explained. "And you might just become a werewolf since I bit you. But it's only a fifty percent chance of that happening."
"What about the other fifty percent?" He asked.
"You could die if you're body rejects the bite. And I'm sorry if you didn't want this but it was basically the only way you could have lived. The hospital was too far so by the time I would've gotten you there you would've been dead." I replied.
I watched as he sat back on the couch looking at the bite mark on his wrist. I then got up from the couch as my phone started ringing. I went into the kitchen letting Carter gather his thoughts as I looked at the caller ID to see it was Mia. I then answered the phone and looked back at him before I went outside to explain what just happened. And I also knew I was going to need a lot of help if he survived the bite. Why did I have to be stupid and bite him.

Sorry if the chapter's short I've just been busy the past week with things and I knew I had to get this chapter up. But here it is.
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