The Hunter and Demon Wolf

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Chapter Eight

•° Chapter Eight: The Returning Hale °•

Groaning, I opened my eyes only to shut them quickly to shield them from the bright lights. I then slowly opened my eyes, adjusting to the bright lights above me. I sat up on the table I was laying on and held the white sheet that was covering me to my body. I look around me to see I was in a back room of some sort. Their was a door leading outside somewhere, a few windows that were on the walls, and another door leading out of this room into another. I was able to catch the scent of other animals in the building with me. It was strange. I moved the sheet a bit off my body to see that all my wounds were healed and new scars on my skin up and that their was a bandage over where I had been shot. I slowly but carefully removed the bandage to see my bullet wound had healed completely and their was no scar. I then snapped my attention to the door, that lead to another room, open and in walked Mia who look relived to see I was awake.
I gave Mia a warm smile and she gave me a smile in return. I watched as Mia turned and poked her head out the room calling to someone. Then someone walked into the room, someone I've never met in my entire life. The person was a tall, thin man with brown eyes and a shaved head. By seeing that it was a male I pulled the sheet tightly against my skin, since i was still naked from the full moon and shifting back. I shot Mia a confused look wondering who this man was and why was he here.
Mia clasped her hands together. 'You're finally awake."
I looked over at Mia, replying. "How long was I out for?"
"Um just a couple of days..." Mia said avoiding my gaze.
I looked at her in disbelief. "A couple of day! Why was I unconscious for just a couple of days?"
"Because your body was taking some time to heal since you were poisoned by a rare type of wolves bane. So your body needed time to get the wolves bane out your system so you can heal. The wolves bane you were shot with on the full moon was target to kill you, it was a very strong dose of it too." The man explained and continued. "The wolves bane is very deadly to you unlike most wolves banes because of what you are, Nikole."
I looked at the man confused on how he knew this and my name. he then continued speaking. "I know you must be wondering how do I know your name. I know it because I knew your mother and father, and I'm the one who helped your mother give birth to you."
I then laughed, laughed at the thought of my mother and father having friend. My mother Talia was really liked by many after a time. And my father never had friends nor does he have a name since I never met him in my entire life.
I look back at male after I calmed down. "I don't believe you."
"Well I knew your sister Laura and Cora, plus your brother Derek. I also knew your cousin Malia and uncle Peter. If that helps you believe me." He replied.
I looked at the male shocked on how he knew so much about my family. So maybe he was telling the truth about knowing my mother and father. Maybe he could give me some insight about my father, the man I never met. I shook my head, shaking away those thoughts since it was highly unlikely he would give me information about my father. I then looked back at Mia and the guy then I glanced around my surroundings again.
"So where are we?" I question.
"My animal clinic." The male answered.
I looked at them in bewilderment. "And why the hell did I get treated at an animal clinic instead of a hospital?"
"Um your wounds were pretty bad considering you were bleeding black blood. And I knew that doctors and nurses would have questioned why you were naked and bleeding black blood." Mia shrugged.
"And how did you find this place?" I asked.
"I had called Lydia asking her what to do after I explained what was wrong with you and she told me to take you here, since their would be someone here who can help supernaturals." Mia told.
I nodded slowly before turning to the male that was still in the room with us. "Who are you anyways?"
"My name's Alan Deaton, I used to be your mother's emissary." Deaton said.
I looked at Deaton confused. "Emissary? What's that?"
"An emissary is a druid advisor to werewolf packs, we're the ones that gives advice and to make sure werewolves stay connected to their humanity." Deaton explained.
I nodded slowly, still trying to process everything I heard. I still can't believe after everything that happened to me on the full moon resulted in me going into a small coma for a couple of days. Nor can I get over the fact that someone could give me information about my father. It was starting to become too much to handle. Especially I still had to face Kaden after everything that happened a couple of days ago plus he had to be worried since I had just suddenly disappeared. I groaned running my fingers through my hair and looking over at Mia.
"Please tell me you brought me clothes and I means something from my closet." I said raising an eyebrow.
Mia nodded and exited the room, then I looked over at Deaton as he said. "It was nice seeing you again Nikole after fifteen years."
Then Deaton also left as Mia came back into the room with a bag. She handed me the bag then left me alone. I opened the bag, taking out the clothing items and setting the bag aside. I got off the table with the sheet still wrapped around me then I put my clothes after I dropped the sheet. Once I was dressed, I went back to the bag and grabbed my shoes that were inside and put them on. I then notice their was something else at the bottom of the bag and lord behold it was my phone. I picked it up then turned it on to see miss calls and texts from Kaden, Derek, Braeden, and even Cora. Sighing I only then turned my phone back off and put it in my back pocket before grabbing the bag and leaving the back room.
I looked over at Mia who was waiting by the door. "Ready to go?" Mia asked.
And I nodded before looking at Deaton. "Thanks for saving me Deaton"
Deaton nodded. "Your very welcome."
I gave Deaton a smile before heading out with Mia. We walked silently to the car since I'm guessing Mia was only just trying to let me think over everything. We then reached her car and got in. Mia started driving after she started the engine and started driving in the direction of my house. As she drove I stared out the window thinking about everything. Like what am I going to do about the hunters or that their is someone who knows a lot about my father. But the main thing my mind kept drifting back too was how Kaden almost killed and how I was going to face him after going M.I.A.
But I couldn't think about that anymore once we pulled into my driveway. I then got out the car noticing their were two other cars parked outside my house. I looked over at Mia who only grabbed my arm and lead me inside after unlocking the door with her own key. When we walked inside, I seen Skylar and Carter sitting on the couch and Lydia pacing back and forth with her arms crossed. Mia shut the door behind us and that instantly got everyone's attention.
Lydia was the first one to hug me and say something. "Oh thank god you're alive. I didn't know how I would have told Derek if you wasn't."
I hugged Lydia back. "Well you wouldn't have had to worry about that since it's going to have to take a lot more to just kill me."
Lydia pulled away from the hug and gave me a smile. But then soon I was tackled into a hug by Carter making us stumble back a bit. "I'm so glad you're alive, I wouldn't know what I would have done if you weren't."
I laughed a bit and pat his back. "No worries, you don't have to worry about being with out an pack or alpha."
Carter grinned before Skylar pulled me away into a hugged. "I'm so sorry I didn't warn you about that night. I just thought that it was nothing and it look like it was since your standing right here."
I gave her an hug back. "It's fine, I got through it didn't' I? So don't worry about it, okay?"
Skylar nodded and pulled away from the hug, going to stand next to Lydia. I smiled at them only until a familiar scent filled my nose. I turned to look at the kitchen entryway to see my older sister Cora leaning in the door frame with her arms crossed. I ran over to my sister only to be pulled into a hug by her. She rubbed my back as we hugged since it's been away from the last time we saw each other. Cora had used to be my guardian since I ran away from leaving with Derek but she's been busy with work and trying to figure out how I don't have to shift no more on full moons to not be here in Beacon Hills with me.
"I missed you so much, Cora." I mumbled then pulled away from her embrace.
"I missed you too, kid." Cora replied giving me a smile.
"How long are you staying this time?" I asked since I knew Cora never stayed too long before she had to go back to work.
Cora sighed. "I'm only staying a week since I think I'm getting closer to figuring out your dilemma for the full moons."
I nodded in understanding since I knew that Cora wouldn't had be staying longer than a week. It was normal for me though, Cora would always come back for a few days, a week, or two weeks if I'm lucky. But she was always trying to figure out how I could stop shifting. I only gave her a smile because I was just happy that I would be spending time with my sister for the next few days.
Shortly Lydia left to go see Stiles and Skylar and Carter left a bit later. I was now up in my room with Mia while Cora was downstairs making dinner. For a bit Mia and I were watching a show on Netflix. The show was about a group of high school students who got stuck in a parallel universe. It was a good show. But then Mia paused it and I turned to look at her.
"Everything okay?' I question my best friend.
Mia shook her head no. " Nothing is okay, you shouldn't be okay. Your own boyfriend nearly killed you and is working with the enemy."
I sighed. " Their was nothing I could do. I didn't want to hurt him."
"But he hurt you!" Mia groaned. "How do you expect to face him after you nearly dying because of him?"
"I don't know, I don't know Mia." I rubbed my hand over my face before i continued. "But I like him and I really really like him.'
Mia shook her head. "Just explain to me again why you're dating the enemy?" Mia paused before continuing. "I mean it's better than you dating that douchebag of a warlock, but still Kaden is the enemy. If you haven't forgotten he tried to kill you, plus he's with that hunter Malcom."
I shook my head. "I haven't forgotten but I just really like him and I don't want to have to hurt him."
"I know you don't but it looks like you're going to have too, Nikki, if you want to keep on living." Mia replied. "And I know it'll hurt you but it's the only way if you're trying to survive."
I nodded my head because maybe Mia was right. But I just don't want to hurt someone that I think I love even if he's trying to kill me. But maybe I could just tell him the truth about what or who I really am. Then maybe he can convince Malcom that I'm dead and this could all be over. Then again he could just hate me and kill me right after I told him. This was so hard and frustrating and I just wished my life wasn't like this, sometimes I really do wish I was normal.
I was cut short out of my thoughts when I heard Cora call Mia and my name for dinner. We both got up from my bed and stretch before Mia wrapped her arm around my shoulder and we went downstairs. But all I could keep thinking about was how I was going to face Kaden and if I was going to tell him what I really am. And hopefully I wouldn't have to do it soon.
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