The Hunter and Demon Wolf

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Chapter Five

•° Chapter Five: The Lacrosse Game °•

It's been a couple of days since I bit Carter and found out that Kaden has something to do with the hunters, that are out for blood. The past few days I had Carter staying at my place so I can keep an eye on him, just to make sure he survived. Which he did since all the bruises, cuts, and the bite mark had all healed up. But I knew that he must have been going through a lot and struggling a bit with his new abilities. Especially with controlling his emotions since they were running high. He was doing his best even though he would lash out every now and then while I taught him control. I suppose it was frustrating, but now I realize how much Derek must have been feeling when he was teaching me control.
But now it was Friday, meaning today was the first lacrosse game of the season. And I knew I had to get up and go to school for the game but I just wasn't feeling like it especially since I haven't been going to school the last couple of days. I had Skylar and Mia explain to Lydia why I wouldn't be at school for a few days, after I told them what happened, and Lydia had excuse me and Carter from our classes.
Once my alarm went off, I quickly dismissed it and pulled my blanket over my head. I then closed my eyes but before I can fall back asleep, I heard the front door open. I soon heard a set of footsteps coming up the stairs and walking towards my room. Then next thing I knew the door opened and my blanket was snatched away from me.
"Come on, Nikki. You have to get up it's game day, plus you need to come back to school." The sound of Mia's voice spoke
But I wasn't listening to the kitsune since I put my pillow over my head. "I'm not going, they don't need me. Besides I got to keep training Carter." I mumbled.
"You're going today, it's the first game of the season you have to be there with the other cheerlearders. Plus Carter already left for school. So you mind as well get up." Mia said crossing her arms. "Or I could just ask Kaden to come get you up, since I think he misses you and I know you miss seeing him." Mia smirked.
I groaned and threw my pillow at Mia as I sat up, crossing my arms before glaring at her. "We'll get out if you want me to get ready to go to that hell hole."
Mia only kept smirking as she got hit with the pillow and left the room, leaving me alone and with my thoughts. I groaning I got up and went into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. Once I was done I went back into my bedroom to put on my cheerleading uniform, since it's a tradition for the cheerleaders to wear our uniforms on game day. I then brushed my hair up and back into a ponytail and put on some light makeup after I tried a ribbon in my hair. Once I was finished getting ready I went downstairs to meet Mia at the door. Mia handed me my bag after I put my shoes on and we headed out to her car. We gotten in the car and Mia drove us to school.
After the short twenty minute drive to the school, Mia parked the car in the parking lot before we went into the school. I glanced around at the students, seeing some of the cheerleaders flirting with the jocks. It was always a normal thing but it got annoying on game days since the jocks would go after the girls who weren't interested in them, and I was always one of those girls. Sighing I walked to my locker with Mia, but I stopped short when I noticed Justin waiting at my locker. Rolling my eyes I walked to my locker and opened not sparing Justin a glance. I then grabbed my textbook for class and put in my bag but next thing I knew my locker shut. I looked up a bit confused before looking over at Justin, knowing he's the one to shut my locker.
Justin looked at me and crossed his arms. "Why haven't you been answering my calls and text? I've been worried about you plus we need to talk."
Both Mia and I rolled our eyes before I responded. "I don't have nothing to say to you. And why don't you go worry about your redhead whore and leave me alone."
Justin then pulled me closer to him and tilted my head up so I would be making eye contact with him. He then sighed as he caressed my cheek. "Oh come on Nikki, don't be like that."
I growled lowly and pushed him away from me. I then walked away from him before calling over my shoulder. "Bye Justin."
Mia then followed me laughing a bit which only made me shake my head. We decided to just head to class, but before we made it to history we bumped into the last person I wanted to see until tonight.
"Watch where the hell you're going, Hale." Gabrielle hissed.
"Oh I don't have the time to deal with your crap, so why don't you just shove it." I said crossing my arms while glaring at her.
Gabrielle rolled her eyes and glared back at me. "You do realize who you're talking to."
I nodded. "Yeah I know exactly who I'm talking to, I'm talking to Gabrielle Madison the redhead whore who fucks any guy she can get her hands on."
I was then able to smell Gabrielle's anger which rolled off her in waves. Gabrielle then step towards me and smacked me across my face. I growled and was just about to stand directly into front of the redhead to tear her apart, before I felt a pair of hands grab me and pull me back. I instantly knew that it wasn't Mia because you she would just let me take care of Gabrielle, even if I was going to ripped Gabrielle throat out with my hands.
I struggled in the the person's arms, who I could tell it was a guy by how strong they were, because I wanted to end Gabrielle so I wouldn't have to hear her mouth again. I growled as I was brought into an empty classroom and I heard the door shutting behind us, making me struggle more. Soon I was released from his grip and I quickly turned around to be face to face with Kaden.
I growled and crossed my arms. "Why the hell did you do that!"
"So you wouldn't kill her and to make sure nobody knows you're a supernatural creature." He huffed crossing his arms.
"You act like I care, that bitch crossed the line!" I yelled.
"I know, but you can't go around trying to expose yourself! You want everyone to look at you differently and treat you like a freak!" He argued before continuing. "And I care about you so I don't want that to happen to you."
After he said that I calmed down a bit. "Well next time she does that it won't be pretty for her. So stay out my way next time."
I was about to leave the classroom when Kaden pulled me back to him. My back was slammed against his chest before I was quickly turned around to face him. He tilted my head up so we were making eye contact before he leaned down to my ear.
He bit my earlobe softly. "Don't you just walk away from me, or tell me not to get in your way. I'll do whatever I want, okay?"
I nodded slowly as I bit the inside of my lip. Kaden moved his head back and looked at me with a smirk before mumbling a quiet "good". It then felt like we were standing their for years just staring at each other before I decide that it was enough.
I stepped back from Kaden while still looking at him. "Um, I should get going to class since I missed a lot of days and I have to cheer tonight. I'll see you later?"
But I didn't even wait for a response, I quickly left the classroom just in time as the first warning tardy bell rang. I quickly walked to first period and walked inside gaining the teachers attention. I gave him an apologetic look as he glared at me before turning back to the class as I walked to my seat. I sat down in my seat just as Kaden walked into the classroom getting the same looked the teacher gave. We both then made eye contact as he walked to his seat before I looked away.
I then felt a tap on my arm and I turned to look at Mia, I then whispered. "What?"
Mia looked over at Kaden and whispered. "What happened to you two? Why was he looking at you like that? Where did you two go after you were about to kill Gabrielle?"
Before I could try and answer the teacher then spoke. "Miss Hale and Miss Sato, is there something you would like to share with the class? Or can I get on with the lesson?"
We both mumbled a "sorry" and the teacher got on with the lesson. I still can't believe that just happened with Kaden.

Soon all my classes were done for the day and it was almost time for tonight game. The lacrosse players and cheerleaders were in their separate locker rooms getting ready for the game. While I on the other hand was outside the locker room telling Mia what happened between me and Kaden earlier today. But soon I had to go so the cheerleaders can get the crowd hype before the game started. I watched as Mia walked out to go sit on the bleachers for the game as I walked into the locker to grab my pom poms out my locker. Once I was standing in front of my locker I heard Gabrielle going over the routine for halftime. Soon it was time for us to go out there and the girls were just doing some final touch up. Then I heard the door to the locker opened slowly and some of the girls yelling, so I had assumed it was a guy.
"Hey Nikki, come out here for a moment." I heard a male voice call.
I closed my locker as I slipped my jacket on and grabbed my pom poms off the bench. I then walked out the locker room to be greeted with Kaden standing there. I closed the door behind before Kaden grab me by my waist and pulled me closer to him before his lips were smashed on mine. I was shocked for a moment but before I could even do anything, we heard someone clear their throat from behind us. We both turned to see Justin looking at both of us while I could just smell the jealousy coming off of him.
Then the door to the girls locker room opened and I heard Gabrielle's annoying high pitch voice as she walked out then threw herself at Justin. She then kissed him roughly which only made me roll my eyes. After a couple of minutes she pulled away from Justin and looked at me with a smirk. I growled but before I could do something I felt Kaden's grip on my waist tighten. I looked up at Kaden who only shook his head and leaned down to my ear.
"Don't do anything stupid, and I'll be watching you." Kaden whispered which made me shuddered and nod my head.
Kaden then pulled away and walked out the door to the bleachers which then made me turn to look at Gabrielle and Justin. But Justin was already gone and the girls on the squad were already in the hall with me and Gabrielle. I supposed it was time for us to go out there. Sighing I followed the team out on to the field cheering and hyping up the crowd. As I was cheering I made eye contact with Kaden for a moment before I continued to cheer. Just after a couple of minutes the lacrosse team came out on the field before splitting into the team that would be playing and who was on the bench.
After a half-hour Beacon Hills was winning by two points but Devenford Prep was starting to catch up. It was then halftime which gave both teams from playing but meant we had to do our routine now. Sighing I followed the girls to the middle of the field, after I took my jacket off, cheering and shaking my pom poms. We all got into our position shaking our pom poms.
Soon we started chanting. "Cyclones are the best! We can't be beat!" Which we normally do at all the games.
We then placed our pom poms on the ground and started to do some flips and cartwheels. We then broke off into three small groups to do the basket toss, which I wasn't ready for since I was one of the flyers. Each group put their hands together and we stepped on the hands lightly before being lifted up. One of the girls I didn't know was the first to be lifted up, then I was, then Gabrielle. The girl and I both raised our leg as Gabrielle raised her arms up.
"Go Cyclones!" We yelled.
The girls who were holding us up, pushed us up more once the girl and I put our leg down. We were then tossed up in the air before we landed safely in our groups arms. Then we grabbed our pom poms from the ground cheering and doing flips as we went back to our spot by the crowd, once halftime was done. Soon the guys were back on the field for the last two quarters of the game.
Then shortly the game ended with Beacon Hills winning as usual, with a score of forty-five. Everyone from the bleachers that were either parents of the players or students congratulated the team. Us cheerleaders were in the mix of it as people told us that we had a good routine for halftime. But soon I felt a pair of hands on my waist and was spun around to see Kaden before he kissed me again for the second time this night. Though this time I kissed him back even if I was suspicious of what he was doing with the hunter the other day. Just right now I wasn't worried about it as we kissed because I just didn't want to ruin this moment.
I smiled into the kiss before I pulled away so both could catch our breath. I felt my cheeks heat up meaning that I had to be blushing. I quickly covered my face but Kaden only moved my hands away to kiss me once more. We kissed for another couple of minutes before we pulled away from the sound of someone clearing their throats. We turned to see Mia standing with Skylar and Carter, who looked amused.
"Well if you two are done sucking face and all, we have a party to go to." Mia said crossing her arms.
"Party?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Yes party, you know the party that always happens after the game." Mia replied.
I sighed realizing what she was talking about. "I don't know if I'm up for a party, I'm a bit tired from all the yelling we were doing tonight."
Mia only rolled her eyes. "Oh come on, it'll be fun!"
I looked down at my uniform then back at my best friend. "But I don't even have spare clothes with me to quickly change into something."
"Oh don't worry about that, I got you. So are you down to go?" She asked.
I looked at Kaden, who shrugged then I looked back at Mia. "Okay, fine. Just don't make me regret going."
Mia squealed happily as she grabbed my arm pulling me away from Kaden and the crowd outside. I looked back at Kaden who was smiling, but then Skylar and Carter block me from seeing him. I pouted as they stood in my way of escaping back to Kaden's arms.
It seems like this is going to be a long night.

Sorry that the chapter is a bit late I've just been busy the last week discussing an interview with this company. But I promise to have chapter six up next week on time.
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