The Hunter and Demon Wolf

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Chapter Seven

•° Chapter Seven: The Full Moon °•

The next morning I woke up to feeling someone tracing circles on my back, making me open my eyes and look up at Kaden who was smiling. That's when last nights activities flashed through my mind making me smile. Kaden kissed my forehead and sat up as I sat up with him while I stretched. I pulled the blanket up to my chest as Kaden got out of bed, putting on a pair of boxer and going into the bathroom. Looking around the room I seen our clothes scattered around all over the place. I sighed happily knowing that being here with Kaden was right, even if he was helping the hunters try to kill me.

Snapping out of my thoughts I turned to look at Kaden as he came back into the room. He got back on the bed and pulled me close to him before he tilted my head up and kissed me gently. I kissed him back just as gentle as I played with his hair. After a few minutes we pulled away breathlessly with Kaden's forehead resting on mine. I kept playing with his hair as I felt his arms wrap around my waist holding me close.

He then lifted his head to look at me. "You want to know something, I've always liked you ever since elementary school."

I blushed a bright red, bitting the inside of my bottom lip. "I always liked you too Kaden."

This made him smile before kissing me passionately which I kissed him back just as passionate. But Kaden soon pulled away, eyes widening as he realized something.

"I have to get you home before my parents get back." He said.

That's when I realized that Mia is probably worried since I never told her where I went last night. I nodded my head and got up with the blanket still covering me as I grabbed my bra and panties before putting them on. I grabbed my clothes and placed them on the bed. But before I could put them on, Kaden turned me around as he wrapped me in a button up shirt and button it up after it was on me. I looked up at him confused as to why I'm wearing his shirt instead of my clothes from last night. He must have noticed my confusion because he pulled me flushed against him and looking down at me.

"I don't want to see you wearing something like that again, because I don't want every guy looking at you. Understand?" He said as he caressed my cheek.

I nodded my head and replied. "Yes."

"Good." He pecked my lips and went back to his closet grabbing a pair of sweats and a shirt.

I watched as he put the clothing on before I grabbed my heels. I looked at my shoes debating if I should wear them but I decided not to since I'm going to take a shower right when I get home. I grabbed my clothes and shoes before Kaden grabbed my hand taking me out the bedroom and downstairs. We were almost out the door but stopped when we heard someone clearing their throat. I turned to see the same hunter from a couple of days ago that wanted me dead. The hunter and I both made eye contact for a moment before he looked at Kaden.

Kaden pulled me into his side protectively as he looked at the hunter. "Um Malcolm, what are you doing here this early? I thought we agreed on meeting later today."

Malcolm rolled his eyes. "Yes I know, but we need to discuss some things as soon as possible." He then looked over at me, licking his lips. "But who's this beauty?"

Kaden looked at me for a moment before looking back at Malcolm. "My um girlfriend, yeah girlfriend."

Malcolm looked at me, eyeing me up and down. "Well what's your name, beautiful?"

"Nikki, my name's Nikki." I said quietly but loud enough to be heard.

"Nikki... What a lovely name." Malcolm said and it made me shiver on how my name rolled off his tongue.

"Well um, I should take Nikki home. I'll be back in a bit so we can discuss business." Kaden said ushering me out the house quickly.

"It was nice to meet you Nikki, I hope we can meet again." Malcolm called after us.

I nodded, giving him a quick smile as Kaden took me outside. We both walked over to his car and got in. He then started the car and pulled out the driveway before driving in the direction of my house. We sat in silence for a couple of minutes, both lost in thought. But I knew enough was enough and I needed some type of answer about the hunter Malcolm.

I turned a bit to look at Kaden, who was concentrating on the road. "So, who was that guy back there? And why was he in your house?"

"Um just a relative of my dad who's staying with us for a while." Kaden said as his heart skipped a beat meaning he was lying.

I nodded slowly, suspicious of Kaden and what Malcolm's intentions were. But I decided to not question him any farther since it seemed like he wasn't going to answer me. Sighing I turned in my seat to look at trees and buildings we past by. Until something Kaden has said came back to mind.

I smirked and looked at Kaden. "Girlfriend, huh."

Kaden's cheeks flushed pink before he glanced over at me. "Yeah, girlfriend. If that's alright with you of course."

I nodded my head, blushing and looking away from him. "Yeah, of course."

I then felt Kaden grabbed my hand, lacing our fingers together. I smiled to myself as I stared out the window looking at the scenery. After a couple of minutes, Kaden pulled into my driveway. I turned to look at him before kissing him. We kissed for a few minutes then I pulled away, mumbling a quiet good bye before I got out the car. Before I went inside my house, I blew Kaden a kiss then I went inside. I shut the door behind me and locked it then I leaned against smiling to myself. But then my smile disappeared when I realized I had to someway figure out what Malcolm was planning. Since I knew his plan involved the next full moon, I only have a few weeks to prepare for what's to come. Sighing I leaned off the door and went upstairs to take a shower to get my mind off things. This was going to be hell the next few weeks to come.

Over the next few weeks I was seen hanging out and going on dates with Kaden, while also still teaching Carter. I wasn't trying to worry as much about the full moon when I was with Kaden, since I knew it was a possibility that I would see him with Malcolm. And I knew Malcolm was most likely planning on getting revenge for what I did to that one hunter on the full moon when he showed up. With that I knew I had to be very suspicious of Kaden since I don't know why he would be working with the hunters. But I was out of time to keep trying to figure it all out since tonight was a full moon.
I stood with Mia, Skylar, and Carter at my locker. Skylar and Carter were talking about some movie they watched a few days ago. I rolled my eyes as they started arguing before I turned to Mia after I shut my locker. I watched as Mia was deep in her phone, probably texting the girl from the party, she told me about. It seemed like Mia really liked the girl, I only hope she tells the girl what she is soon.
I leaned back on my locker, looking at Mia. "You got the chains for tonight?"
Mia nodded and Carter turned to look at me bewildered. "Chains? Chains for what?"
Mia looked up from her phone and over at Carter. "For you."
"For me, why?" Carter asked.
"It's a full moon tonight and Nikki won't be able to keep you under control tonight. So Skylar and I will be chaining you up and helping you learn control." Mia replied as she put her phone in her pocket.
"And where are you going to be tonight?" Carter question turning to me.
"I have things to do, important things." I said.
"Like what, what's more important than helping me?" He said raising an eyebrow.
But before I could replied, I heard someone call me name. I looked over at who said it to see Kaden standing down the hall, I looked back at Carter. "I'll explain everything later, but I got to go. But I promise to explain."
Before Carter could ask anything else, I leaned off my locker and walked down the hall. I gave Kaden a smile as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and kissed my head. Though I knew that Kaden was most likely going to try to kill me tonight, so I have to be prepared even if he's my boyfriend.

After the long school day I had, I was back home with Mia and Carter. Skylar had to stay back at the school to help Lydia out with something. Mia and Carter were discussing tonight while I was trying to figure what my plan would be for tonight. Even though it wasn't much I could do since it would one against many. Sighing I leaned back in my seat looking over at the window to see the sun was setting. It was only a matter of time before I had to be out in the woods running and fighting for my life. I then looked over at Carter, knowing I had to explain everything.
I sighed. "Carter, I still owe you that explanation. Are you ready to hear it?"
Mia shook her head as Carter nodded his head. I took a deep breath then began explaining to Carter what I am and why I won't be helping him keep control. At first Carter seemed confused as to why I don't have control of my shifting before understanding that it's not that easy for me. But soon it was time for him to go get chained up and for me to go shift in the woods. All three of us went down into the basement and I helped Mia chain up Carter close to a window, so he can feel the effects. Once he was secured I went back up stairs then out the back door before taking off running. I stopped running when I was in the same clearing a few weeks ago. I looked up at the sky as the moon rose to it's highest and felt the effects of the full moon.
I whimpered falling to my knees as I felt my bones breaking. Soon my clothes were ripping and fur was sprouting from my skin. My fingers nail changed into razzor sharp claws, my teeth became pointed. After a couple of minutes, my shifting was completed and I was in my wolf form.
I got up on all four huffing before I started to walk off carefully since I wasn't just yet ready to take on a group of hunters and Kaden if he was even out here with them.
Soon I took off in a jog trying to catch the scent of Malcolm or Kaden's, but their was nothing. I growled in frustration since I couldn't catch a scent of neither one of them. Maybe they weren't even out here tonight, they probably would've thought that I wouldn't shift out here again after last time. That's when I took off in a full sprint but I was still staying alert in case the hunters were out here with me tonight.
After an hour of running I slowed down stopping by a river to get a drink of water. And that's when I heard them. Humvees. Not one but at least four or five of them, just nearly a half mile away from me. But before I could take off in a run a piercing noise sounded off. I howled in pain, bending down to cover my ears. I whimpered trying to escape but it was no use as I felt an arrow pierce one of my paws to the ground. I whimpering I looked up to see the humvees come to a stop ten feet away from me with some of the hunters getting out of them, including Malcolm and Kaden. My heart dropped at the sight of Kaden standing with the hunters, holding an bow loaded with an arrow aimed at me as the emitters stopped.
"Well look at this we meet again, little wolf." Malcolm spit, glaring at me. "Hopefully this time you don't get away."
I growled at Malcolm as I stood up on all fours. But before I could lunge at him, the emitters sounded off again making me whimper as I backed away. I was going to try again but an arrow was shot in front of me, stopping me from trying. I looked over at Kaden who was already loading another arrow. I wasn't just about to stand here and be killed by Kaden so I lunged for the closest hunter to me. I clawed at the hunter bitting it's limbs off as I felt another arrow pierce into me. But that didn't stopped me, I lunged for another hunter tearing him apart before a bright light blinded me. I roared as I backed away trying to keep my eyes covered or down, before I took off running.
"After her!" I heard Malcom ordered the hunters making me run faster even if I had a few arrows in me.
I ran as I heard the humvees start driving after me. I felt a few arrows pierce my legs which made me slow down, but I kept pushing myself to run. I tried weaving through the trees to see if that would slow them down, but it didn't. A few more arrows were shot at me but barely missed me. Then soon more bright lights flashed at me, blinding me. I stumbled with my footing but I just kept going then soon the arrows stopped but not the humvees.
But then bullets flew past me as I ran in the woods shifted as the creature those damn hunters wanted dead. But their wasn't much I could do because it was a full moon night and sun rise wasn't for another twenty minutes. So I was completely fucked. And I would have never thought that Kaden fucking Argent was helping those monsters. After all what his brother Scott went through with hunters, I never expected to see Kaden try to do the same. It was just a big surprise and I knew their was something off about him but this, this was something very low and unexpected. I would have never thought he would be helping them to kill something at all.
Growling, I pushed my body to run faster, jumping over logs and dodging trees. But once I took a glanced over to the sky to see how much longer I had till I could shift back, I felt a bullet pierce my side close to my heart but not too close. The pain of the bullet made me whimper. And since on where I had gotten shot, I assumed no other than Kaden had to be the shooter. No later than a minute after I been shot, soon I seen the light shine on me making me slow down, only to then to try and run faster as I heard a pair of foots steps running for me. I ran, ducking behind a tree shifting and glad that I finished shifting in time. I then heard the foot steps stop and started to get closer to the tree, making me peek my head out. And their stood Kaden Argent.
Once he noticed it was only me and no demon wolf in sight, even though I was right there, he spoke "Nikki, what the hell are you doing out here? I could've shot you!"
"But you didn't." I replied, earning an eye roll from him before I continued. "Anyways I was only out here for a eary morning run."
He shook his head and sighed softly. "You should get home, it's too dangerous for you to be out here."
But before I could say anything, I watched as he walked away. And once he was a few feet away, I groaned and winced looking down at the wound. Well hopefully no one questions where it came from. Once Kaden was far away and I heard the humvees driving away, I turned and leaned back on the tree sighing. I then tried to move before wincing, I looked down at all the arrows embedded into my skin. Taking a deep breath I proceed to pull the arrows out one by one. I was about to pull to pull out the bullet until I noticed where it was. Sighing I knew I was going to have to have Mia remove it for me.
Leaning off the tree I started walking in the direction Mia was going to meet me. As I was walking I started feeling a little light head. I grabbed my head and leaned against a tree. I look down at my wounds seeing they weren't healing and I was bleeding a lot. I started to walk a bit faster until I broke through the trees. I heard someone call my name and I look up to see Mia before my vision started to blur. My head was pounding and everything started to become a haze. I felt my eye linds grow heavier and soon I just watched everything turned to darkness, as I fell unconscious into someone's arms.
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