The Hunter and Demon Wolf

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Chapter Six

•° Chapter Six: The Party °•
Mia dragged me back into the school towards the girls locker room and far away from Kaden. She then dragged me inside after Skylar handed Mia a bag. I raised an eyebrow as I look at the bag wondering what contained it. The kitsune pulled me over to my locker and sat the bag on the bench. I then opened my locker and tossed my pom poms inside it then turned to Mia. But Mia wasn't looking at me, she was looking inside the bag, then she looked at me crossing her arms.
"Get dress then meet me in the hall when you're done." Mia said pointing to the bag before she walked then called over her shoulder. "Don't you even try to protest, Hale!"
Soon Mia disappeared from sight and then I heard the sound of the locker room door shutting. Sighing I sat on the bench and pulled out the things that were in the bag. What was in the bag was a pair of heels, a makeup bag, a white lace spaghetti strapped tank top, and an black mini skirt. Plus she even put one of my lace white bra and panties in the bag too. I groaned and looked at the clothing, that damn kitsune.
I took the clothes to the showers and set them down before turning the shower on. I stripped out of my uniform then stepped in. After a bit I got out and put the clothes on since their wasn't anything else I could wear. Then I took my hair out of the ponytail it was in and put my uniform and other stuff in my bag before going out in the hall, as some cheer girls went in the locker room. I stood in front of my friends crossing my arms as Mia smirked.
I sighed. "Don't we have some time to stop at my house for me to get pants and to change shoes?"
"Nope! Now come on we have a party to go to." Mia shook her head still smirking.
I groaned before following Mia and Skylar while I tried pulling down the skirt a bit. Since I didn't see Carter with them I just had to assume that he was already at the car. Which I assumed right, Carter was standing next to the car talking to one of the cheerleaders before she walk off and he turned to us. We all then got into the car and Mia drove to the party. Soon we pulled up in front of a house that had loud music coming from inside and teens going in and out of the house.
We got out of the car and I looked over at Carter. "Remember we can't get drunk so you can drink as much as you want."
"Really? We can't get drunk?" Carter asked.
I nodded as a big grin appeared on Carter's face. Mia then grabbed my arm and pulled me inside the house after checking her phone. I followed her quickly while pulling the skirt down a bit as it rose up while we walked inside. I glanced around as we walked at the teenagers who we drinking, or dancing, or either making out somewhere. We then stopped walking once we were in the kitchen, then Mia grabbed to empty cups and poured something in them before handing me one.
I lifted the cup to my nose to get a whiff of the drink as Mia rolled her eyes. "Just drink it, Nikki. It's not going to kill you."
I rolled my eyes and a took a sip of the drink and made a face as I felt the burning sensation of the alcohol going down my throat. I heard Mia laughing at me before I shot her a quick glare. She then smiled innocently at me before quickly walking off as I tried to grab her. I huffed and ran my fingers through my hair as I felt a presence behind me. I turned around to see Kaden who was eyeing me up and down as he bit his lower lip.
I crossed my arms and smirked. "You do know staring at someone is rude, right."
Kaden eyes then snapped up to mine as his cheek turned a light pink shade. "Sorry, you just look stunning."
I smiled. "Thank you but I'm not going to take all the credit since Mia is the one who had me put this on."
"Well it's a good thing she did... But um come on let's go get some fresh air." Kaden replied shyly.
I nodded. "Sure."
Kaden smiled and grabbed my hand leading me out to the backyard, where I seen people playing cup pong or floating in the pool or talking. Their were a couple of people that were making out but only one couple caught my eye. I seen Gabrielle and Justin making out against the house but Justin was kissing her neck as Gabrielle was glaring at me. I only rolled my eyes before Kaden pulled me closer to him. I looked up at Kaden and smiled before we sat a few feet away from the pool and everyone. I felt Kaden's arm wrap around my waist holding close to him.
We sat in silence for a couple of minutes but the Kaden spoke. "You did good out there tonight and you looked very beautiful."
I smiled and blushed a light pink. "Thank you."
He smiled. "Your welcome."
We then sat in silence enjoying each other's presence till Kaden turned my head to face him before his lips were smashed on to mine in a passionate kiss. I instantly returned the kiss while wrapping my arms around his neck as he pulled me on his lap and wrapped his arms around my waist. We kept kissing then soon pulled away so we could catch our breath before we kissed again but this time it was hungrily. I then pulled away and kissed down Kaden's neck as his hands slid down my back to grab my ass, which made me bite his neck leaving a hickey. I kissed my way back up to his lips before he kissed me roughly. I ran my fingers through Kaden's hair as he bit my bottom lip making me moan softly. I then started to grind against Kaden as I felt him get hard under me, making him moan in my mouth. Weontinue to kiss before pulling away breathlessly to stare at each other.
"Wanna get out of here?" Kaden ask panting.
I bit my lip nodding my head which made him smirk. I got off his lap pulling the skirt down a bit as Kaden stood up watching me. He then grabbed my hand and lead me back into the house through the kitchen and living room. As we walked I spotted Mia talking to a girl who seemed about our age, I then I seen Skylar sitting on a guy lap kissing him as a girl was kissing Skylar's neck. I didn't see Carter anywhere meaning he was somewhere else in the house probably, but I didn't think too much about it at Kaden pulled me outside. We then quickly walked over to his car as he unlocked it and we got in. Kaden then started driving with one hand on wheel and the other rubbing my inner thigh. I bit my lip as I placed my hand on his crotch feeling his bulge. I then slipped my hand into his pants and boxers feeling how hard his cock is. I started jacking him off moving my hand up and down at a slow pace. Kaden's hand tighten on the steering wheel and my thigh as I heard him groan.
I started to move my hand faster but I was stopped when Kaden pulled into his driveway and removed my hand. We then went inside and I noticed that their wasn't anyone else here meaning his parents weren't home. Kaden shut the door and locked it then took me upstairs into his bedroom. He shut his door before slamming me against it and kissing me roughly. I kissed him back roughly as I smelt his aroused coming off him in waves. He then pulled away from the kiss then started kissing and sucking on my neck leaving hickies. I moaned softly as his hand slid down my side and up my skirt rubbing my inner thigh. I felt his fingers move up to my panties which were soaked and that made Kaden smirk against my neck. He moved my panties to the side and inserted two fingers into my pussy which made me moaned. He started thrusting his fingers in me at a teasing pace.
I moaned. "Stop teasing me.. please."
He then started to thrust his fingers at a fast pace making me moan louder. I felt his thumb start rubbing my clit in circles which made me arch my back off the door. He kept thrusting his fingers in my pussy as he started bitting my neck leaving more hickies. Kaden then kissed his way back up my neck and to my lips, kissing me roughly. I moaned into his mouth as his other hand slide under my shirt and bra grabbing my breast pinching my nipple. Kaden then pulled away from the kiss and pull his fingers out of me as I was close to orgasming which made me whine in protest.
He stuck his fingers in his mouth sucking my juices off, before getting on his knees and pulling my panties down. He looked up at me for a moment before kissing up my thigh to my pussy. Kaden then gave my pussy a long slow lick which made me moan and run my fingers through his hair. His licks started to become more frantic as he then started to suck on my clit. He inserted his tongue into my clit making me arch my back off the door and moaning loudly. Only a few more licks and sucks I had cummed in Kaden's mouth. He then licked up my juices and looked up at me as I took some deep breaths.
Kaden stood up and leaned down to my ear whispering then bitting my earlobe. "We're not done just yet, baby girl."
I bit my lip as Kaden pulled me over to his bed and gently pushed me down on it then climbed on top of me. He then leaned down and kissed me as he undid his pants. I slide my hands up his shirt and pulled away from the kiss as I pulled off Kaden's shirt before he did the same. We tossed our shirts to the side as I leaned up kissing and sucking Kaden's neck while I pulled his pants and boxers. He then pulled away to fully take off his pants and boxers then pulled my skirt off me after undoing my bra, taking that off too.
He reached over and into his nightstand pulling out a condom. He took the condom out the package and proceed to put it on then kissed me. We kept kissing as Kaden slowly insert his cock inside of me inch by inch making me whimper. Soon the full length of him was inside me then he pulled back then thrusted inside me roughly. I moaned and bit his lower lip as Kaden thrusted inside of me at a fast and rough pace.
Kaden pulled away from the kiss and groaned. "Fuck.. you're so damn tight."
I only moaned in response wrapping my arms around his neck and leaving a few scratch marks on his back. Which only made him thrust in me harder. After a few more thrust, I flipped us over swapping our positions so I was straddling him. I leaned down and kissed him roughly as I started bouncing on his cock at a fast pace. I pulled away moaning and gripped the head board to stay steady as my bounces got harder. Kaden leaned up kissing my chest before taking one of my nipples in his mouth, sucking on it as his hand played with my other breast. I felt myself tighten around his cock and he had to feel it too because he started thrusting up into me aggressively as I bounced faster. After a few more bounces and thrust I cummed, squirting all over his cock while I moaned loudly before I felt him tensed up and cum into the condom. I got off him and layed next to him as he took off the condom then tied it before throwing it away.
Kaden then looked at me. "That was amazing."
I nodded smiling as Kaden pulled me against him and kissed my forehead. I hide my face in his chest as he wrapped his arms around me tightly. We laid in silent listening to each other's breathing as I also listened to his steady heart beat. Soon I felt myself drifting off to sleep and I didn't fight it, I just let myself relax and sleep.
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